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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Eledhan

The Team Queen

Eledhan Last updated on February 17, 2011
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Queen / Rook / Knight / Bishop

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Patch Notes

The guide is up to date for patch

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February 11, 2010
Added Cleanse as viable Summoner Spell, and tweaked the Bishop Build.

February 10, 2011
Guide posted to Mobafire. Original guide can also be found on Riot's Forums HERE

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How to use this Guide

The 4 available builds are shown at the top. The build order goes like this...

Queen - Rook - Knight - Bishop - Pawn

To see the tactics and strategies associated with each of these builds, check out the sections for each build near the end of the guide. When viewing the builds, please realize that the items shown for each build are only the core items. Once you have the core items, you should be referring to the Primary Items and Situational Items for the next item to purchase.

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Queen Ashe

In almost every video game I've ever played, I almost always play the role of a ranged damage dealer. Hunter in World of Warcraft, Archer in Oblivion, Sniper in Halo, etc. In sports, I always end up in positions like pitcher and quarterback. When I started playing League of Legends and finally built up enough IP to buy my first champion, I grabbed Ashe first...She's ranged (my video gaming preference), and she provides a lot of tactical utility for my team (pitcher/QB mentality). Within a few games, I was hooked!

After many, many games, I began to realize that Ashe is very similar to the queen in the board game Chess. The queen is considered to be the most powerful piece on the board. However, due to limited sight lines early in the game, her power is not evident until later on. Although I'm not trying to say that Ashe is the most powerful champ in LoL, she is very similar to the queen in Chess due to the fact that her late game is stronger than her early game. Because of this, she should be treated in much the same way most Chess players treat their queen...protect her early, then bring her out late for domination. If Ashe can make it to late game with plenty of gold and very few deaths, she'll be devastating.

My favorite build for this guide is called "The Queen Build", and can be found near the end of the guide. This build is focused on the same concepts as the Queen in chess...survive until end game, and in the meantime, control the center of the board. I have also included 3 other builds, all using the pieces in Chess as a bit of a reference point. The Rook build is designed to solo a side lane. The Knight Build is designed for a dual side lane. The Bishop Build, which focuses more on the support role of Ashe instead of DPS. All four builds are optimized for their specific concept and work best when used that way. However, they can all be useful in most situations you will face as Ashe. I normally play the Queen Build, and dominate regardless of which lane I am in. You should try them all, but in my personal opinion...

Long live the Queen!

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SWOT Analysis

I would like to introduce you to a very popular business strategic planning tool known as a SWOT analysis. SWOT, say hello to everyone!

The objective with a SWOT analysis is to identify attributes of a company, and then develop strategies to address the company's Weaknesses and Threats while also enhancing its Strengths and Opportunities. The following SWOT analysis of Ashe will identify areas this guide will seek to address:

-Crowd control tools
-Free "Clairvoyance"
-Excellent farming/pushing/defending ability
-Poking before team fights

-Low survivability
-Low mana pool
-Only one damaging ability besides ultimate

-Excellent scaling with items
-Superb team utility with well-placed and well-timed ultimates
-Gank resistant due to Hawk Shot

-Champs with strong crowd control
-Champs who can close the distance
-Champs who take a long time to kill

Each option presented in the following sections are only presented because they are what I consider the best components to enhance Strengths, mitigate Weaknesses, help to seize Opportunities, or attempt to avoid Threats.

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Ashe's Positions

Although I have my own personal preference (The Queen Build), this guide is designed to deliver the information you need in order to successfully handle any option for Ashe's lane choice. Each of the viable starting lanes will be briefly discussed here. This guide includes at least one optimized build for each lane option.

Solo Middle
Ashe is an excellent solo middle if you focus on mitigating her weaknesses, and can even dominate other ranged carries who generally have more firepower than she does. I happen to have the most success building her to be very durable and then playing aggressively early game, going for kills against her opponent.

Solo Side
Ashe makes a great solo for a side lane if your team has a jungler and another solo mid who might not perform well as a solo side. She works so well solo side because she has a great farming ability along with the ability to keep her opponents from jumping on her all the time.

Dual Side
When laning with a partner, Ashe needs to be the harasser while still being able to farm. Ashe needs to focus on cheaper item builds since she should be saving some last hits for her partner. A focus on early, frequent damage from Volley is essential here so she can keep her and her partner safe from retaliation while both of you farm.

