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League of Legends Build Guide Author JonkoV92

The stunning magical mummy

JonkoV92 Last updated on March 2, 2011
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The stunning magical mummy

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''Things are bad when Amumu is crying, but they're much worse when he's angry.'' -- Ezreal

A couple days ago I bought Amumu the Sad mummy. Since I wanted to play something new. So with only limited money to buy anything I need a champion that was not very expensive. After I had seen the skill of Amumu and his stats. I already thought that he would satisfy me. Now after playing him a dozen times I found I had to write up how I play him since I always end up with around the same amount of kills as my teams carry and more assists then my teams tanks. and now I dont see him so much played by others people I really like it.

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Pros / Cons

Here are the nice and the less parts of this style of playing amumu. But to my pleasure I can not really think of very much Cons and a lot of Pros so thats another reason I like playing this little fellow.

- Bit mana dependant and if played active I constantly need the mana golum buff.
- Can go mid if your whole team does not want to. this could also be a Pro but I never like going mid.

- bit tanky so not easy to kill due to decent amount of Armor and magic resistance.
- Can eat enemie tanks alive in seconds mainly cause of the percent health per second damage aura.
- One of the best disabler champion in game since I have a double two seconds stun and one of them is a massive area of effect stun and with my items I can cast a nice area of effect slow movement speed and then I have another single target slow with my exhaust.
- Good support cause I can Heal my team and with my stuns I can help my team escape many ganks or teamfight if we lose one of those ( does not happen alot though ).
- When going with the right team mate I really have a easy early game laning for example any champion that also has a stun or some way of dealing a quick burst damage.
- I am capable of going into the Jungle from the start so our team will have 3 fast leveling champions instead of only one which in ranked games should always be the case.
- At the end of almost every game I have a lot of money left and I do not know what to buy next since I already have my entire build standing.

So that was a quick summing of the first things I could think of right if I spent some more time on this I can probebly write up a lot more Pros.

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The Masteries of my Amumu are a bit spread over all three sides. I go with some offense mostly cause I really want to have that 15% magic penetration which I find very nice since I am going to be a ability power user to damage my enemie also boost my exhaust to help me be even more supportive and ofcourse the Cooldown reduction is also a bit nice.
For defense well this should be obvious since I still need to survive a lot of punishment since I am some sort of ap-tank.
Then ofcourse Utility to upgrade my mana a bit since when I am out of mana I am not as usefull.

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Summoner Spells

While in most other guides/builds Summonener Spells are not so important. withing these walls I think they provide an excellent addition to my champion and if I am honest I would really not like it if one of them was disabled in any kind of way. This is all because one of my spells give me my fourth crowd control skill. And ofcourse the other summoner spell gives me a masterfull way of navigating the map a hell of a lot easier.

- Exhaust an excellent slowing ability and definitly a must while following this build.

- Teleport nice way of navigating but if you like other spells better you can replace it but I do not recommend it.

- Flash a good way to position my Curse of the Sad Mummy but because personnally I do not have that much trouble getting it hit the right enemies. Ofcourse if I take it I am going to replace it with Teleport.

- Ghost nice way of following any escaping enemie team champions but since I find Teleport much more usefull I never take this.

- Smite I only take this when I am going into the jungle but well I usually go laning which I like more. But in the case I go to jungle for example when there is no other jungle capable champion in my team I definitely take this summoner spell.

other summoner spell I find not useable for my guide so I will not elaborate further on this subject and go on with the rest of the guide.

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My choices I made by picking my runes are somewhat more important then you would normally think. At first I wanted to get as much cooldown reduction as possible so I would be able to cast my stunning attack as fast as possible only then after getting it up to 60 percent I discovered that it caps at only a disapointing 40 percent. New ideas started flowing and now I was going to exchange the one item I picked that would give me 25 percent cooldown reduction so in this way I am able to have the magic resistanse I am lacking and also a real nice boost in health regeneration per five seconds boost.

so to show some actually stats.

9x Greater Mark of Insight this is a much needed 9,5 magic penetration that will boost my damage output nicely.

3x Greater Quint of Celerity as I said this is going to give me a real nice cooldown reduction.

9x Greater Glyph of Celerity this goes for the same reason as with the Greater Quint of Celerity. Although these could be replaced with Greater Glyph of Shielding in which case I am taking a slighty different choice in items.

