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League of Legends Build Guide Author Atmanadas

The Ten Commandments of LOL

Atmanadas Last updated on November 4, 2012
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Hi !

Reaching approx 4000 games, i feel the need to share my onwn experience.

I hope you will enjoy it, and forget my mistakes cause english is not my natal...

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Know Summoners

LoL is a very easy game to play in a few clicks, or even with a few summoners, BUT :

More exeperiences y got from all the champs, more y be efficent cause you also know about ennmy skills, moves and combos.

PLaying random pick when y got many summoners is a good way to get more and more experimented.

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Read Map

You got a mini-map, so use it !

So many guys i see speaking about ss not writing a the game chat; so ok but i really dont care. Just keep an eye open every few seconds to check it.

By this way, y'll be able to see if everybody is on his lane, or if someone is missing.

I dont see anyone ? So back and play safe or go shop.

I see 5 enemies attacking a tower vs 4 friends and they def good ? So hold on pushing yr lane, make some more farm and even stock down this tower.

There are wards on the map/river and someone is comming ? Ok babe, i can do the best !

I am Karthus or Shen and my ulti is up ? Check me to cast my ulti !

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Know your Role

Got a tank ? Please let the carries have the kills as often as possible !

Got a stun ? Use it with efficency !

Got ulti ? So please dont use it to have a single kill; thi sulti is made for engage/save/disrupt/aoe/stun/bruise....

Got skills ? Learn to use your combos perfectly, this will be decisive !

You're not the jungler ? Ask him before take blue/red !

You're the jungler ? Check the map to see where is better to gank, and please dont farm too much in this jungle !

You're the support ? Ward, heal, scout, disrupt, or even harass !

Y're offtank/bruiser/stunner ? Dont engage but choose yr target !

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Bad choices :

- playing solo too much : y will feed enemies
- be sticky to your lane : y will be ganked. Move sometime to help your neighboor, or go push with your team
- i'am the best carry so i engage to have 1 more kill : it is not your role !

Good choices :

- i'am the tank : i can engage (or even just after the arrow), i can save my mates running back, i can start dragon or nashor...
- i'am support and my mates are oom : press yr ehanced clarity
- we agree on the focus order at start : just keep it in mind !

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Good use of chat / G / V

Be polite first ! What the hell of the ****ing foreign *****ies of their mother who ks my ****ing.... i dont like play with that guy !

Use yr chat at start to give some advice or make an agreement on the focus order.

Use 1 or 2/3 ping to warn your mates !

If y can : use voip !

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Do not Feed

Oo ! This is my favorite !

For hundreds of my games i can swear i almost never feed !

Ok this guy makes 5/10/3; probably a noob or someone who try a new summoner without test...

Oo ? My carry is so proud (and rager thinking he is the best of the game) to kill 15 guys (but die 12)....

Die canot be avoid, but it gives gold/exp at ennmies (or worst at the carry), so he becomes stronger.

So what is feed ? More than 5/7 deaths ? The ratio kill/death above 50% ?

Please avoid this behavior !

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Use good Items/Runes/Masteries

Well there is now good recomended items so if this is the first time y play a champ, y can follow it....

But they are a lot of good guides on champs (on mobafire for exemple ^^); read them, and if yr a pgm y can imagine more suitable.

Fit well yr runes : ad carry use AD dmg, ap use ap (!), galio use MR, xin do as...

Same with masteries : please pay attention, cause some masteries skills are not so good. Your have to wonder wich ones are good for yr champ or not !

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Your are support, or even teemo : use wards/mushrooms !

River, dragon, Nashor, blue/red, bushes...

Think at mid-game some ennemy may have oracle so teemo put yr mushrooms just at the begining of a grass area !

Wards give y a substancial advatage in the game !

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Combos of Skills

Combo can mean what i have to use in order to make the best dmg to ennemy in a shortest time and with a minimum of dmg taken (ie kat use 1 then 3 then 2 then ulti)...

But if yr a pretty good team, yr also able to make team-combos very powerfull :

-> ashe arrow + stick-ulti amumu + malphit ulti + brand ult + karthus ulti....someone is still alive ?

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- Overhelm yr ennemies : stop push yr lane and come help/gank another lane
- Regroup with yr mates after putting down the first towers
- Push/BD a lane when y see >4 ennemies on the opposite lane with >3 mates defending a tower
- Focus the carry : the 4 other guys will do less dmg on you when he dies
- Know when back : yr low hp, yr partners running back and the guy y chase got 100 hp; o yes y want to kill him but as y dont see enemies anymore on the map, y'll soon be ganked so BACK !


- Got blitz in yr team ? Go invade via mid bush all 5 and take blue/red
- Build yr team : always have aoe+stun/cc is a good way to do
- Be on strategical initiative : many games with a jungler ? Go 2 top push and ward. I mean : always be first on what is best
- Y r Blitz or Lee, so take a few wards to hook/move.

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Hope you like this mini-guide.

Please make me feel back as i can modify if needed to share each other !


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