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Teemo Build Guide by Justinianian

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Justinianian

Teemo's AP guide.

Justinianian Last updated on March 1, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is a remake of my older build, For season 3.

Before you vote and comment, I recommend you try this build. If you try this build facing a GIANT SCARY BLUE MAN

you are a ******.

please don't vote on it because you disagree with the item choices, at least try it to see if it works well or not. (never fight a giant scary Ryze with Teemo, just switch lanes with Caitlyn or something.)

Edit- You oom really quickly, I forgot to mention it, and that's why you have the Flask

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Just a quick note about Ignite and Clarity
Ignite is GREAT for SQUISHY champions. It's GREAT for Dr. Mundo

Clarity gives you the ability to spam more abilities. by lvl 6 it usually gives you enough for 3-4 Blinding Darts. 3 Blinding Darts (by level 5) do 170*3 = 510 damage. even if they have massive magic resist the 510 damage at lvl 6 will do WAY more than Ignite. Falls off a little late game, but so does Teemo.

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You'll notice there are no attack speed runes for this Teemo build. I'll explain WHY later. For now understand, the magic penetration makes a big difference early game, and late game allows you to still do damage to tanky-er opponents.

Teemo's Biggest weakness is his overall squishiness. even if he could do more damage in 4 seconds most burst champions (such as a certain scary witch LeBlanc can kill a Teemo in one combo if he doesn't build anything to help him take damage. You might ask, why not MR then? and the answer is simply because the game does not run off of magic damage. HP runes help against both champions like LeBlanc AND Draven ( Draven has 0 magic damage, even his bleed is AD)

People have also told me that the Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power runes are a poor choice, So now I'll explain those. The Scaling runes pass the Greater Glyph of Ability Power after level 7. This is usually the make it or break it point for the laning faze, the point where if you die then you lose your lane. This brings about the idea that having MORE damage would be a better idea. The next point I have to bring forward is the significant change in damage that your scaling AP brings to the plate. instead of doing and extra 3 damage in ad, you also get the bonus AP which your opponents won't expect. Sometimes this can result in a kill, which means you have an easier time dominating your lane. Scaling AP also makes your mid game stronger. That is why I chose the scaling AP.

The Greater Mark of Magic Penetrationrunes are what make every single AP count. Instead of having 10 magic damage and getting a 30% reduction, (7) you do 10 and get a 5% reduction (9 1/2 which still rounds up to 10)
Teh Damages
Oh yea, and if you think the Scaling HP runes suck, then remember they pass the flat ones at lvl 5.

Other Runes i'd pick for teemo

If your playing Ranked or Draft and can see you'll be facing an opponent with large amounts of health I'd recommend Greater Glyph of Scaling Mana in its place (Notice, to let you stay in lane. Again, it surpasses its predecessor, this time at lvl 8, so it will usually make a big difference in laning.

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Starting out

The key to Teemo is to play aggressively, so if your just going to sit and last hit all day you shouldn't be mid. At lvl 1 you can out-poke almost any champion (not all) and at lvl 2 you can make any good players regret fighting back. If your going to poke make sure you use your auto attack or Toxic Shot at level 2 before you use Blinding Dart and then follow with another Toxic Shot . Minions will hurt you more than the champion so

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The Masteries are self explanitory (BECAUSE I SAY SO) but some people think i should go into detail, and went on to convince me they were right.

So allow me to explain a little. The health and defence masteries are to offset his initial squishiness. (THE 8% EXTRA DAMAGE DOESN'T MEAN S*** IF YOUR DEAD) The point on Summoner's Insight is to GUARANTEE that they won't have you caught 15 seconds early cause your Flash is on cooldown. The rest is to give your burst the damage it needs. and of course Spell Sword amplifies your Toxic Shot to a whole new level.

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Skill Sequence

If the person is like garen, and has a large amount of sustain, you might want to get Toxic Shot first. but remember that Toxic Shot has a shorter range, and that it's VERY easy to poke with Blinding Dart, and very hard to do it with Toxic Shot.