Regardless of lane choice, we will always be looking to farm well so we can build good items for enhancing her strengths early on. Ashe prefers solo lanes or laning with a support champion so she can farm without having to worry about starving her lane partner. However, she performs just fine while dual laning and sharing the creeps if she can keep her opponents off of her.

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Ashe's Roles

In any team game or sport, there are more than just positions. For example, there can only be one pitcher in baseball, but there are different players who perform different roles at the pitching position. Baseball teams have starting pitchers and closing pitchers, who each have different styles even though they play the same position. In addition, one pitcher might focus on getting strikeouts while another focuses on getting ground outs and pop outs. These various kinds of pitchers are what I consider to be ROLES. The POSITION is pitcher.

In LoL, there are really only 4 basic positions (Solo Mid, Solo Side, Dual Side, & Jungle). Most champs can fill at least 2 of these positions, and some can fill up to 3. Ashe is flexible enough to be comfortable in 3 different positions, and still perform admirably. Ashe's viable positions were shown above to be Solo mid, Solo Side, and Dual Side.

However, this doesn't tell us what Ashe's roles are. Sure she is a great solo, but what kind of role will she play? The primary roles in League of Legends are:

Tank - Soaks up damage like a sponge and/or forces enemy team to focus them
DPS - Deals damage primarily from auto attacks and physical abilities
Caster - Deals damage primarily from magical abilities
Support - Buffs team mates and/or Debuffs opponents

Please note that most champions fill more than one role in order to encourage balance. However, some only fill one role, and they do it exceptionally well. A good example of the difference would be Shen and Caitlyn. Shen is really good at tanking, but he's also great at supporting his team. Caitlyn is so focused on pure physical damage that her team utility is trivial. Shen would be a champion who can fill multiple roles, while Caitlyn can only fill one.

Ashe naturally fits into 2 roles; DPS and Support. She performs the role of DPS thanks to her excellent items from farming, which makes her auto attacks amazing. She also fills the role of Support with her slows, stun, and vision. Building Ashe in a manner that enhances a role other than DPS and Support is not the goal of this guide.

NOTE - Some options listed might seem like they enhance a different role, such as Tank. If you notice something that seems like it fits either the Tank or Caster role, please understand that it is simply a means of mitigating some of Ashe's Weaknesses or Threats from her SWOT analysis.

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Ashe's Responsibilities

You may be thinking that a champion's Roles dictate their Responsibilities. That's not necessarily true. Just like a pitcher might have the role of starter or closer, yet may be geared to strike outs or ground/pop outs. The position is pitcher, the role is closer, and their responsibility is to either get a strike out or to get a ground/pop out.

The same is true in LoL. Just because a champion is filling the role of Tank does not mean that they only have a responsibility to soak up damage; they should also be looking for ways to support their allies or debuff enemies, among other things. Ashe is no different. Building Ashe purely for one role while neglecting the other is only hurting your contribution to your team. In addition, just because Ashe is building for the role of DPS doesn't mean she won't need a common tank item (Banshee's Veil) in order to survive.

To more fully understand this concept, I've included a list of responsibilities that Ashe should be handling when in a game. Please note that although any one of these might occur at any given point in a game, all of them will be required at some point in the game. As an Ashe player, you need to be aware of what your responsibilities to your team are so you can perform your job correctly. I will not try to tell you which responsibilities are more important than the others because you need to adjust based on the circumstances in every game, and every part of every game.

If Ashe doesn't farm well, she can never build the items that she absolutely needs in order to deal sufficient damage later on in the game through her auto attacks. This should be her primary focus during the early game.

Ashe should be using Volley to keep enemies at bay. This allows her to farm better, keep her tower safe, and help her team mate (if applicable) farm safely.

Ashe should always be ready to check fog of war or brush with Hawk Shot so her team doesn't walk into a trap. She has one of the best abilities in the game for doing this...use it! Hawk Shot can also be used to check for incoming ganks when MIA is called.

Before team fights, Ashe can really wear away at the front lines of her opponents. Using Volley and her passive for several hit and runs, she can sometimes drop a champion below 50% without taking any damage herself. This helps tremendously with any upcoming team fight.

