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Teemo Build Guide by loslmonster

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author loslmonster

The speedy Teemo takedown

loslmonster Last updated on August 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Start off by saying that this is my first build, and hope you enjoy it :)

Noxious trap may be taken earlier, if needed, or as cheap wards, no big deal.

Move quick may be taken earlier, if needed.

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As of right now my main summoner is only level 13, so my runes themselves aren't actually Tier 3 and nor do I have them all filled out, I find even without level 30 runes, this build holds up, so if you are concerned about not having all of the proper runes, do not worry about it!

May replace replenishment quintessence if you wish to, not really a huge deal.

I chose the runes the way I did for a few reasons.

1. Teemo with a high attack speed is going to be putting out A LOT of damage, because his E ability is a passive, dealing poison over time, and 45 damage + 14% ability power on hit at level 5. So with more hits, your putting out more damage. So attack speed can be helpful, which is why I went with seals of alacrity.

2. Teemo is a little bit squishy, so the magic resistance is helpful in some confrontations.

3. Armour penetration is going to be helpful against players who have high armour.

4. The quintessences are going to give you a reasonable amount of attack speed, and the mana regeneration is always nice too.

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Once again, my summoner is NOT level 30, so masteries are based on which ones would be helpful, and the actual ones I use for this champion.

Went with the masteries I feel have some decent effects, went with 21-0-9 because I don't have any mastery points spent in it myself.

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Summoner Spells

I use these summoner spells all the time for almost all champions, exhaust has its perks, slows enemy movement, and attack speed, letting you pick up a kill while they are low health and cant get away, or slowing them down so you can hopefully do more damage on them giving you the kill, and walking away from the encounter.

Ignite is always useful for that little bit of true damage it does, with the mastery point in burning embers, you gain 10 Ability Power while its on cooldown, nice to have the extra bit, while you aren't able to use the actual spell itself.

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The way I built this player was around items I had used for my other champions, my first session with Teemo was basically a testing game, I bought items and if I didn't believe they were being of use I would try another, I ended up with a fairly fast Teemo, coming in at 459 movement speed, and a fairly high attack speed, sometimes reaching 2.0+ with some tweaks, or when coming out of your passive to get the 40% increase.

I go with a Doran's blade out of the gate, for the extra health damage and the little bit of life steal. This is NOT to say you couldn't go with Boots of Speed and just get the doran's after berserker greaves.

At the end of the build your going to end up with
1. Doran's Blade
2. Berserker's Greaves
3. Malady
4. Nashor's Tooth
5. Frozen Mallet
6. Phantom Dancer

Side Note:
Now you may be thinking oh you keep a starter item all the way to the end?
Well the answer to that is Yes and No, because Doran's blade doesn't bring a WHOLE lot to the table, you could replace it with a better item. BUT in my experiences I haven't needed to, or had the time to.

Also, usually I manipulate the 6th item (phantom dancer) a little bit, sometimes depending on who I am fighting against in my lane, or the majority of the enemy team, I may go with a lich bane, trinity force, etc. This build gives you room to play with the last item, so there is some slack with it.

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Skill Sequence

First things first, you are going to say "oh you don't use mushrooms until late game" etc.
YES, I do not, unless your playing hardcore PvP or if the enemy team is known for ganking a lot, or hiding in bushes, they didn't really serve much purpose. Yes you can take them earlier, its not going to screw up the build in any way shape or form, you may also take move quick if you need it, some games you just do, that's understandable.

Blinding Dart: Very useful early game for its harassment uses, it has a fair range, and makes the victim miss his attacks for a short period of time, it does very good damage late game, and against some champions very good early game as well.

Toxic Shot: Very useful all game, because it gives the impact of your darts more punch, AND gives them a poisoning effect damaging the target every second for 4 seconds. I have gotten many kills after the target has out ran me because of the poison effects.

Move Quick: Useful if you need to catch up with an enemy that has faster movement speed after an encounter, it is best to use this to catch up with an enemy that you have weakened and just need to get those last few hits in, sometimes this is taken earlier than I have posted, that is okay it may be needed, I've found myself doing the same thing. Also passively makes Teemo faster if he isn't taking hits from a turret or enemy champion. When active you do not lose the bonus while struck, useful in tower dives for a barely living champion.

Noxious Trap: This is where I'm going to be completely honest, in most of my games I have played, this has proved almost useless. Yes it has its places, like in bushes to make sure no enemy champ can hide, yes it acts like a ward except provides smaller vision I believe, but last 10 minutes instead of three. Useful if needing to get away, but have these set up prior to trying to escape as you do have to place them down, they have a small range, and they are visible to enemy champs for a short time after placement.

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Team Work

Blinding Dart will make the enemy miss their attacks for a short period of time, use this to help another champion to take less damage, and MAYBE save his life!

If a team mate is having people gank him a lot, take noxious trap early, and place them down in the ganking paths to his lane, they will let him know there is nothing coming, and will also protect him if they do, giving him enough time to see and react.

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Creeping / Jungling

You may do this for the spare gold or buffs late game, DO NOT attempt it very early as you will not have the damage output to kill some of the monsters, and may end up being ganked and having no way to escape from the champion in time.