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Jax Build Guide by Pt-Swag

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pt-Swag

The Real Jax

Pt-Swag Last updated on October 4, 2011
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Chapter 1

My english ain't perfect:) Deal with it ^-^

I made this guide because I couldn't find good jax AP hybrid build on mobafire and I wanted to share mine to you guys :) Hope you like it ^_^

Using this build wont make you instant pro. If you fail the beginning of the game you really wont be good at mid game.(Duh.) If you are having problem early game ask if your team mates could switch lanes with you ^^ If you ain't doing well just farm, if you get overleveled and have alot creep kills you can easily kill two people alone :)

This build is more focused on more AP than AD but it works super well with Jax. (In my opinnion ApHybrid Jax is alot better than AD hybrid.)

The reason why I don't like fully AP jax is because it fails after you have used your Q/W combo

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Chapter 2


The reason I use these is because you deal most damage with your and

Well. There ain't nothing to explain here. Jax needs evasion to get his up.

Bonus damage to all your spells :3

Moar dodge ;3

Summoner Spells

Well this summoner spell is in my opinnion the most useful one in LoL at the moment. It gets you away from ganks and also gives you good chasing ability.

Reason I use ignite is because it gets you those early kills and also helps you out in many situations. With your mastery it gives you really good early game boost.

Pros / Cons

+ You deal extremely high damage with your and
+ You win almost every 1vs1.
+ You feel like Jesus when you kill their squishy caster with Q/W combo

- You still aint Jesus, Don't act like one
- You run out of mana easily on early game

Skill Sequence

This is the main damage spell on hybrid jax. Thats why you want to max it first.

Does great damage when combined to Thats why you want to max this one right after Leap strike.

Jax's trump card. Reason you don't max this is because you only need it for stun on early game.

Nice passive gives you awesome farm ability combined with your And active gives you awesome magic resist.

Team Work

On team fights you don't want to be the first one who rushes into battle. This build aint so tanky so you really want to wait a little bit so they wont focus you right away. After that just leap in there and stun em all. Jax is very usefull on teamfights because of AoE stun and nice Dmg.

Pro tips

You want to use your before using your cos when you leap your Empower will do alot extra dmg.

If you want to get your up before leaping to enemy just get it up from minions. This will get you alot kills if you know how to use it properly.

Creeping / Jungling

Don't try to jungle with jax at low lvls. But when you pick up your you can easily jungle/farm anytime you want :3

But if you want to you can easily jungle smaller mobs anytime you want because of your

Guide Top

Chapter 3


1.Long sword for ur q it make better for the start tabi for stun

3.timat cause jax can 1v2 cahmpion and with splash it will be easy

4.guinsoo rage blade for stack more faster ur ult and it give ap and ad

5.hextech gunblade its a very good hybrid item

6.phantom dance help u to stack ult and guinsoo

Guide Top

Chapter 4

So now you may think why do i take offence tree over defense tree. Yeah I know there is alot more builds on jax with full defensive tree but I really don't find it usefull on AP Hybrid jax. Like I have already said, this build aint so tanky. No, We are not going to buy   combo so I find extra damage more useful.

Last words
This is my first guide on mobafire so please be honest and give me feedback.

Don't forget to vote! n___n

And please try the build out before voting ^_^

2.10.2011. Made some changes on masterys. Thanks for the tip bluebarcode :3

yo u already no its ur boi mr nasty, daddy hoegie, the illest, HOEGNASTY look me up, yall probably alrdy seen my 4um posts or watever maybe u seen me bustin in game doin wat i do, get at a playa. yall already no jax is my main dude n im tired of noobs n haters disrespectin jax w this weak *** play n niggas comin at me about pickin my guide git ur early game up, get ur stacks up, reup on tht gunblade n swing u got the W jax is the 1 on 1 prince aint nobody ****in w him.

Malzahar - This nigga goes hard, dont let his gay *** purple jumpsuit fool u. if u c that nigga malzahar look out 4 his ult, he still weak as **** tho bust ur ult b4 u jump his ***** ***, look 4 his ult 2 b down. ban that nigga in ranked 2.

Renekton - Real rekognize real, Run up on renekton u mite lose ya life. ren is pure power he's got 2 much health n 2 much dmg to be ********in when u 1 on 1 him. number 1 rule is dont turret dive him just because u shoved ur **** down his throat to 20 percent n hes huggin the turret like a *****. that ***** temptin as hell but dont trust that nigga he finna set u up. stun u, pop his ult, hav 1 his ***** *** teamates run up on u out the jungle, prob master yi's ****** ***. late game if u got ur stacks up u can kill both, just b careful early game on ren.

Garen - if u aint ban this punk ***** he gon solo top against u 4 sure. u cld try 2 bust him n u mite pull ahead n get 1st blood but dnt cuz tht **** aint even worth it. wait 4 the gank b4 bustin this nigga dnt bother harassn him either tht nigga will regen up NEhow just get as many last hits as u can til udyr ***s up 4 tht gaaaaaank