Volley and Frost Shot are amazing tools for retreating from a group of enemies. Constant slows that also damage really make enemies think twice about chasing. One of Ashe's most important responsibilities is to kite opponents while her team retreats after a bad fight. Look for any opportunity to save a fleeing team mate because you are so well equipped to save them without sacrificing yourself. Be on the lookout for times when you're kiting somebody and they give up on you...That's a great time to switch to Chasing and grab an easy kill.

Similar to Kiting, except that it uses Enchanted Crystal Arrow to give Ashe (or her team mate) some breathing room if you get caught unaware. This can also be fired long distance when your team mate is running to hopefully land on the pursuer and allow your team mate to make a clean escape. Only use this if you have no other options, since you'll essentially be wasting your Arrow.

Unlike Kiting, Chasing usually only requires using Frost Shot and auto attacking since you will normally be chasing only one champ as opposed to running from several. This is normally used after a successful fight to chase down any survivors, but can also be used when someone who is chasing you gives up...turn the tables on them!

Use Enchanted Crystal Arrow to try to pick off any low health opponents that have retreated to the safety of their teammates or their turrets. This takes quite a bit of practice, but once mastered, can be very effective. Usually, I try to fire it from an unusual angle if I'm going for a kill that your opponents are trying to prevent... That way, nobody can jump in the way of it to keep it from landing on the target.

Countering Champions
When facing enemy champs who have ultimates that you can interrupt, such as Warwick, Nunu, and Katarina; Ashe should be saving her Enchanted Crystal Arrow to stun them so they don't completely wipe out your allies. In addition, ECA works wonders on champions like Eve, Twitch, and Shaco who can burst your team down very fast from stealth. Hit them with it, then unload Volley and auto attacks in the hopes that they will die quickly.

Using Enchanted Crystal Arrow to stun an opposing DPS, Caster, or Support is a great way to start a fight. Try to avoid initiating with ECA on a Tank, though. Only attempt this if your team lacks another good initiator, or if you don't need to save your Arrow to counter enemy champions.

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Summoner Spells

Choosing a combination of Summoner Spells can greatly change the way you play Ashe. Although certain members of the elite community seems to think that Heal is a terrible choice on Ashe, I really like how it allows me to be extremely aggressive early on since I have extra HP in my back pocket. Ashe's biggest weakness at all stages of the game is her lack of a built in escape/survival. Granted, she has the slows and stun, but unless she can quickly get away from an opponent, she's still going to die. Here are the viable summoner Spells for Ashe that greatly enhance her survivability and laning presence:

Although I'm not a big user of this spell personally, I do realize it has tremendous benefits on Ashe. If you get this spell, it is debatable whether you would need to buy a Banshee's Veil, which means that you could then focus on another damage item. I've only included this spell in one build, The Bishop. The primary reason for including it here is that The Bishop Build uses at least one more item than the others, and would really benefit from not having to purchase BV at all.

Excellent escape spell all game long, but more effective later when team fights are more common. This is a phenomenal spell when using utility masteries, due to its cooldown being so low.

All around great spell for Ashe. Use it to get yourself out of bad situations and to snag the stragglers after a team fight. It's uses are very broad and works all game long.

This spell is excellent for pushing lanes late game. It also works well early on to get you back to your lane quickly.

Phenomenal spell for early on when you want to play aggressive. Flash will get you out, but Heal let's you keep going. Rather useless later on, though.

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When it comes to runes, you really want to focus on the primary runes for each type. Some people will tell you that rune choices don't matter, but I say they do. The most effective rune options are as follows:

Armor Penetration or Move Speed Quintessences
Armor Penetration Marks
Mana Regen or Health Regen Per Level Seals
Mana Regen Per Level or Flat Cooldown Reduction Glyphs

Armor Penetration Quints
Although these are definitely useful all game, they become less useful against tanks or other armor stacking champions since you will probably need to buy Last Whisper to address those threats. However, these runes still make your attacks on squishier targets HURT, and that's what you usually face if you're solo mid. Get these if you have no issues with survivability early on, or if you just want to deal more overall damage at all points of the game.