9x Greater Seal of Defense and at last this will give me a nice armor bonus. I actually wanted magic resistance here but since they will only give me a poor 1.7 magic resist bonus at level 18 I am taking the Greater Seal of Defense cause I also need armor and this way I can focus more on getting magic resistance from my items.

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Skill Sequence

I will explain about the skill in seperate and how I make my skill choices per level.

Bandage Toss:
Amumu tosses a sticky bandage at a target, stunning and damaging the target while he pulls himself to them.

Throws a bandage to target location. If it hits an enemy unit, Amumu will pull himself to the enemy, stun them, and deal 80 / 140 / 200 / 260 / 320 (+100% of ability power) magic damage.

So this is going to give me some power over single champions since I can stun them and deal damage at the same time. Also the nicest thing is that it will scale a full 100 percent with my ability power which means later during a game this skill will deal around 500 damage.

Overcome by anguish, nearby enemies lose a percentage of their maximum health each second.

Toggle: Nearby enemies take 8 / 12 / 16 / 20 / 24 magic damage plus 1.5 / 1.8 / 2.1 / 2.4 / 2.7 (+1% of ability power)% of their maximum health each second.

This skill is going to have enemie tanks for diner since we are doing 2.7 percent health per second and combined with my ability power it will go around 5 percent each second. And this will go really nice together with my Sunfire Cape. Only down side here is that it consumes my mana at a rather high rate. I prefer to always have mana golem buff so I can regen mana even when I pop this one out.

Permamently reduces the physical damage Amumu would take. Amumu can unleash his rage, dealing damage to surrounding enemies.

Passive: Amumu takes 1/2/3/4/5 reduced damage from physical attacks.
Active: Amumu deals 75/100/125/150/175 (+0.5) magic damage to surrounding units. Each time Amumu is hit, the cooldown on Tantrum is reduced by 0.5 seconds.

So a really great passive since it will give me great 5 extra armor which can never be reduced since it is not actually calculated as armor.
Now come the other great part of this skill each time I am attacked this little things cooldown is reduced by a half second which makes this a real perfect skill for either countering attacking carries or to farm the jungle a lot easier.
The damage output is a bit less nice since we only get to 175 so I really need my ability power to boost this skill to be some usefull to deal any damage later in the games progress.

Curse of the Sad Mummy
Amumu entangles surrounding enemy units in bandages, damaging them and rendering them unable to attack or move.

Amumu entangles surrounding enemy units, dealing 150/250/350 ( 100% of ability power) magic damage and preventing attacks and movement for 2 seconds.

This is probebly the skill that should really be entitled as Ultimate since I get to stun the entire opposing team and also deal a nice amount of damage. As this one also get a full 100 percent ability power I will have it to around 600 late game. It will really make my burst damage be real nice.
It also can help me really escape and my team ofcourse. Which is so super nice.
The biggest reason I want a high cooldown reduction is also mostly cause of this skill since I want to use it if possible every team fight.

Cursed Touch:
Amumu's attacks reduce the target's magic resistance by 15/25/35 for 4 seconds.

Being my Champions passive skill it is actually really nice making my target have 35 less magic resistance I can deal a lot more damage since I mostly want to deal magic damage.

Now the Sequence in which I choose my skills:
First off I take Bandage Toss so with a bit of luck and having the right laning partner I can get a first blood. Ofcourse I am going to be laning here.
Then I am taking 1 level in Tantrum so I can put some more damage on my unlucky enemie after I stunned.
Until level 6 I will upgrade both Bandage Toss and Tantrum evenly with like a tiny bit more priority over Bandage Toss. Obviously I take my Ultimate skill Curse of the Sad Mummy at level six.
Now once I have both Bandage Toss and Tantrum to skill rank three I am going to take Despair to take care of tanks when any begining teamfights will start to happen. Now from now on I want to get Bandage Toss and Curse of the Sad Mummy maxed out as soon as possible then going to get Tantrum up and then lastly finish Despair.

So with this very long part finally finished I am going on with guide.

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Jungle Skill Sequence

Since the skill I choose when going into the jungle is a slightly different I am going to talk about a second Sequence needed for jungling.

