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Kog'Maw Build Guide by DINNERTIME8D

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DINNERTIME8D

The Ultimate Guide to Kog'maw

DINNERTIME8D Last updated on October 8, 2011
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The kickoff

Kogmaw is a unique ranged carry, he isn’t your traditional ranged AD carry he has some amazing and unique tricks up that slimy sleeve of his. The way I build kogmaw he is a hybrid ranged carry dealing physical damage as well as magical in the form of on hit affects, his ultimate and his W. Kogmaw also boasts one of the largest ranges in the entire game making him extremely powerful in lane and team fights.

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The Video

This is a video guide! This guide requires minimal reading! In this video guide i will be showing you how to play the champion Kog'maw, so prepare to be educated on our slimey little friend. If you have any suggestions comments or interesting build or skill ideas, or just feel like trolling leave me a comment below!

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More tips?

If your looking for more Kog'maw tips continue reading!

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Ranked Bottom laning!

Controlling your lane!

When i play kog'maw in ranked there are a few key things you need to keep an eye on, one of these things is which support your team has selected to play to play kogmaw effectively bot lane you should have your support lane with you. Depending on which support you have is how succesful you will be if you have a support champion with a heal but no CC such as soraka that is decent you will do well. A support without a heal but just CC such as someone like Janna and you will find yourself in a bit of a pickle.

Here is why we want to have a healer in our lane.
When playing kogmaw your main objective is to get our madreds blood razor asap without this we are fairly useless, to be able to farm this up at the speed we need it we need to get most of our creep last hits. To do this we must control the lane, we can go about doing this in 3 ways, A) kill the enemy B) stalemate or C) phone your jungler friend. The most common or these will almost always be B). We acheive our lane domination by outlasting the enemy with heals and harrass from your W. Good bot picks are Sona,Soraka,Alistar,Karma,Taric the list goes on but anyone who can keep you topped off is a good friend to have.

No healer do not dismay!
We have option A) and C).
So you get put in a lane with Sion or Janna. Time to put option A) into action, Coordinate your allies CC to target the squisher of your 2 adversaries use your beefed up auto attacks and Q to nab that kill and assert early lane control the rest of the game usually follows suit. If you are forced into option A) I highly recommend trading your teleport for exhaust or ignite whichever you prefer. If your gank has failed all is not lost play it safe let them push your tower and use your W to last hit those minions. So you lost your lane dominance and your enemy has pushed up to your tower this is a perfect opportunity to call upon our final Option the Jungle gank C) coordinate a gank with your jungler to eliminate your overextended foes, and take back your lane control.

Kogmaw is capable of mid but in the current Meta I beleive he belongs in bot for the time being.

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Common Questions on Kogmaw!

Some of our items on Kog'maw are indeed interchangeable im going to give you an in depth list of what you can change to meet certain situations.

Zomg there teams stacking magic resist D:!

There is a simple solution to your MR stack woes! Malady will be the item to make your magic resistant enemies melt away this item is dirt cheap and it has exactly what you need! The mother of all stats attack speed is plentiful on this item, it also gives you that much wanted magic penetration and a splash of ability power never hurt anyone, wait theres more this item also has an on hit affect which will be pumping up your damage just that little bit more.
You will be replacing your wits end with Malady this will gear you more toward destroying magic resist.

There stackings health what now?

If the enemy is stacking health just keep shooting them your damage is % based watch them melt away.

Veigar one shot me with dark matter and I already have wits end.

High ability power nukers will always take kogmaw down so just try and stay back and let your team take the brunt of the magic damage so you can come in and mop up.

Can kog'maw be used as ability power?

Yes kogmaw is a very powerful ability power nuker his constant ability to chain cast his ultimate with the golem buff makes him a very vauable asset to have. However i beleive kog'maw serves a much more powerful role in teamfights as an attack speed carry.

How do i kill Kog'maw?

Kog'maw has some large weaknesses which make him vulnerable. When trying to kill kogmaw try and catch him overextended he is very easy to pick off as he has no escape ability. Kog'maw is also vulnerable to high burst damage from asassin champions, a good exhaust will also shut him down without much trouble. Remember the bulk of Kog'maws damage comes from his auto attacks.

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Kogmaw on dominion!

Is kogmaw viable on dominion?
Most deffinatly yes Kogmaw has great ability and viability on the Crystal Scar, All of his abilites complimant the fast paced dominion game type of capture and hold.

How do I build kogmaw on dominion?
When im building kogmaw on dominion I go for kitae's bloodrazor ASAP. This will give you that extra on hit damage. When picking your other items in dominion i generally try and pickup items that grant health and attack speed however i do feel that kogmaw is a very flexible champion in dominion and there is no one ultimate way to build him.

When your team splits kogmaw is a very respectable and reliable choice to send bottom to capture and defend the bottom capture point and will be a great pusher and defender due to his long range and high damage.

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