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Shen Build Guide by Allric0922

The Tank'n ninja.

The Tank'n ninja.

Updated on August 23, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Allric0922 Build Guide By Allric0922 3,775 Views 2 Comments
3,775 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Allric0922 Shen Build Guide By Allric0922 Updated on August 23, 2011
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Your getting out of no where and choose to stun and run.... but the enemy Yi is catching up quick and it doesn't look good when a shield pops on you, Shen comes out of no where and taunts him off giving you the chance to run.

Shen, to me, is all about a team save and nothing about kills... and this is what this guide is about. Shen is a hit taking, team saving, turret tanking BRUTE that isn't something to be messed with late game.

PRE-WARNING: this is my first guide and its just that a GUIDE i would not recommend following this to the tee, but this is all very helpful info on how to be a very good tank that if played right will be your teams favorite.
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Pros / Cons

+ Great At helping teammate
+ Stack Armor, great turret tanker
+ Strong first hit

+ Minimal Damage (with exception of first hit.)
+ Low Kills which = low gold (unless assists count as good gold in your eyes)
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Now runes are more of a play style over a champion specific thing... but i put down some that would be really helpful for a full tank Shen.
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Masteries are plain and simple... defense to the last and again... its about play style. Above i put a mastery set where the defense is what you want to follow but from there you can go to what you prefer.

Ardor (1/3) can be substituted for defense mastery or another spell in the tab but strength of spirit is a no-no because of Shen's use of energy.

I personally went the 9 in utility for the bonus gold (though its not much) because Shen lacks in the kill area. The bonus EXP is just another little something to go into to a small boost when farming or doing a SMALL jungle clear.
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Items is all based on enemy team champions.

ALWAYS open with Ruby Gem and build that into an Aegis of the Leigon. Aegis for the team buff that doesn't seem like much, but is a bonus to your team which may save a life.
From there build your boots. I always go Ninja Tabi, but some like Mercury's Treads for the magic resist and tenancy.

From there its based on the enemy... if they are AP, build magic resist, AD, its all about the armor baby. Self explanatory.

The items above (in the purchases) are what i build. Some prefer to go a little more AD and Frozen Mallet/Phage may be the thing for you.
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Skill Sequence

First things First... what are Shen's spells?

Passive: First hit = POWER HOUSE HIT. Shen's first hit deals more damage the more health and the more actually attack damage Shen has. The refreshes every 7 seconds, but when he gets hit by a champion the cool down is lowered by 2 seconds.

Vorpal Blade: Shens takes his nifty little blade and chucks it full force at an opposing enemy. Deals damage (+ability power) and when that enemy is hit heals friendly champions for a small amount over time.

Feint: Shen is surrounded by a shield that is also increased by ability power for a short amount of time or until depleted.

Shadow Dash: Shen darts full speed at an target area. Anything caught in his path is taunted for an amount of time based on spell level. Great for saving a teammate or keeping that turret diver on turret for a nice, easy death.

Stand United: Shen places a sexy shield on a teammate for 7 seconds and is teleported to their location after 2 seconds. Your team will LOVE YOU if timed right.

Now, like items, Shen's order is based on the other team. If your laned with a squishy ranged (ashe, annie, ect.), focusing shadow dash and feint early will benefit you both as long as they keep up the hard hits. Lanning with a high health/life steal (xin, WW, ect.) it may be best to get that small bonus damage with one point in shadow dash and focusing feint and Vorpal Blades.

Get your ult (stand united)) at all the levels its open. Use around 6 if you need to run back grab something/heal while under pressure but when you get higher levels its best used to help Team fights or to help those getting ganked.

So remember...

Vorpal Blades = damage
Feint = Shield
Shadow Dash = Taunt
Stand united (ULT) = Shield and a tele to ally.
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Summoner Spells

Heal and Ignite... 'nuff said.

Heal helps when saving someone by popping stand united in, heal, shadow dash, feint and by now... they should be running tail between their legs.

Ignite is more of a me thing... i use it with almost all my champs and can be replaced by ghost to help chase and get that shadow dash in, or exhaust to help a teammate get away.

Use what you will... but heal is one that i think is a must.
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Well that just about summons it up.

Shen is a great tank but is all about how you play him.

Take him in to Co-op vs. AI or normals and toy with some differnet builds... see which items you like over others.

Just always remember...

"You are already dead... you just haven't caught up yet" -Shen

once again... this was my first build I've done... please leave all suggestions and let me know if this helped.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Allric0922
Allric0922 Shen Guide
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The Tank'n ninja.

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