Move Speed Quints
Use these in conjunction with the move speed utility mastery to become blazingly fast. Excellent for enhancing your kiting, chasing, and poking abilities, as well as keeping you alive early game since your opponents will have a hard time hitting you or catching you if you are running away. Useful throughout the entire game.

Mp5 per level Seals
These are probably the most useful Seals on Ashe, unless you're focusing on the Bishop Build, which is designed to cover all your mana needs. Use these Seals unless you're building Mp5 from items.

Hp5 per level Seals
If you are going to be building Mp5 from items, it's better to go with Seals that offer more survival. These seals are probably the best all-around survival seals, since they will regenerate damage from any source. If you prefer something else, though, by all means, use them! Just don't use Mp5 Seals if you're getting the Mp5 from items.

Mp5 per Level Glyphs
These were my favorite glyphs prior to Patch 110, but now that rolling both Seals and Glyphs is actually going to be a bit worse than they used to late game. Use these if you find yourself short on mana with only Mp5 Seals. However, if you find that the Mp5 Seals will generate all the mana you need, you should get the following...

Flat or per level CDR Glyphs
When I finished my very first Tier 3 rune page, I used the per level CDR glyphs because they were cheaper, and they were better past level 13. I considered that to be a fair exchange for Ashe, since she really wants CDR for Arrow more than for Volley.

However, now I realize that either option will work, and that the flat CDR Glyphs might even be better. I know they are definitely more useful on other champions. If you want CDR runes, either choice will work for Ashe and be effective, but getting the flat ones allows you to buy fewer runes since most casters want the flat CDR glyphs instead of the per level ones.

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Primary Items

The items listed below are the ones that I feel are viable on Ashe. Each item has a brief label for what attribute it enhances. There is also a brief explanation of why the item is useful on Ashe.

Any item omitted is because I feel there is a better option available that provides a similar set of stats. If you have a question about any of the items below or you want to know why a specific item is missing from the list, please post in the comments and I'll be happy to give you the reasoning behind the included or omitted item you are curious about.

All items are listed in order of their purchase price, then by the order of importance if the price is the same

Health Potion (35)
Early game Defense. Get one of these when the game starts, and only get more if you are forced back to base VERY early in the game and do not have enough money to get something else.

Extra Doran's Blades (237)
Damage and Defense. Padding your build with multiple Doran's Blades when short on gold is a great strategy early game. The cost listed is the final cost after selling them back in order to buy core items. This is an amazing tactic to turn a horrible start into a decent mid game, which in turn can eventually salvage your entire game.

Red Elixir (250)
Damage and Defense. If you had to return to base early and don't have enough to get a Doran's Blade, you can get one of these to keep you going for a bit longer.

Green Elixir (250)
Damage. Only consider these once you have an IE. Useful early game, but not so much later on since they were nerfed quite a bit a couple patches ago.

Long Sword (415)
Damage. Start with this item if you are going to be rushing Brutalizer early. Otherwise, your best bet is to get a Doran's item to start for the added survivability.

Doran's Blade / Doran's Shield (475)
Damage & Defense / Only Defense. I recommend Blade over Shield because Blade is useful against all lane opponents, since your damage is higher, and most champions deal magic damage with their abilities (even DPS champs like MF's Make it Rain ability). Shield is really only useful to regen HP faster than Blade. However, if you're soloing, I recommend the build with Strength of Spirit mastery along with Heal, so you should be fine on HP regen without the Shield. It's ultimately a personal preference, though, because both are great items.

Avarice Blade (750)
Damage. If you are going to build a Ghostblade, then you will need to build Avarice at some point. It is better to build it after you complete IE, and then hold onto it as long as you can before upgrading so you can get the most out of the gold/10 passive.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity (900)
Utility. The CDR on these boots is quite useful for Volley spam along with more Arrows to toss around. The real reason to go with this item, though, is to build up Manamune faster.

Berserker's Greaves (920)
Damage. The trade off for going with this instead of Swiftness is that you get an extra statistic (attack speed). With move speed quints or mastery, you can still have about the same top speed as you would if you bought Swiftness and didn't have the % move speed components.

The Brutalizer (1337)
Damage and Utility. Reducing the c/d on Enchanted Crystal Arrow is great. Doing it while gaining damage is better. Getting c/d reduction, damage and armor penetration is freakin awesome! If you are running into opponents who have less than 75 armor, you should be using this item instead of a Last Whisper. Upgrade into Ghostblade, and then you can buy another Brutalizer to stack the c/d reduction and armor pen for killer Volleys!

