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Jayce Build Guide by egillum42

The Tank of Pitlover

The Tank of Pitlover

Updated on July 24, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author egillum42 Build Guide By egillum42 1,830 Views 0 Comments
1,830 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author egillum42 Jayce Build Guide By egillum42 Updated on July 24, 2012
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Welcome to one of my first guides. This guide is how I play Jayce, a strong top-lane champion. This is a situational build; if you need a tankier top, this build provides an option. I feel like a tankier Jayce provides more support for your team and provides more in teamfights than just damage.
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Pros and Cons

[*] Tanky with enough CC to zone or catch enemy carry
[*] Has loads of team helpful abilities and items (displacement, speed boost, AoE slow, Aegis)

[*] Extra poke to annoy enemies
[*] Health damage on E (in hammer mode) and range at level one in lane for dominance and easier last hitting.

[*] Not a carry build; needs team to help with damage in fights and win long games.
[*] Can be kited
[*] No stun
[*] Needs flash to escape quickly
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Glyphs and seals are standard, but you may want to consider scaling MR glyphs if facing an opponent who is only AD to have more MR late-game. Quints and marks are for early game harass and CS.
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The 21/9/0 gives a stronger laning phase, giving magic penetration for harass and AD steroids for burst. The 9 in defense can be reorganized depending on the opponent.
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Skill Sequence

R >> E >> Q >> W

Max ult first for improvement, E more the burst in lane (in hammer) and escape (in cannon), then Q for gap closer and AoE slow (in hammer) and poke (in cannon). Although the W has a flashy feel to it, the damage is minimal in hammer form and the attack speed boost only affects 3 attacks, making it not useful enough compared to his other skills.
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Now for the core items. Boots to start for the three pots and sustain in lane (and a fourth if you would like to stay and wait for it). First buy back should be a doran's blade for lane supremacy. The second item is either a hexdrinker OR another doran's depending on the lane opponent. Phage gives him an even strong laning phase AND more CC followed by finishing boots into merc treads. Rush the phage into a trinity for more DPS and sheen procs. As the tank, the next item is aegis (if no one else buys but you make a great candidate for it) to give you roughly 150 mr and armor. With enough damage at the moment, a Warmog's finishes the core build.

Luxury items include a Maw (if hexdrinker was bought finish now or buy if their AP carries are fed), Randuin's Omen (if going for more tank against their AD carries), Force of Nature (more MR with synergy for health regen), or go flat damage if necessary with Last Whisper, Infinity Edge, or Bloodthirster. Situational tanking is crucial to being a top lane tank.
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This Jayce build is meant for CS'ing and harassing with cannon while dueling and finishing with hammer combos. Your role in team fights is to either peel their champions off your carries OR zone their carries out of the fight entirely. Work with your jungle to plan out ganks and help in your jungle if necessary. Don't forget to build based on your enemy's team and not go vanilla tank.

Don't forget.... WARD WARD WARD WARD WARD. Warding saves lives, yours and your teammates. No arguements. Hands down. 'nuff said.
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Please post ideas and comments to help improve this build! Thanks and hope this helps you.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author egillum42
egillum42 Jayce Guide
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The Tank of Pitlover

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