At start I take Tantrum since this will be my main damage output I go to the wraiths camp first and use Smite on the big one, then go to the wolves camp just kill them attack the big one and let the smaller ones be killed by tantrum. Now I am level two I want to have more area of effect damage since all jungle camps have more then a single creep with the exception of the Dragon and Baron Nashor so I take Despair a damage per second aoe. Going to kill the small golems now, then Blue mana golem, then go to the Red Lizard on my way I kill the wolves camp and wraiths camp. now after I killed the Red Lizard with smite I check all lanes for any enemie champion who might be on low health to get a succesfull gank.
Now I want to build Despair and Tantrum at level five I take Bandage toss. The time for player versus player has come so I will take Bandage toss so I have my two stuns at my disposal ofcourse I take Curse of the Sad Mummy on level six.
Then having Despair maxed out I go to upgrade Tantrum to level five and lastly take Bandage Toss. Obviously I take my ultimate on level six, eleven and sixteen.

In the near future I will include a route on how to slay the jungle as fast as possible but for now only thing I need to know is go from the small camps to the big camps and last the Red Lizard camp.

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My next step is to explain my item choices. So to just start out.

Ruby Cystal giving me 180 extra health this will be my starter item when going to lane cause I usually play defensive since I am melee and this way I do not need health potions.

Mercurys treads +25 magic resist, Unique passive: reduces duration of stun, slows, taunts, snares, sleeps and immmobilizes by 35 percent. and ofcourse a Enhanced movement 2. with this I get lower damage and the nicest thing I will not be as easy to crowd control since everything will only last 65 percent.

Heart of gold giving +27 armor and upgrading my Ruby Crystal to 200 health. also it will give itself back because we get 1 gold extra every 2 seconds. But the main reason of buying is that I want a Randuins omen later in the game.

Sunfire cape increasing my damage output really nicely with 40 magic damage each second to nearby enemies which will stack with Despair. further a much needed 450 health and 45 armor.

Majais soulstealer I should get some kill by now so this item will be a good upgrade to my ability power. and after 20 stacks a real nice cooldown reduction.

upgrading my heart of gold to Randuins omen give me alot of stats ofcourse some decent armor and health + health regeneration. Then a 10% cooldown reduction giving me a nice 35% cooldown reduction. the best thing still has to come giving me a fourth slow and its also area of effect!!.

Abyssal scepter will be a good way to give my magic damage some punch since we get ability power and beter yet we reduce enemies magic resistance by 20. but also the magic resist on the item itself is a nice bonus to have.

Force of Nature, this is my way of making it near impossible to die against casters since it give a massive magic resist and also after a fight it will make my health regeneration go very smoothly.

After you completed and bought all items I just explained about you should be the major thread in almost every teamfight.
Now come some thing not many people know of or just ignore it.
Whenever I have spare money I will be buying the following items just to boost my power to the maximum.

Elixer of agility will give me some faster attacks plus a nice critical chance.

Elixer of fortitude making my maximum health even higher and ofcourse a very bit damage.

Elixer of brilliance boosting my cooldown reduction to the maximum of 45% and giving a real nice amount of ability power.

Oracles elixer ofcourse only buy this if the other team has champions capable of being invisible.

If you buy these items with all your six slots already taken I will consume them right when you buy them so no worry. and ofcourse when I die I have to buy them all again or when I have not died in four minutes. and yes these four finisching items aply to all and every champion in the league of legends.

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Jungling Items

Jungling ofcourse is a bit different. although I still in late game I will have all the same items as if I would go laning only the start has some chances.

Cloth armor will give some much needed damage reduction which is almost standard for any champion who is going to the jungle.

Health potion will obviously this will heal me when I have taken to much damage. I find it near impossible to do the jungle with Amumu without those so I take them whenever I want to jungle with him.

From of this point the items will be the same only a bit different order.

Mercurys treads

Heart of gold

Sunfire cape

Abyssal scepter I will take these before Majais soulstealer since when I am jungling I will not make as much kill early to mid game so I want more power and defense versus magic first.

Majais soulstealer

Force of nature from here on I will be very tanky whenever a mage will fase me. That is also the reason to take this before I upgrade my Heart of gold to a Randuins omen.

Randuins omen will complete all my items and now I have all the same items as with the normal laning build.

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So now I told you how to be effective with Amumu in either laning or jungling. I hope you liked my play style and please tell if you agree with me. and ofcourse subscripe to the guide.