Manamune (2110)
Damage and Utility. Although only useful if your entire build is designed to enhance it, Manamune is actually quite good at adding damage and spamming abilities. This item is useful in a CDR build so the passive mana gain can be maxed as quickly as possible. The Mp5 on Manamune helps with this entire concept. Manamune is used to turn Ashe into more of a Support champion instead of a DPS with Support attributes.

Youmuu's Ghostblade (2687)
Damage and Utility. Combine Brutalizer and Avarice for an even better item. The active on it can be used to chase, kite, or melt towers quickly. The cooldown reduction and the armor penetration stack with Brutalizer, so grabbing this and then immediately building another Brutalizer can be a decent tactic if you're starved of gold. Otherwise, there are better options.

Phantom Dancer (2895)
Damage and Utility. Don't build this until after you get an Infinity Edge, but once you have IE, start with Zeal. You can finish PD later on if you need to build something else in the meantime, such as Banshee's Veil. Just make sure you finish PD as soon as you can.

The Bloodthirster (3200)
Damage and Defense. Once you get one of these, you should be doing everything you can to stay alive so you don't lose the stacks. It's not a terrible idea to get two of these if the game is just dragging on; as long as you have plenty of attack speed.

Infinity Edge (4080)
Damage. You should be going for this item no matter what else you do. Rushing IE is the best plan, but you can always postpone it if you need to build multiple Doran's Blades, or if you are using the Knight Build.

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Situational Items

The following items are listed because they are only to be used in a very specific situations. They are the most effective items on Ashe for what they do, but only in very unique circumstances. Each item will be listed in order of its cost. Each item will only have the conditions in which you will want to use them, and nothing more. They are generally not required to enhance Ashe's roles as DPS or Support.

Executioner's Calling (1350)
If you have a Mundo on the other team, this item is a necessity. You will be able to safely prevent his healing during his ultimate while also completely destroying his HP. This item will also work well with anyone else who has focused on life steal or spell vamp, but it's probably not the most effective item to counter those concepts.

Sword of the Occult (1360)
Only get this item if you are consistently performing at least as good as a +10 KDA spread per game. If you consistently perform well, buy it early so you can gain the stacks you need. SotO is exceptionally cost-effective, but I prefer to get Bloodthirster instead since Ashe can farm it up to full stacks much more safely. SotO is still a great item if you are doing exceptionally well, but it requires a bit of a gamble early in the game.

Sword of the Divine (1970)
If you have to play against Jax, then you're going to need this item. NO EXCUSES!!! You absolutely MUST be able to hit him or he will screw you (and your team) over. The added attack speed and proc is very nice for your DPS as well.

Last Whisper (2290)
Only get this if you are running into opponents with more than 75 armor. Below 75, it is better to purchase a Brutalizer for your armor penetration needs. This is a great damage item, but there are better options if you don't need the armor penetration, which is why it's in the situational section. However, in most games, you are going to need the LW if the other team has even a small amount of brains.

Stark's Fervor (2550)
If you have another AD champ on your team and you want to be able to push hard with your ally, you can get a Stark's for the aura. This will keep you both alive with the life steal and allow you both to blast right through towers. You can use this to push a lane all by yourselves, and pity to the poor person who tries to stop you!

Banshees Veil (2715)
Prior to the 30 minute mark, you probably don't need to worry about getting this, and after that, you only need it if you are actually getting harassed by casters or disables. Otherwise, build a Bloodthirster for survivability due to massive life steal.

Madred's Bloodrazor (3800)
The only time this item is viable on Ashe is if she is facing a champion that has stacked a lot of health, but has neglected to build much magic resistance. If the champ in question has even one magic resist item, it will reduce Madred's damage to the point that you would be better served by getting something else. I typically only get this if someone has around 2500 total health. That's about an extra 100 damage before resistances. Just one resistance item on top of innate magic resistance will usually bring Madred's effective percentage damage down to around 2.5%, which means I'm only dealing an extra 60 damage. I can get that from a number of other items that also grant me other useful stats, so this item is only worth it in very special circumstances.

