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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by thehammy

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author thehammy

The Tank on Steroids!

thehammy Last updated on August 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 9

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 21

Expanded Mind
Blink of an Eye
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 0

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About this guide.

Hello this is my first guide, and I believe this is a very good mundo guide. The very first time I used mundo I bought some of these items, and since then i've been working out the kinks, and now i believe all the kinks are gone. Even at lvl 10-12 you can tank there enitre team as your team punishes them for attacking you. Good Luck and have fun with this godlike MUNDO guide!!! P.S. i would also liek to add if the team you are facing has lets say a very good xin/jax,and or yi this guide can easily fit a thornmail piece in to allow the enemy team some punishment for attacking you. Think of it sunfire cape burnign agaony and Thornmail!!! its a win win win for you loss loss loss for them =]!

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Playing this Mundo

When playing this mundo dont be afraid too chase characters down by throwing your infected cleaver. Also later in the game when you buy the Sunfire cape, do not be afraid to rush into battle with your burning agaony and Sunfire cape doing damage every second you will easily win the fight. Even vs a jax, xin, or yi. Also while playing This mundo with this specific build he is MEANT to take all the damage that your possibly squishy teamates cannot sustain such as " brand, Heimerdinger, and lux. I know there are many more squishy characters but these are the few that can help mundo, and mundo can help back. While fighting in a team fight be sure burning agony is always on for it will do major damage to the other champions around you and make the team fight A LOT easier. i would also liek to add this mundo when fully completed will have around 4000 health. Whith tha he will have a whole bunch of armour/ Health Regeneration, that will make him almost impossible to kill even with 3-5 champions attacking you. Also with the spammable Infected cleavers that mundo can throw it will be easy too chase down your target because they slow them by a good bit, and you will have about 420 movement at the end of this guide!! This guide also comes with Mundo having a good bit of dodge chance. with the runes, and masteries it give shim about a 17-18% chance of dodging an attack which for a tank is a bunch! That even Gives JAX a run for his money in dodging! But its more dangerous if this mundo doges than a wimpy jax!

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Help me if you can!!!

since this is my first guide i would love it if you could help me on anything you think could be fixed, and or changed. This would help me immensley, and give me an oppurtunity too lean from people who may be experts or someone who just has a great idea. Plase if you have a good idea for me comment so i may make this guide even better than it is, and help future MUNDO players be better than they where with this guide.

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A little about my choices

Why i picked flash and exhaust. First of all flash is useful on ANY and i mean ANY champion. flash is great on Dr.Mundo because even when hes slowed he can flash away and start chucking back cleavers too slow the onslaught behind him. Exhaust is in it because i know what you are thinking why have it when you have cleavers that slow? while cleavers only slow so much and doesn't slow down attack speed and attack damage as much as exhaust does. When 1v1ing too make it a little easier you can exhaust them or if you are in front of your teammates you can use it too allow them to get up to the enemy and kill them faster than you would throwing cleavers. Now about the Skill sequence. It is very nice to boost infected cleavers to five as fast as possible because they do major damage. then there is Burning Agony. You rank that up next in order to dominate in team fights and destroy in 1v1s. The final skill gives you a damage boost when your hp is low. so i usually only use it on turrets or when Im in a 1v1. Yes it is good in a team fight but i myself usually forget about it.

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Alecs comments on Dr.Mundo

Dr.Mundo is a great tank and very cool. If you are good with him i must recommend the MundoMundo skin. He is fun to play and i love being able to solo a slightly fed Master Yi with him. I remember one game when I started playing and my friend was playing Dr.Mundo after announcing he is done playing Tristana and has yet to play her again. Some of the best moments were when he would ult in and be gaining heath when 3 people were attacking him when he was super fed. Eventually they just all ran away.

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Dr.Mundos back story

It is said that the man now known as Dr. Mundo was born without any sort of conscience. Instead, he had an unquenchable desire to inflict pain through experimentation. By the time he was five, most of the pets in the Zaun neighborhood where Mundo grew up had gone missing. By his teenage years, his parents were nowhere to be found. By the time he had legally acquired his license to practice medicine, he had been acquitted of thirty-eight separate charges of murder by the Zaun authorities; the lack of evidence made prosecution impossible.

Dr. Mundo has become equal parts serial killer and mad scientist, though no one is entirely sure how his butchery qualifies as science. However, he has made tremendous strides in mapping the pain response in the human brain and body, going so far as being able to suppress it, even in the most excruciating of circumstances. He has also tapped into the primal parts of the brain through chemistry, learning how to enhance aggression and adrenaline, as well as dulling conscience and the survival instinct. In short, Dr. Mundo's life's work has been how to create the perfect science-enhanced killer. Unfortunately, the city-state of Noxus regards such behavior as a sign of initiative and ambition, rather than inhumanity. Originally fighting for Zaun, Dr. Mundo was recruited to also fight for Noxus in the League of Legends; the Madman dual faction status represents the fruits of a blossoming relationship between Zaun and Noxus. He continues his experiments to this day, even using himself as an experimental subject, as evidenced by his disfigured appearance and his... unique manner of speaking. There are rumors that the High Command in Noxus has given him free reign to pursue his life's work in his spare time.

Beware the Madman of Zaun. In his eyes, you are already dead.