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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author woxn1234

The Unkillable Tank/Support

woxn1234 Last updated on May 6, 2011
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Introduction and Pros/Cons

When I first started playing ranked games I was unsure about my carry abilities so I decided I would be most helpful as a support character. I felt like I wanted to be a target for my opponents as well as being hard to kill if they did try to focus me. This guide is for that exact purpose.

-Very hard to kill throughout the whole game.
-Stun and Shatter are very efficient ways to control team fights.
-Heal can be utilized along with your stun to make sure enemy champions cannot kill your carries or focus targets.
-Not very Item dependent.
-Very good farmer once Shatter gets some skills into it combined with the attack speed he has.

-Cannot do much by himself. If you find yourself in a solo situation you might be hard to kill, but you won't be killing most enemy champions.
-Not much else I can think of in the way of cons.

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These are pretty self explanatory for Taric and the build I am going for. Get more attack speed with the marks to refresh your heal faster. Dodge chance for seals for better initiating and survivability. Cooldown reduction for glyphs for faster stuns and heals. Finally, flat health quints for added survivability.

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I go down the defensive tree to maximize what I am trying to do with this build. You could also go 0/21/9 for added mana regen and experience, but I find that Clarity does most of the work for you.

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I usually always get Mejai's with this build as it supports all of the ap you will need until the later parts of the game where you can pick up more. Taric, with this build, is very hard to put down with his ult up, and the Mejai's will build steadily with the assists you will be getting throughout the mid game. Then, transitioning into tank items so that you can help initiate and be pretty impossible to focus down in team fights while you heal and stun to keep your team alive as well as keeping shatter up for them.

Your final items are always subject to change. Banshee's Veil is great in a pinch for a team that really is trying to focus you down in fights. The same can be said for Thornmail if AD carries are trying to ruin your day. Rabaddon's can be a great item if your Mejai's has been getting a lot of stacks throughout the game. Guardian Angel can also serve you well if you do find yourself not surviving as well as you would like to.

Alternatively, if you have deterred them from focusing you all game then you can move into getting more aura items such as Stark's Fervor if you have a heavy AD team or Shroud if you have a heavy AP team.

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Skill Sequence

I tend to get stun first as it helps with not getting ganked early, and can also lead into a gank if they get too overzealous in the lane. Shatter is maxed first as it is your best farming tool as well as a great aura for yourself and your team. Heal can be gotten sooner or later dpeending on how hard your lane is, but I max this skill second as maxing your stun doesn;t add much.

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Summoner Spells

You always want Clarity as one of your summoner spells as it allows your ulti to last through entire team fights. Ghost or Flash can be great choices for your secondary summoner spell as they both add chasing and fleeing options for Taric. Teleport can also be a great spell on Taric so he can hop to help people throughout the game or help deny pushes against your towers.

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Team Fights

Usually, when a team fight is about to happen you and your teams tank run in to initiate the fight. Stunning their taunter/initiator can allow for your team tog et into position faster. When everyone is engaged popping your ulti with Clarity backup to keep it going can swing a lot of fights in your favor. Your job is not to chase unless their ENTIRE team is leaving the fight. Your job is to make sure any target that is being focused is supported with your heal and with stuns on appropriate carries. If a Mundo b-lines straight for your carry then stun him and put your body in between them. If Aksli chases your carry down heal him and stun teh Akali so that your carry can escape. Keep Shatter up for most of the fight until you know that your team just needs that extra damage push to win the fight, and are not in need of the buff anymore.

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Tanking, initiating, and supporting is a skill you have to hone to support your team in team fights well, but Taric has the capacity to do all of these things very well.

If you like playing a champion that can survive most battles, and support your team well for the entire game Taric might be the champion for you.

Thank you for reading my guide, and I hope it serves you outrageously well.