The reason I get Blinding Dart first is to to give the opponent a false sense of security. This is achieved by auto-attacking, immediately followed by a Blinding Dart.(which resets the auto-attack) and if I'm not in a swarm of minions then i auto-attack a second time. At level 2 you have Toxic Shot, but the [Blinding Dart]] is still level one, so if you poke with it they'll be eased into the idea that it's "not too much". when Blinding Dart reaches level 2 you can often get a kill because of the false sense of security, combined with their lower health. I get the point in Move Quick to ensure that Teemo is always fast enough to evade a gank, but Teemo needs to level his Blinding Dart and Toxic Shot first to ensure he always outbursts enemies.

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Farming is always important, but in a 1v1 lane the most important thing is to deprive your opponent of levels. This means that you let your minions get pushed while keeping yourself between them and the feed. Luckily Teemo has Camouflage which will stop minions from attacking you, whilst maintaining fear in the opposing force. (keeping them back while they lose XP <---- SUPER IMPORTANT **** and gold <---- not as important as XP but still important! it's easy to last hit with Teemo once he has his Toxic Shot

The lack of attack speed is considered a problem for laning, but at lvl 11 on mushroom can take out any sized crowd of minions, so if you need to push it's not a big deal. Not having attack speed also extends the length of your laning faze, which is GOOD because you want the opponents AP carry to be as underfed and underleveled as possible


THESE GUYS HURT! You need to keep these guys down in numbers or they will take away 1/2-3/4 of your health. It might not seem like much but even if only a couple minions hit you, and they hit you every time you poke, it adds up. if there are more than 5 minions i tend to only use the Blinding Dart to poke so as not to incur the wrath of the mighty

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Unique Skills

There's a unique thing about the Noxious Trap in that it has a large splash damage, it can stack up to 3, and it does a large amount of damage. Using that description it sounds like some kind of godsend team-fight ability. It's also particularly good for 1v1 2v1 and escaping. So in short if someone complains about you having 2 Noxious Traps left, you can tell them to stuff it. They're more useful in fights. *note this does not mean always have 3, if you have 3 put one down god dammit.
Teemo has Camouflage, a passive that drastically changes the way you can fight in a lane. Camouflage allows you to sit between the champion in question while the minions duke it out. sitting there while they are at low health will force them to back and forth till they approach giving you a kill or going back to base to heal. Either way it means that you'll outlevel them, even if your not getting any farm. Farm IS IMPORTANT! but you can also get it faster than just about any other champion with your mushrooms. (note that Noxious Trap doesn't do enough to kill a caster minion till lvl 11, and that you will still need to give an extra damage to the other minions most of the time.)

It is the easiest way to outlevel an enemy and even if you don't outfarm everyone in the game it brings the enemy team down a champion, which your team can use for fodder.

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Pros / Cons

With all the pro's of Teemo (the blind, slow, and immense teamfight presence) there are always drawbacks. (i'm going to tell you why attack speed isn't good for Teemo.) The big reason is his range. Teemo's range is absolutely horrid. This is why building up an immense attack speed base is all good and fun for trolling people, but in the end you just have to be too close to the fighting. With the Runaan's Hurricane attack speed Teemo is now "viable" but


he doesn't have enough health to withstand focus, and he will ALWAYS be close enough to get hit in a 5v5, and


This is an AP Teemo build, so if you wanted attack speed gtfo.

that being said his next biggest downside is the junglers. By following this build/guides advice you will be pushed more often than not. So expect a jungler to come out of nowhere, and try to figure out how the jungler ganks. (come from the far side of the bush close side) and run in the opposite direction.

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Starting Items

The Kage's Lucky Pick let's you get far more feed than you deserve, and you're supposed to build it into Twin Shadows for the bonus speed. THE REASON FOR Twin Shadows is to check bushs BEFORE you go in. Usually when you go to gank for someone.

Core items

The reason for Rod of Ages instead of Rylai's Crystal Scepter is because between Twin Shadows and Noxious Trap you have enough of a slow. Besides, The Rod of Ages has more HP, AP, and it gives you mana.

