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Rengar General Guide by PopsicleFun

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PopsicleFun

The True Hunter

PopsicleFun Last updated on April 12, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Akali - She does not have the tools to scare you before her 6.
It is a bit more complicated after, since she can dash in AND dash out for escape.
Wait she wastes her misty shroud for try to attack.

Cho'Gath - Annoying guy with high health pool.
Difficult to kill, but he can't really kill you if you time some heal between two assaults.

Darius - Well, the fact is you have to get close to him.
Against Darius, you have to max your Bola strike - E first, to constantly harass him.
Do NOT try something untilhe is less than half life.

Fiora - Very hard matchup for you. She can dash on you and parry your burst.
Start cloth armor and 5 pots, get the Chain vest fast and farm under tower, waiting for your jungle.

If she freezes the lane in the middle/under her tower, go feed yourself helping the other lanes.

Fed Fiora is a nightmare for you, be careful of ganks.

Jax - Flee.
Jax can avoid your burst and reply with his burst, which his pretty important.
The higher level he is, the less chance to kill him you have.
Try something level 1 and 2.

Lee Sin - The best and ONLY way to inflict him some damage is to attack when there is no minions around. Then he will buy wards and flee your burst, reply with his and deal serious damage.
You try to flee with your ultimate ? He can reveal you with two spells.
Avoid fight without your jungler and dodge that orb, or you're a dead hunter.

Pantheon Hard lane against Pantheon.
Your Bola strike - E do not down pantheon's passive, profit and harass him every time.
You will take serious damage, do not stay in lane when your health is under 70%.

Teemo - Do not waste your burst on him when he blinds you.
However, if you tank all his poison during the blind, you're gonna have a bad time.

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Genral Behavor and Play Style

General behavior and play style
Understanding my Rengar

I think you get it now, it is NOT a guide about Rengar tank.
I see Rengar like an assassin who have to burst his victim down in the shortest time.

Why play him as a "squishy" assassin ?

First thing, his passive. You have to use and abuse of this passive, and your enemy will keep in mind "I must fear bushes, or Rengar will destroy me".
If you play tankgar, what your enemy will think is "I must be not so far from bushes, so that tankgar will just leap to give me a free kill !"

Let's explain this with a situation : you are Rengar solo top against Darius.
You try to fight him and die, but Darius is very low life.
In this case, players usually think "If I were more tanky, I could have killed that Darius !".
This is right, but how I think is "If I had more Attack Damage, i could have killed that Darius !".
And this is pretty different.
However, I'm not saying to build Rengar like a glass-cannon, even if it look likes, but I'm not that squishy.

Second one, building that Rengar FORCES the whole enemy team to focus you, and that is not a bad thing.
It means that they have to focus an Ap carry, an Ad carry AND that ****ing Rengar.
Well, I usually play with a mate, an Ap carry, Katarina. And believe me, if they focus you, they are ALL dead.
The more interesting targets there is to focus the harder it is to choose one.

Last one, every Tankgar builds like that because of "I could make some damage while tanking A LOT, DEAL WITH IT".
If there is no enemy alive that can deal A LOT of damage, there is no need to tank.

In game play style

All along the game

Gank mid each time your ultimate is up.
If you have not followed the first step, use that ultimate to kill your top.
You can chase a single champion, maximum two, if your ultimate is up.
Use that ultimate ! It is not a I'm-waiting-for-the-good-timing ultimate !
Whenever you're ultimate is down, ward the river. You won't lose that stack, and pay 75 gold to preserve a stack is worth it.
If you are fed/feel comfortable, ward the enemy Red/Blue buff and enjoy the free Buff/Kill/Assist/Stack/Insert-What-You-Want-Worth-It-here
Do NOT feel disturbed by the "Back off" ping/spam ping of your mates. If you can grab more than one kill, or make a good situation for your team, do it.
Coordinate yourself with your Ap carry is the best strategy for you, at least until end game.

Early game
The most difficult step : a good start makes you becoming a real hunter, or a bad one makes you close to useless.
For a better play style of Rengar, you have to create a climate, and this since the beginning of the game.
You're opponent has to think "Oh no, here the Rengar" every single time you leap from a bush.
Use the I farm from the bush skill explain lower. The less he can see you, the more he will be stressed.
He doesn't have to know when he can really say "ss" to his team.
However, if you do mistakes and your opponent kills you twice, and you are far away from the farm, leave your lane and help your team. Feeding more and more a solo Top champion is not a good strategy if you hope to win.

Middle game
Middle game is your time, you and your Ap carry. Even if it is Rengar guide, you will be never alone in a team. And there is an Ap carry in 90% of games, Play with him !
Coordinate ganks and assassinate all along the map, covered by your jungler : a dive in bot lane with your Ap carry while the jungler bait a gank on the middle lane will result in a success most of the time !
You have to steal enemies Buff, help doing the Drake or push a lane.