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The Queen Build

This build is optimized for solo mid lane. It is named The Queen because it allows Ashe to rule the middle lane, and then the entire game. Excellent survivability and mana regen is the primary focus of the pre-game choices.

When you first show up in lane, show your opponent who the dominant player're the Queen, remember? You can do this by saving that first critical hit for your opponent, followed quickly by a Volley. This will undoubtedly be more damage than they can throw back at you, and even if it isn't, you have Heal in your back pocket to turn the tables on them really fast if they decide they want a level 1 fight.

Once you have established who the Queen is, go ahead and drop back and focus on farming. Whenever you get a chance, though, you want to try to hit a low HP creep with your Volley while hitting your opponent at the same time. Continue doing this through out the laning phase, just make sure you don't sacrifice your farming.

Once you hit level 6, it's time for what I call an Arrow Blitz. Hopefully, you've been harassing with almost all of your Volley shots at this point, and your opponent's HP is somewhere around 50%. Launch your Arrow and immediately follow it up with volley and auto attacks. Usually, this will net you a kill or force your opponent to use a summoner spell to escape your clutches. If they have to use a spell, there's a really good chance that they will also have to return to base. So, chances are your Arrow Blitz will either cause them to burn a spell and return to base, or it will net you a kill. If neither of these, they're at least going to be more susceptible to future Arrow Blitzes. Use your Heal to tower dive for the last hit or two if you think you can pull it off.

Heal baiting is also a great tactic in the event that you can't harass your opponent. Often-times, they will go ahead and try to kill you under your turret...which is exactly what you want when you still have Heal available. When they dive you, Arrow them, then volley them to clear the creeps while your tower drops their HP. Pop Health and then chase them all the way back to their tower...if they even make it to the river before you kill them!

After the laning phase, you should be all set for team fights with your excellent items from farming. And, you might even have a couple of kills already. Regardless, this build is designed to dominate the middle lane during the laning phase. Branch out to help other lanes as needed while continuing to farm all game long!

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The Rook Build

This build is optimized for solo side lanes instead of solo mid, thus the name Rook. The mana regen, move speed, cooldown reduction, and bonus XP make this build very nasty in the side lane. The intent of this build is to spam Volley while running around with high move speed for survivability.

With your excellent Mp5, you should be spamming your Volley whenever a low health creep is in range, or an enemy champion exposes himself to your harassment. You can actually turn a 1v2 into a 1v1 if you get enough damage output on your opponents. You want to make sure you always have plenty of health available to hold your lane if they try to push you to your tower.

Focus on farming and only harass when you can, and if it will be marginally successful. Once you get to level 6, see if you and your jungler can get a kill with your Arrow. You'll open up with an Arrow Blitz (ECA, Volley, Attack) on the lowest HP opponent while your jungler jumps on the stunned champion and goes to town. You should both have a level advantage, so this strategy should be very effective.

If you can't get a kill in your lane, then you can try to hit opponents in other lanes with your Arrow. you should have a fairly low cooldown on it since you have the utility masteries, so you can afford to waste a shot since it'll be ready again very soon.

In the event that you are in a 1v1 side lane, you can play in a similar manner as you would if you were solo mid, just without the heal and regen. Keep this in mind when the other team has a jungler also.

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The Knight Build

This build is designed for laning well with a partner and protecting them through harassment so you can both farm safely. I call it The Knight Build because it focuses on high harassment, protection of your ally, and rapid movement around a dangerous map, very similar to a Knight in chess.

To start things off, you will want to focus on keeping the creep waves pushed between your brush and their tower. This allows you and your opponent to be aggressive without getting too close to their tower, which exposes you to ganks and chases. Thankfully, you have superior kiting ability, so anyone trying to chase the two of you shouldn't be a big problem.

The key components of this build are cooldown reduction and armor penetration. Health and mana regen are taken care of by recalling to base and teleporting right back into lane after buying your next component. Because we should be sharing creeps with our lane partner, we need to plan on a smaller budget for our items. That's why we go with a Brutalizer instead of a BF Sword on our first trip back.

You and your ally should arrive in lane as soon as you can. Try to hold your brush with a nasty auto critical, immediately followed by Volley. From that point on, you should then focus on keeping your opponents away from the creeps so you and your partner can farm as much as you can. Remember, harassment is key so your opponent can farm safely, but don't forget that you need the farm too!!!

