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Shaco Build Guide by Jujumana

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jujumana

The Real Shaco--AD

Jujumana Last updated on October 30, 2011
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Yes, I know. This **** ain't flashy--but Shaco is honestly my main, I play him just about constantly and really destroy teams most of the time such that I often end up being the carry and 'most wanted/feared/hated'.

This is me giving away what I do--I didn't put in the time to make it look as nice as maybe it should, but--maybe I don't want the whole world kicking *** with my shaco anyway. Still, just about all the information you need to play an amazing shaco is here. Cheers to those who do use it. He's a terror if you play him right.

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I've been building differently here and there and just wanted to do a little report:
Mobility or swiftness boots are fine--I've been switching off on whim
occult is really only fantastic when you're rocking and the other team just can't seem to get you....

RECENTLY my main build has been:
boots, razors->lantern, zeal, infinity edge, upgrade zeal into trinity force (or phantom) and finish off with a bit more survivability via banshee's veil and guardian angel, if game goes really long, might replace boots with phantoms, and wiggles with blood thirster.

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Spells/Skills/Masteries/Runes/Item explanation

With flash, shaco can juke entire teams--which is especially great if you're doing well enough to get the sword of the occult. The ignite has been how I finish off most of my kills, I have tried exhaust, but they are often a little surprised when you show up in the first place and so I often waste it--and a part of me dies every time I don't have ignite for those last little bits of health.

Skills--one in w, one in q, one in e, then finish off Q (deceive), then E (2shiv), followed by W (jackinbox)--always favor the ultimate when you can level it.

I get most of my masteries to make me as much of a glass cannon as possible. The experience boost in utility is so I can get a level off of golem--yes it means that much to me.

Runes: armor pen/dodge/cooldown reduction/armor pen; armor pen is to do ****-tons of damage, dodge used to be the best thing defensively--I still like it well enough, and cooldown means you get your decieve up faster, not only the difference between life and death in a team fight where you get damaged and are just waiting for your way out, but its also what you need to get that last hit in the guy running away--CDR is awesome.

*side note* if possible I get blue a lot mostly for CDR and so I can use my skills like crazy--which helps in farming.

Items--for a long time I took boots and hp/mana because mobility on shaco is just so lovely. Recently I've been going with dorans because--well--its a great choice.

So you get dorans, honestly a lot of the build is up in the air, if I go out and make 1650 straight up--its hard not to resist an early BF into infinity edge.

However, if the gold is not plentiful--dorans-boots-madreds means you can go get golem easily and farm minions a bit better--plus it makes the lantern which is perfect for shaco--lifesteal, dmg, and free ward.

On top of the lantern I buy lots of sensory wards and put them where my team needs them--usually in water beside dragon and baron as gank-awareness tools.

Next after swiftness boots (I prefer over mobility most of the time) and lantern it gets to be a bit more up in the air--if you're itching for attack speed, go for zeal, if you're kicking *** left and right, get an occult. And if you just want more burst damage, go for that infinity edge. At some point you'll want to finish up a phantom dancer and get a gardian angel for survivability.

Lets see--if you get boots, lantern, phantom, infinity, gardian, then you can afford maybe a madreds bloodrazer if their team has some high health dudes and you have been farming, or blood thirster or the big axe would be fine as well--you might want to replace lantern and even boots with more attack damage and another phantom if the game somehow lasts that long.

Also, early game brutalizer into late game yuumuu blade is not a bad choice at all--especially for when you aren't raping face and need to up the damage/armor pen for those early/mid game kills--you farm champions--just, btw.

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Quick and Dirty--how to play shaco--early game

Get your dorans blade or boots with 2hpots, 1manapot. Tell everyone you're taking golem then laning top. Take your 'w' and drop it right beside where the golem pops, repeat as much as possible until he spawns, attack him a couple times, kill minions. Congrats, you're level 2 and you have blue buff.

If mid is squishy, mark him for a little help from the mid guy, use your Q to jump out of the bushes, attack at the back for the extra 25%, lay down your trap and auto attack like hell--flash for kill but don't die to turret...Otherwise, go lane top, maybe get an early gank there or just some damage in.

With blue, which I like to get often, you can afford to harrass a bit, but Shaco is squishy so your job is really only to go in and mostly mop up.

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Group fights and other techniques

Shaco doesn't start fights, he ends them. With the exception of throwing your copy out as the start of the fight, its best to wait til someone--hopefully many of them are low or a full team-fight has broken out. You have been made squishy and are best for doing damage and GTFO'ing with mad skill. Shaco gets out fast but dies fast too. Use his "w" as a ward when split pushing (which shaco can do very well especially with extra ward from the lantern.

1v1 play: best case scenario--you put 'w' in way of their run away; then send in your clone to damage them, if they attack the clone, or run away, you decieve and slice them in the back, quickly throw your 'e', auto attack and flash as needed til dead. If the 'w' can't be planted early, its best to use skills in the 'q', 'w', 'e' or at least qew fashion, again throw it where they'd need to run, if they don't run fast enough you have a free fear on their way out.

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What do I do again?

Well, depending on the game, you either run around going for ganks--waiting til the guy is low on health or somehow not doing well. You might lane top, go for kills, try to get last hits for money, mostly don't die til later phases of the game. Don't go 1v1 often without your "R" up unless you know you're much stronger than the enemy.

Farm from the jungle and get the buffs as much as possible.

Put your jack-in-the-box in bushes as a ward rather than something to really do damage.

Don't initiate--don't even be in the team fight at all, wait in the bushes somewhere for someone to run away low on health so you can deceive in and 2shiv poison.

Turret dive with deceive, pick up kill with 2shiv and flash away if needed--NO ONE IS SAFE

Use your ult fairly often to tank-dragon,towers,teamfights, to win a fight, trick the other team, run away.

Remember they think your alt is you, you can bait with him, run away with him--though auto-attacking with the copy is also a decent idea.

Get a bunch of AD and rip people to shreds.