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Gangplank Build Guide by YoungnDominating

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author YoungnDominating

The Real Slim- I mean, The Real Solo Top Gangplank build.

YoungnDominating Last updated on May 28, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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About this guide

This is my first guide on mobafire. I hae been playing League for a while now, and Gangplank has always been one of my better and more enjoyed champions. I want feedback, so if this build is terrible, let me know, but it works for me. Also, if there are any typos, I want to know that too.

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Why Gangplank? A quick introduction to the Saltwater Scourge

Gangplank is an excellent champ that goes well in any of the lanes. However, I will be going into solotop detail on this build, as it is what I play him as most often, and enjoy the most. He has great harras and is able to stay in lane for long lengths of time. His Q, Parrrley, applies on hit effects, and has an extremely short cooldown. This makes him a hard laning opponent, expecially when combined with his w, remove scurvy, which heals and removes any cc from him.

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Pros / Cons


    Strong lane harras
    strong lane survivability
    scary damge and crits late game
    global ult makes it easy to get kills and ***its anywhere on the map
    squishy until late
    hard to farm, unless ult is used
    manastarved unless played smartly

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This build is heavily crit focused, which is what makes the Q so strong. For my marks, the same applies- I pick up nine marks of Malice, which increase your crit chance by 8.37. For seals, I split between marks of resilience and vitality, for a little early game survivability, going 4 and 5, respectively. The armor and health these give you will make your time in the late game quite a bit easier. For glyphs, i like to take glyphs of fortitude, once again for that extra early game health. And finally, I go for furor quints for ectra crit damage, because this build is so heavily crit based, and a little extra damage always helps.

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For masteries I run a 21-9-0, picking up almost all of the attack masteries on offense, but instead of getting 3% Lifesteal, I find that 3% CDR is much more useful. The CDR makes Parrley a MUCH more spammable spell late game when it is maxed out at level 9. and by this time, the laning stage will likely be over, and the blue buff will be open for anyone to take, so it'll be yours. In the defense tree, pick up as much health as possible, going straight to veteran's scars. Pick up 3 points in the armor mastery and one in the MR mastery. this will reduce the amount of damage you take from minions when harrassing in the lane, and minimaize the damage taken from AD harras. the extra health will give you a little more lane sustain for the early game.

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In the early game, I like to pick up a cloth armor and 5 health pots. This gives you some extra sustain against AD harras and minion poke, and the 5 health pots give you a lot of time to stay in lane and farm. On your first back, you will want to be able to pick up a Madred's Razer and/or a brutalizer. situationally, you might want to pick up an avarice blade or a vamp scepter, but I normally like to start with those two. If you are losing your lane, then DEFINITLEY start with an avarice, because the gold per ten seconds (gp10) will greatly help you if you can't farm and get kills. For boots, I normally like to get merc treads, because the tenacity on top of remove scurvy works great, but if their are more AD heavy enemies, and not much CC, then the Ninja Tabi will work fine too.
After that, You'll build the wriggle's lantern, and then get into the core of your build-youmuu's ghostblade, phantom dancer, and the frozen mallet. these item's give you damage, health, another slow, attack speed, and the holy crit chance wrapped into a bundle, these items can be built in any order, but I like to start with youmuu's because you'll already have at least one part of it, then go mallet for sustain. but if you're not getting focused, and you just want more damage output, then you can go for a phantom dancer first.
After getting your core items, you can really go in a lot of different directions. I will usually pick up an atma's right afterwards, and then an infinty edge to round out the build, but sometime's i'll go for more health wuth a warmog's or a randuin's because you can get more sustain and damage thanks to the atma's. finally, if you actually get this far, You can sell your wriggle's for a bloodthirster. be careful in doing this though- once your build is full, you can't buy any more wards and a wriggle's is your last way to ward.

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The End, For Now

That's it for this build so far. If i get positive feedback, I'll continue to expand and elaborate on this build. until then, Pease Out!