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Soraka Build Guide by Wolfar

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wolfar

The Supporting Nuker (Normal & Ranked)

Wolfar Last updated on December 26, 2011
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This is my first guide on Mobafire,
It is Featuring Soraka, one of the best supporters (imo) in League Of Legends. Before a certain patch a while ago. Building her AP was just bad. But now, whith the tweaks to her Starfall and Infuse. I think it's worth getting SOME Ability Power.

This Guide focuses on giving Soraka some early power and switching to Support in late-game. AP is still good on Soraka because it increases the amount she heals whith her W and R while also dealing some extra dmg.

I am Level 30 and played over 1100 games. This works many times in any Normal Game mode. Just remember in Ranked it won't be that effective.

In-game name: Wolfar

Enjoy and tell me what you think about building Soraka this way!

~ Wolfar

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+ Insane Early-Mid Damage
+ Hard to kill
+ Unexpected damage early on
+ Amazing farming Ability
+ Hard to get pushed out of the lane
+ Harassing is Epic whith Soraka

- People call you noob because normally you build Soraka Full Support (People think about Ranked play 24/7 nowadays -.-')
- Squishy Early on
- Need to come close to the enemy when trying to use Starcall on them
- People asking questions all the time why you are not just going support

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What am I doing whith Soraka using build #1

Your main focus will be harassing the enemy ALOT whith alot of damage early-mid game. You will be getting AP Items early and focussing on support later.

I find Soraka's damage output late-game so bad, I decided to switch to support late-game

When im busy switching from Nuker to Support I am NOT selling items but I am just adding Support Items in my item build making Soraka still viable to deal some damage while also maintaining her

Main Role using this build:

Supporting the team to victory, While still providing some damage!

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What am I doing whith Soraka using build #2

No more damage dealing for you this time!

The 2nd build is focussing on ranked play. This means you are going full support but still taking a tiny bit advantage of your early-mid game nuking power.

This doesn't mean you can just go kill people!!

This is more focussed on the ability of greater heals and also some more damage from Infuse that will scare the enemy off. You will not kill ANY minions, Only do this when the AD Carry is going back.

Main Role using this build:[/color]

Supporting the team to victory by providing good heals and create some good early-mid game pressure![/color]

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Bot, Mid or Top?

It does not matter in what Lane you are.

I prefer Mid and I ask my team for it most of the time since 1 on 1 is easily won by Soraka when facing an AP Champion like Anivia in mid.

Top and Bot are perfectly fine for Soraka, just push the enemy out of the lane whith your starcall and abuse that Silence!
Remember Squishies first, then those nasty tanks.

I recently had an Anivia called me OP because I simply outfarmed her and she died three times by me just spamming starcall and sometimes use my infuse on her. Trust me, Soraka is not a weak Nuker anymore.

For ranked play, you will always end up in the botlane whith an AD Carry, Don't ever think of going Mid or top using in ranked!

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Runes & Masteries

For Runes I like to go whith:

Greater Mark of Insight x9

Greater Seal of Clarity x9

Greater Glyph of Focus x9

Greater Quintessence of Potency x3

The marks for overal Damage output early and late game even in ranked!, the seals for mana regen.
The seals are mainly meant for before u get ur Shurelya's Reverie
The glyphs for early game pressure by continious spamming E, W and Q making you unstoppable in pushing also in ranked play you are more sunstainable in Lane.
The quints for early game lane dominance and bigger heals early-mid game.

For masteries I focus on the common 9/0/21, nothing els to say here.

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Items & Skill Sequence (Build #1)

Starting item: Regrowth Pendant and a Health Potion
Early harassing means easy farm for you and bad farm for your opponent. the health regen helps u whiht the harassing.

Gold over time item: Philosopher's Stone
C'mon, that much health regen and mana regen and gold, impossible to leave behind and end-game ur building it to a Shurelya's Reverie anyways

Next up: Mercury's Threads
Good CC counter while also providing some Magic Resist, when going mid this is pretty good to have since 9/10 ur facing an AP champion.

