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League of Legends Build Guide Author wustyle

The roar of Wuju

wustyle Last updated on February 4, 2012
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Wukong the mighty monkey

This guide is going to help you use wukong.This guide was already test it so we guarantee this will work.
To start with:
1-wukong is base of damage but you can also use it as a tanky figther
2-he have a great variety of combos depending on the situtaion. In this build we are going to explain how to use them.
Wukongs passive is stone skin this ability increases wukong resist and armour for each nearby enemy
Wukongs first attack is crushing blow this ability deals bonus damage on wukongs next physical attack it also decrease the enemy defence for a short duration(Q)
His second attack is called decoy this abillity allows wukong to sleath for 1.5 seconds making a clone of himself then deal magic damage(W)
Wukong third attack is called nimbus strike this ability allows wukong to dash into 3 enemies each one taking physical damage(E)
Wukong ultimate is cyclone this ability allows wukongs staff to grow dealing damage to all enemies in the area it also throw them into the air(R)

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For runes i take :
1-armor penetration marks
2-attack damage seals
3-attack damage glyph
4-armor penetration quintessences

This runes allows wukong to make TONS of damge in ealry in game giving you an opportunity to get first blood in your game

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1-This awsome blade gives wukong a bonus of health and damage that allows him to get an easy first blood

2-This boots gives wukong a decent movment speed and attack speed

3-To start making real damage trinity force is a great item giving bonuses of all kinds of abilities such as attack damage,critical,movment speed,abilitie power, mana and movment speed

4-This item is great for a crit wukong but if you want a tanky monkey i recommend putting yourself a----
5-For lifesteal this is the rigth choice giving us attack damage and the lifesteal if not we can put him a----
6-This choice if the last one and the rigth one cause it gives us tons of health allowing wukong enetring team figths after the tank, but if your the tank youll have to finished with a----

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Skill Sequence

To start with put 1 point to At lvl 2 put a point to At lvl 3 put 1 point to THEN KEEP PUTTING ALL THE POINTS YOU CAN TO and then to When this to abilities are maxed start putting points to

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Summoner Spells

For summoners spells i recommend the following:
If your a tanky monkey put yourself this is going to let you and your allies live longer in team figths Using this spell before using decoy allows you to run far away making your enemies stop chasing you,there is another option like IF your a crit monkey replace heal forthis will allow you to finish your enemies faster

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To finish this guide im going to explain how to use your abilities in different situations:


In 1vs1 figths start with quickly after that pressafter this you have a few seconds to kill your enemie with If you want to gank the enemie press in the bush and walk sleath to the enemie jumping on him with


In team figths jump into low health enemie(as cait,miss fortune,or gangplank) with your Then pressand finishing your deathly trap with after that use then hide in a brush and enter the team figth again with