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League of Legends Build Guide Author cashed500

The Ruler of Top Lane: Duct Tape Garen! S5

cashed500 Last updated on September 13, 2015
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I know I like to see the items at the top when I check builds out so here it is! I am new so I don't quite understand how this works! Sorry!

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Hello! This is my first guide on Mobafire so let's just hop right into this! Basically, Garen is a great AD Bruiser and excels in the top lane! This build isn't supposed to be serious but rather fun! It is still a really good build nonetheless! The idea behind this build is the fact that Garen's E can not only critical strike but also apply the Infinity Edge's passive leading to MASSIVE damage! The joke behind this build is basically you must buy two infinity edge's so you have one for each hand. You then buy a phantom dancer and pull it apart so you can "Duct tape" them to the Infinity edge. The Quicksilver's Hash represents the Duct tape. Leaving us with our Duct Tape Garen build!

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I personally run three greater quintessence's of attack speed, nine flat attack damage mark's, 9 armor scaling seals, and nine magic resist glyph's. You could possibly run some kind of armor pen or tankier rune page if you would like.

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I use 21-9-0 masteries focusing more on the offensive tree. You could put more points into the defensive tree getting masteries like "Perserverance" and "Second Wind" to further buff your healing! Keep in mind your passive is plenty but can be canceled upon taking damage!

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The items have been shown earlier but this is just to inform you that I have not tested for a good final item! You can try crazy final items! Let me know what works best :). If you really want to you can finish the quicksilver's hash but it you aren't true duct tape Garen at that point! That's okay though :)

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Pros / Cons:

High late game damage
Reasonable mobility
High critical chance that you can rely on
Great at taking down low defense targets

Quite low defense and health
This build may not be well received by other players especially if they game isn't going very well!
Can be out cc'd and out-ranged! Quicksilver's Hash and boots will help!

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Skill Sequence:

As I cannot figure out how to use the Skill Sequencer I will type the ability order. Sorry!


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Ranked Play:

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! Unless you are Bronze and Silver and fine with being there do NOT try this! It doesn't work that great in ranked as players are normally more adaptive than player in normal!

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Garen is an all around great champion with few flaws but they can be exploited! If you are a more serious player this guide is probably not for you but whoever you may be I hope you just enjoy! Leave feedback or screenshots of your match history using this please! :)


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