Let's stop being Squishy: Rod Of Ages
This is an awesome item on any AP Champion, it gives alot of health and mana while also giving alot of AP. Can't skip this one.

But what part first for my Rod Of Ages?

- Owning in lane? get that Blasting Wand
- Losing or doing decent? survivability is key, get a Catalyst the Protector

Let's end our Early-Mid game power whith some nice Ability Power: Rabadon's Deathcap
This item is just EPIC for any AP Champion, this makes your Starcall, Heal, Infuse and Wish deal/heal ALOT. This is the end of ur nuking moment.

Focus on Supporting right when u realise ur dmg isnt that good anymore compared to Early-Mid game, This will be pretty quick after your deathcap.

Time to help your team: Aegis Of The Legion
This item helps you and your team alot, it gives them extra damage and more defense and is providing you whith the same but also adding some extra health, making you even less squishy.

At this point your Gold over time item did his Job and provided you whith
Enough gold for building it into something els.

This item will be the item I talked alot about already: Shurelya's Reverie
This item is Epic if you ask me, It provides an awesome movement speed boost that can help your team chase those Lucker or flee from a losing teamfight. It also gives u more Health regen, Mana regen, Cooldown Reduction and even more Health. You are now pretty hard to kill but keep in mind, Not unkillable ;)

Your last item...

What does your team lack?
Does the other team have more Physical then Magical damage dealers, or do they have more Magical damage dealers?
Are you completely dominating them and are you asking yourself, why did I get so many support items?

It all depends, my suggestion are:

Your team needs some more Mana Regen/CDR
but are to lazy or stupid to get them: Soul Shroud

Your team needs every possible
Physical buff they can get:Stark's Fervor

You need to be some sort of initator or you are getting focusses down quickly

By AP Champions get Force of Nature or Banshee's Veil
By AD Champions get Thornmail or Zhonya's Hourglass

Only get Zhonya's Hourglass when they don't 3-4 shot you or don't got a champion who is purely focussed on his auto-attacks (Gangplank, Master Yi, Twitch etc.)

You are completely dominating the other team, they got ZERO chance to win the game anymore, time to focus on more damage for more fun!

This is your own Pick, I suggest Rylai's Crystal Scepter because of the slow.

The Skilling Order is pretty strange if you are used to full support Soraka.

Wish first ofcourse then I max my Infuse, then Starfall and after that my Heal. this is purely focussed on early harassing and killing champions. You do use ur heal and you are getting it at level 3. But it isn't that important early game.

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Items & Skill Sequence (Build #2)

Starting item: Faerie Charm, 2 Sight Wards and 2 Health Potions

The basic setup for any Support in Ranked Play, you need the sight wards to counter early ganks or to help your AD Carry get a kill by providing sight. The healthpots are there because you will not be using heal on yourself alot. Your AD Carry needs the heals. You got some health potions to keep your Health Bar up.

Just like the 1st build:
Gold over time item: Philosopher's Stone
C'mon, that much health regen and mana regen and gold, impossible to leave behind and end-game ur building it to a Shurelya's Reverie anyways

Next up: Ionian Boots of Lucidity
You need the CDR to keep spamming your Infuse and Healing spell els you and your AD Carry will be pushed out of the lane.

Gold over time item#2: Heart Of Gold
Since you are not killing ANY Minions you need to focus on getting more gold over time items, so here is your second one.

Supporting the team: Aegis Of The Legion
In ranked play you are a support and not someone who is dealing DMG, so you need to help your team by getting this cheap but incredibly good item.

OPTINAL: Your first and Only Ability Power Item: Rabadon's Deathcap
This item gives you alot of good things, It increased your heals, This means your W and your R and It also gives your Q and E a reason to be there (E, when allies dont need mana)

More defense, you need it: Kindlegem & Negatron Cloak These items give you more health, some CDR and some more defense. A dead soraka means, No warding. No Healing. No infusing. No cv'ing = Dead Team.