Next up is Sorcerer's Shoes those are for the magic pen (more damage) and Enchantment: Alacrity gives you an even BIGGER boost in chasing and escaping, dodging and poking.
I was told the enchantment is questionable

Finally There is my choice of enchantment, Enchantment: Alacrity. This enchantment is picked to allow for an extremely aggressive Co-op play style. Enchantment: Alacrity is the only enchantment that lets you get to other lanes quickly for a gank. The speed boost is permanent so you can rush strait into a struggling lane, and whilst you can't chase them to oblivion, you shouldn't need to. The point of this build is to do 1-2k burst damage with only 2 hits. This enchantment also allows you to DODGE skill shots much easier. (That's why I recommend getting it early on) This, combined with your speed boost, usually gives you enough of an edge to poke enemies without taking much damage. Aggressive doesn't mean you immediately try to kill someone, it means you keep poking and poking. POKE POKE POKE POKE POKE and THEN kill. You will not necessarily get 100 kills in a game, but you WILL hit like a truck. There is no kind of intimidation like losing half your health from what appears to be one hit.
recap on Enchantment: Alacrity
- Allows you to move in for a poke quicker, ignoring the usual struggle of the enemy running away before you can get it off.
- Allows you to get to other lanes quicker for ganks or dual lane pushing
-Extremely helpful with dodging

Later Items/Optional ones

First one i'll bring up is the Runaan's Hurricane. It is not my recommended item, I'm putting it there for games that you are getting absolutely wrecked in, and games that your absolutely wrecking in (5 levels ahead / behind). I said before you have to get too close to people to hit them, which is why it's not my primary item. I acknowledge it does a F*** ton of damage.

Second is the Malady. It bolster's your regular attack, but like the Runaan's Hurricane it is for games you are doing excessively well in, or games where they have 6 tanks. (that is an exaggeration I hope you came to this realization yourself, but if everyone is building a ton of health and defense it's a good buy) <--- note i picked malady because it has magic pen, if they're going hp tanks get the hurricane.

The real good item's are the Deathfire Grasp (for if they have the typical 1 tank), the Void Staff (if they don't have a lot of HP but lots of MR i'd get the Void Staff, Zhonya's Hourglass (for AD heavy teams), and the Abyssal Mask. (for Magic Damage heavy teams) <--- now you have the item and explanation for it's uses, even the Runaan's Hurricane. (I irrationally hate attack speed. :D Can you tell?)

Rylai's Crystal Scepter - As I mentioned, Teemo doesn't need the slow. He's one of if not the fastest champion in the game. If he's chasing then the pause should be similar to the auto attack's natural speed. his move quick compensates enough for this, and while it makes ganking harder, you do enough damage with Rod of Ages. If your facing an incredibly high damage team then i'd getting this after Rod of Ages.

Almost forgot, The Twin Shadows is only really necessary if there aren't a lot of wards, and if their team is always ganking YOUR team. It's an anti ganking device that gives you AP MR and Movement speed, what more could you want? (

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Item's I didn't put in the build.

Liandry's Torment - I didn't include it, despite it being an item that was almost certainly made for teemo because I couldn't figure out what it would go in place of. The Malady's buff is better, and if you need the tankiness then there are better items to get. Even Rylai's Crystal Scepter is better if you just need more health. You could replace the Twin Shadows with it, but then there would be no way to prevent a gank from wiping out your team. (It's a surprisingly good late game item).
In the end I'd pick Malady over it, because the only situation it would be useful in is when everyone has an immense amount of health and I find that the Malady works better in said situations (a Garen with 2 Warmog's Armors for instance). The Malady does 10% of your AP as damage, and while it doesn't stack with your Noxious Trap it will help more in a teamfight. As a Teemo you must always remember that GOOD players will get an Oracle's Elixir to counter it. Relying on people just happening over your Noxious Trap (even if they're well placed]] is an unreliable way to contribute to the team. (that doesn't mean you shouldn't place mushrooms at all) I faced a Teemo who used Liandry's Torment. I had escaped with only 15 health, and i thought i was going to die from it's passive, till I remembered that it was your CURRENT health that it took 5% from. At which point I was able to return to base. If Teemo had of had a more damaging item, or an item that offered more protection, He would have been able to kill me. As it went his only defence was the Liandry's Torment and later on he died in one q and one auto attack. (with the Lich Bane passive and the damage over time from Toxic Shot).