End game
Due to the rampage you should have made in the middle game, you're a high-priority target to execute.
It is time to get your guardian angel if it is not already do.
The climate you have created is performing well, and the whole enemy team want your head.
Play not a smart rengar, not one who will leap around the champion who can control you.
Stay with your team, do not risk yourself in Fog of war and far away bushes. Always focus the Ad carry, then leap on the other.

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Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks
Usual combos
Harass without reply : charge your ferocity to 4 points, cast a double Bola strike - E.

More risky harass : charge your ferocity to 4 points, leap to a minion close to your opponent, cast a double Battle Roar - W then chained with a Bola strike - E to back off.

I want you to die : charge your ferocity to 3 points, leap to your opponent casting your Savagery - Q, followed by a Battle Roar - W and an Empowered Savagery - Q. Cast a Bola strike - E and finish him with auto-hits.

I want you to die and not to flee : Similar to the last one, but your enemy will surely Flash out before your Empowered Savagery. Even if he Flashes, you have to cast your Empowered Savagery and to slow him just after (to not use the root). However he is close to his tower and you can't dive, use a double Bola strike - E.

My powerful combo : Q -> Empowered Q -> W -> E -> R -> Waiting for 5 ferocity points -> Empowered Q -> Target dead, or you just have to wait a few sec to do again your Q, time with auto-hits.

Advanced skills
I farm from the bush : Go in the bush, wait for a minion loosing 90% of life, leap to kill him. If you have less than 3 ferocity points, use a skill. If an enemy champion is next to you, harass him. Whenever your Bola strike - E is up, use it, then go back in the bush.

Leave your lane and help your team : Inspired by my mate. You're an assassin, assassinate ! Don't be confine in your top lane, more over if your opponent is better than you. Let him take your tower while you're killing his mates and stealing his buff. Then he will do the same, but you know that he will, so you can just trap him. Or just destroy the Top tower you can't reach when he is here, Rengar is very performing to destroy towers, with a double Q and the bonus attack speed.

I leap over it : When you're fed and feel comfortable, there is no doubt that the enemy mid will put a ward on the river to see you coming. With some luck, the ward could be in the bush close to the lane, the parallel one. Stay in the bush, and get very close to the wall of the enemy side. If she had the range to shoot you, you have the range to leap to ! Be very reactive, the time she is reveal from casting a spell is not that long.
Do NOT try this with a Nidalee, Gragas and other Ziggs mid, just saying...
Moreover, your ultimate last 5 seconds and gives you bonus movement speed, you have time to avoid of being seen, if you just want to gank.

Triple Q for the burst : Get 5 ferocity points. Press Q then R. Wait you get 5 ferocity points then leap to your tagret. You'll get 2 empowered Q and a basic Q. No one can survive to this ;)

When you can feel comfortable

You get your trinity force.
You get a full stack Bone-tooth Necklace.
You get a full stack Bone-tooth Necklace BEFORE getting your trinity (O_o)
You get your Guardian Angel.
You get a Head of Khazix.
You are 0/15/15 with a seedy stuff, your Ap/Ad carry is 15/0/0 and the whole enemy team still focus you.

When you can not feel comfortable

You're not playing Rengar.
You're playing Tankgar.

Head of Khazix Quest
A hidden quest can occur if there is a Khazix in the opposite team of Rengar.
Requirements :

Rengar must have the Bone-tooth necklace
Rengar must have at least 11 stacks
Khazix must be level 16 or higher, and spent all his evolution points

Rengar does NOT have to be lvl 16 or higher.

When those requirements are met, there will be a "Secondary Quest" available, telling you that you must kill either Rengar or Khazix. The first one who get a kill OR an assist on the other will receive a reward : Head of Khazix for Rengar and a 4th evolution point for Khazix.

The head of Khazix takes the place of your Bone-tooh necklace, and provides you PERMANENT bonus of a fully stack Bone-tooh necklace.

I have already activated that quest at least 3 times, and I never failed it.

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Rengar is good with


Here some champions you work pretty well with.
High burst, jump, stealth, slow. You though one Rengar was complicated to control ? Think about two !

High mobility assassin like you, but deals tons of AP AoE damage. When she spins, you leap. When you leap, she spins. When you are together, your burst are scary. Here you can checkout a guide about katarina, written by my mate The true katarina (inspired by Tiensinoakuma).

She puts you the shield, you run onto fight, she press R, enjoy the engage !

Utility champs
Fore more and more burst, Zilean puts a bomb on you, you leap on enemies. And don't forget his ultimate !

Similar to the last, he press R when you leap on the fight, enjoy the shield and the taunt.

Her ultimate when you jump on the fight is very useful, and help you a lot.

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About me, PopsicleFun

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About me and this guide

I am a guy playing League of legends for about more than 2 years. I know that I'm not that high elo guy you hope to see leading you through a guide, but I think that I know a lot about one of my favorite champs, Rengar.

Reasons to follow this guide

Just for trying a different way than Tankgar.
You want to have fun while playing an assassin.
You want to win.

Anyway, find out by yourself !
Thanks for reading, feel free to comment (^_^)

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