Time to finish some gold over time items: Shurelay's Reverie
An awesome support item, providing an awesome Active while also giving you a good defense.
Use the active for chasing enemies or running away from enemies. Should always be used when fighting as a team.

More Defense!: Banshee's Veil
This item is just plain simple awesome, It gives a shield that protects u again 1 spell, Mean brand's combo won't hurt you that much (You block the stun) and you can just run through veigar's stun. Also, think about Ashe's Ult and Karthus' Ult.

Finish it off whith some anti-AD: Randuin's Omen
Active & Passive slow while also providing: CDR, Armor and Health. Epic item to finish it off

Remember one thing:


Be sure to always have 1 stack of them in your inventory, when you got all your items. Sell your Shurelay's Reverie and get WARDS. You can also sell your Rabadon's Deathcap when your team doesn't need that much health and is more in for mana and warding.

the Skill sequence is just ranking up W and E asap while getting 1 point in Q early for pressure. Don't use your Q to lasthit.

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Summoner Spells

My normal combo for summoner spells are (Build #1)Teleport & Flash.

My normal combo for summoner spells are (Build #2) Clairvoyance % Flash

It gives your opponent(s) Zero chance to push you out of the lane since you can instantly teleport back to your lane. The Flash gives u an easy way to escape or get that bastard who tries to escape whith 5 HP!

Clairvoyance is a must, you need to be aware of enemy junglers or players from mid heading towards your lane, if u won't. You and your AD-Carry will have a big problem. This is also used to let enemies be targetable while they are in a bush. Flash is bit diffrent, use it for escaping now. Not for getting kills. I mean why do you need them as support?

Other viable options are:

Heal: It's funny to see enemies rage when suddenly my teammates get a Heal, Wish and Astrall Blessing on them ;)

Ignite: It does good dmg, has a good anti-heal debuff. It works but you need to be sure they won't destroy your tower when u need to recall.

Clairvoyance: you are still a support going Nuker early game, CV is always nice to have. IN RANKED PLAY THIS IS A MUST!

Exchaust: It helps shutting down the nuker in their team or getting an easy kill on someone who is running away.

Not viable for me:

Ghost: Sure that movement boost is nice, but you got your Shurelya's Reverie and Flash, So if you can't escape whithout those two, you just had a bad positioning.

Cleanse: We got an in-game item for that, No point in wasting an important summoner spell for that.

Revive: Whahahahahahahahaha

Clarity: You got ENOUGH mana regen and if you are getting it for your team, it is still bad since you have Infuse.

Rally: You are not an AD Champion and it doesn't help your team that well either, This is a bad summoner spell for every champion if You ask me.

Smite: Good Luck.

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Do I need to say more?

Hmm why not,
Starcall is the ultimate farming Ability, It makes the Enemy flee his minions or even the battle while also giving you ALOT of gold because you are hitting ALL the minions (If you are standing correctly)

There is no reason to give minion kills to the AD Carry when playing this way. But remember, In ranked play this isn't the best build ;)

I outfarm most of the players because it is just so easy, Last Hitting has never been so easy!


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Team Work

Early Game: Nuking the enemy team down is all you do, try to stay behind the team while doing this. You are pretty squishy at this point.
Teamfights don't happen that often in early game though..

Mid Game: You are still Nuking the enemy down while also not being squishy anymore. At this point you should also start helping out teammates whith Wishes and Heals/Infuses.
Mid Game ur pretty much an Nuking Supporter. You are healing your team but providing the neccesary damage when needed.

Late Game: Youre Nuking role is pretty much gone. You can still dish out some damage but don't expect to much from it. Right now you are focussing on Supporting your team. When they need a heal you provide a Heal, when they need some movement speed. You help em out.

Just Ask your team what they need and get it!

For ranked play, it's all supporting. Just help your team out 24/7 and win!

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The End

Could you be so Nice to tell me what I could Improve or what I did well in the comments below?

Also tell me when your upvoting my Guide, WHY your upvoting it.
Also tell me when your downvoting my guide, WHY your downvoting it.

Thanks for reading my Guide!