Nashor's Tooth - The item provides no defense, which is the big killer. In a game where you don't need it the Malady and Runaan's Hurricane would serve better at melting other champions. If it added health instead of mana regen I'd have put it up into a "maybe if i was drunk" catagory. (No I don't drink)

If anyone comes up with another common Teemo item (or uncommon) that is deserving an explanation PM me and i'll address it.

If you REALLY REALLY insist on using these items than you should probably

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And there you have the GENERAL IDEA of this build. Please don't vote it down' just becaues you don't think it would work,

Also never try to beat these guys.With this build, (being the best build) those guys will munch on you and then eat your team for desert. (I'm not saying it's a guarantee you'll lose, But they would have to suck harder than a Swedish vacuum cleaner.)

Have fun

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AP Teemo, The Why.

This section is merely to explain why I chose AP Burst over Sustain Attack Speed Teemo

The first difference is overall tankiness, AP item's usually include some for of Defence, whether it's def MR or HP. The second difference is the way you play the champion. Attack speed Teemo can't poke as much as AP Teemo, and (unless he has a Runaan's Hurricane) can't do much in both teamfights AND when ganked. Attack speed generally means that when Teemo is engaging he's intending to kill you, whereas with AP Teemo you engage to cause damage with no intention of engaging. In the event of a gank an AP Teemo can simply place a shroom to remove 1/3rd of the jungler's health and possibly get a double. If Attack Speed Teemo gets a double it's usually because he was too far for anyone to reach. Attack speed Teemo shine's in places where AP teemo cannot however, such as when dealing with my arch-nemesis Ryze. Because of his ability to attack for an extended period of time, all an attack speed Teemo needs to do is flash next to the Ryze to kill him. This DOES however leave him vulnerable to a gank. In the end i pick AP Teemo because he's more useful early on, and tends to get fed the fastest.

Also you can just use your Toxic Shot then Blinding Dart then toxic shot to make up for your attack speed. Your Blinding Dart Refreshes your auto attack so your attack speed isn't taken into account.

Teemo has more burst than the vast majority of champions, EARLY ON. That's why I pick Teemo. End game he requires his Noxious Trap to beat most champions, and his cooldowns are grade A. He's fun, and tough to work late game.

One last thing
I choose AP Teemo over Attack Speed Teemo, because you don't need to commit for a kill. This allows you to catch up later in some lanes, and prevent junglers from ruining your laning faze.
Try it, you might be surprised how much fun it is to poke and run.

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Patchs/Updates concerning Teemo

Preseason Balance Update 1 - Teemo got a hard nerf in this one, but in the end all it amounts to is a slightly weaker fighting power. (as far as this guide goes) He was in dire need of a nerf, and as much as it hurts to admit it I approve of the nerf. You were relying on your q to set off the lich bane, and your mushrooms were more for fighting. *note that the mushrooms are still very easy to kill* good luck :)

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This section is the one i'm working on the most.

Ryze - Don't fight him, if you do, try stop him from getting feed. He's weak to ganks, so if you can get his minions to stay pushed you might even be able to outlevel him.

Malzahar He's EVIL.

If you have to fight Malzahar then you want to wait till he uses his Malefic Visions then harass him. THEN RUN. rinse and repeat. (note that once he's lvl 6 he can combo you from full]] ganks help alot, and Clarity gives you more time to harrass. You probly won't get a kill, so just try to outlevel him.

The only way to beat Jayce

Best to get Clarity for him. don't use Toxic Shot to harass

Veigar - Clarity, and at level 2 just continually beat the magic out of him.

LeBlanc - Dominate her till she hits lvl 6, then wait till she uses an ability to strike.

Anivia - Have you heard the word?

You'll be fine if you can dodge her skillshot... until lvl 6. At that point remember that you WILL lose in a contest of burst. nice thing is that you can just hold your lane, no pushing.

Otherwise he's easy.

If your in RANKED then I SUGGEST picking TRUE COUNTERS

oh yea, Singed is a d**k, don't waste your q on him. just push hard and outfarm.

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level up Toxic Shot for 2 and 3, and spam the **** out of it. Blinding Dart is best when they don't have huge sustain.