Make sure you use your Hawk Shot whenever you need to check the brush. You want to maintain control of the brush, as this will net you many, many more creep kills than staying near your tower. Once you hit level 6, you can try for a kill if you haven't already done so with your slows. Try to hit the weakest opponent and kill them off first...if his partner is smart, he'll run away, but many times you'll get a double kill because the other opponent thinks he can save his buddy. Then, 2 Volleys later, he realizes that he's too low in HP as well and tries to run away...Frost Shot him all the way to his turret.

Once you hit level 6, you are now able to help out at middle in the event your lane doesn't require more harassment. Head back to base to buy your Brutalizer and boots. Launch Arrow from base and teleport nearby to help your buddy kill his opponent. This is a well-known tactic, but can still be quite effective if the Arrow lands. If nothing else, you can push middle lane with your ally really quick, give him a breather so he can shop, and then head back to your dual lane and continue your harassment.

This build is completely different than the others late game. Since you have Teleport, you should push lanes that need pushing, and then teleport if the other team wants to start a team fight. Your Arrow is going to be on a low cooldown, so USE IT!!! Any time you see a shot you think you can make and there are allies near the target to help finish them off, go for it! The Arrow will be back in just a short while, and you can try again. Plus, with Teleport allowing you to get back to lane quickly, you shouldn't shy away from the mana wasted from missed Arrows since you can port back to the action within a few seconds, and have a full bar of mana again.

Overall, you want to harass, farm, and then lane hop after the laning phase to keep your opponents spread out. Just be careful when you do, because you're still very squishy, and most opposing champions will be able to gank you with no problems whatsoever.

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The Bishop Build

This build is designed to enhance Ashe's crowd control, farming, and poking Strengths by dropping Volley to an amazing 2.6 second cooldown at level 9. It also focuses on her ability to capitalize on opportunities with a measly 50 second cooldown on ECA. In addition, the cooldown reduction helps Ashe hurl more Hawk Shots to keep her team aware of what's going on at all times.

This build is called the Bishop because in chess, the bishop is primarily used to obtain unique sight lines early in the game for darting in to snag an opposing piece and getting right back out. The Bishop also allows early pressure to be placed on an opponent by locking down pieces like the pawns from moving for fear of exposing the more valuable pieces in the back. The concept here is that the Bishop build is designed primarily for sniping and poking opponents, and for putting pressure on the opposing team by having very rapid pushing capabilities due to Volley spam. All while still maintaining the ability to escape with ease.

This build will work well in almost any lane. I would recommend that you use it in a solo lane, however, since you will be spamming Volley like crazy, and you will not want to be robbing your lane mate of gold. There are exceptions to this rule, such as if you are laning with a suppoort like Janna, but in most circumstances, you're still going to want a solo lane.

Once you get Tear of the Goddess, you should be focusing on Volley spam as much as want all the extra mana you can get! Even with max cooldown, you should be able to fire Volley ever single time it's off cooldown and still trigger the Tear's passive.

When team fights are about to happen, you should be skirmishing along the front lines with your Volley...causing tons of overall damage to the opposing team's front line champs. Then, when it's time to initiate, don't hesitate to fire ECA at your opponent's most deadly champion so your team can jump in there and get a kill or two while their main DPS is stunned.

Make sure you use Hawk Shot whenever it makes sense to help out your'll be ready again in a very short while! I usually like to use it to check brush nearby, but if your team didn't buy wards for Dragon or Baron, or perhaps the wards are gone, use your Hawk to check on them. Unfortunately, this means the other team might run away if you were trying to get a gank on them. If they do try that, you could always fire an ECA and hope you snag one and therefore get your team an easy kill.

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The Pawn Build

I want to have a build on here for brand new LoL players, but I haven't actually developed a good build yet. I'll be posting it as soon as I get it figured out.

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It has been an absolute pleasure to work on this guide. If you have anything that can help improve this guide, please respond with a comment, as I love to hear the thoughts of others. I hope that it has been helpful if you are new to playing Ashe. I keep up with this guide on an almost daily basis, so any questions you might have will usually be answered within 24 hours.

Happy summoning!!!