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Poppy Build Guide by Justinianian

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Justinianian

The Turret diving wonder jungle.

Justinianian Last updated on October 31, 2012
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Intro of Awsome

I will fill you in on more tips and tricks at a later date, just know that this is totally outside the meta, but it works.
no leash is needed, this doesn't mean one is not appreciated.
Start Blue Buff then wolves (DO NOT DO THE OTHER WAY AROUND) then wraiths, then Red Buff, then (if no one needs you) golems then (if you were given a leash) wraiths then wolves.

Heroic charge is what you get if you go ap Poppy, ad gets the bash.

You are Poppy, and as such you need blue. you ALWAYS need blue.

Turret diving? optional. your ult doesn't make you bullet proof, so if you td with it have your flash up for your escape. no one likes a feeder.

, and you CAN carry with her. she is the boss.

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Countering Counters

If there is a VERY VERY SLIM CHANCE THEY WILL COUNTER JUNGLE YOU, have ALL 4 champions guard you. Poppy's biggest weakness is that she can't survive without blue. if you lose it then you lose your jungle. Just ignore with wigglers go top and rush the sheen. then you can try to jungle. if your top refuses to give you enough cs to rush sheen then you really do lose. If you invade and get their blue, props to ya.

if they have a shaco, go blue, wolves, cross and wait for shaco at red, steal his red (and use your tackle to stun and kill shaco for his blue).

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Some questionable buys.

sell the lantern, buy the thirster.

The twoare for movement speed, if you can finish the build on the before you get a second do so.

By the way, your DOES proc with your q

IF POPPY IS DYING ALOT then buy theinstead of the

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The Natural Tank

The question "She'll die too quickly for this to work" probably comes into several heads.There are three reasons of why I don't build her tanky. The first and most obvious is her ult. She can be immune to the majority of the damage that is dealt. The second is her passive. The third reason, would be her role in all of this. (see the ROLE tab). I suggest you only build her tanky if their entire team deals excessive damage. Otherwise your ult should save you for the most part.

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Poppy's Role.

When you play Poppy, she isn't a tank, and she doesn't have to deal with constant damage. She's a jungler that pops in and out of combat time and again. If she's fighting for more than 10 seconds, then she should be running or she's chasing down the last of the 5 champions.

Usually you just go in, tackle them to the turret killing them (because they were going b thinking they were safe) and then flash out, or if they have a second there ulting them and probably getting a double before you flash out.

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Your q

Your Q is your most powerful attack. It procs with your items, it critical hits, and it can bring a champion from full health to 1/5. When you use it remember that it resets your auto attack. This means you can auto attack and use it in very short order. this is useful because you do a **** ton of damage. Sadly, it doesn't work on turrets.

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ok i lied. it makes the guide's build pretty redundant, but CHANGE THE BUILD TO WHATEVER YOUR SITUATION NEEDS ie: if your team is all AD then you might want to get a Rab cap instead of the IE. and instead of the Trinity force get the Phantom dancer, etc. AP Poppy works wonders, but be warned, she is a criminal. "HIT A RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" no seriously. when you use ap Poppy's abilities on someone run the hell away. start the same tho, wrigglers, then boots, then sheen, then zeal, then Phantom dancer. After that have at it. (phantom dancers are ALWAYS useful to Poppy, her q crits remember?) one last thought, if you ARE building her ap, then get your tackle up. it scales with ap twice.