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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Derift Slayer

The Way of Crown Clown

Derift Slayer Last updated on May 15, 2011
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Okay This is my second guide not really proud of my first but still i still hate when a Ap shaco is made fun of. The fact is in my choice Ap shaco beat ad any day and with this build i hope to win you over too. By the way by reading this build you will not be always winning you will simply know what to do and what to get favourable to some games SO dont be angry if any build does not work the only thing that can make you a good player is only URSELF!

Sorry for my bad grammar or spelling ^^ Remember read,try comment,rate...

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The Pros & Cons


Best trapper maker in game
Burst damage with shiv
2 flashs

easy to harrass
oracle ruins the fun
People adapt to your traps locations

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Okay Why These ruins you must be thinking god why no cooldown why no mana regen Why is this guy a noob.

Sadly these things are not needed you main plan is to fast level start ganking start trap making as early as possible one that Philo stone is in your iventory you are as good as ready to jungle lane trap make or any thing you need BUT do not stay in lane with only 100 hp with champs like noc and warwick around. Plus if u can go and get that mana golem down at lvl 1 put 5-6 puppets in bush near golem Hit it once run bck to puppets then auto attack it to death i will include a Video shortly.

Ok why AP runes & Magic Pentration runes?

With shiv you have a 1:1 AP ratio at lvl 1 it does 80 dmg + 20 is 100 not bad excluding armour and magic resist for now this is also increased due to the magic pentration this gives you the edge in the game

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Mastery Wise i use simple 21-0-9 i tried 9-0-21 didnt like it much + you want as much ad even though you are a ap champ also 5% more dmg is just a gift
I Hope You agree too

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Okay This is the reason for the first item
As i said at the rune section your main plan is to level up the most to do that u need alot of heal reg and maan late game so getting hp will help since mana golem buff will give u all the mana you need for the first 1-5 lvl possibly while the Heal reg will keep you in lane to gather gold for that duration + mana pot will be used after you golem is gone along with most of you mana keeping you in lane once again for a extra 2 levels
I would also like to add pick abyscal scepter if it is squishy team if they have a strong team with alot of magic resist get the void staff

Ok now


Early game pick up the pendant with 1 health or mana pot i recommend mana rush to the golem and start setting up puppets to get mana buff for the first 1-3 levels set up puppets in bushes near turret and last hit as much minions as you can when u hit lvl 6 or if you really need to go back to get mana/health recall ask your team mate first if he will be fine without you. Buy the second form of the pendant which is the philo stone and if u can buy amplify tome or boots depending on you gold. (IF you can afford the soulstealer get it straight away)

Mid Game

Ok this part of the game you passic plan is to be a assassin gank plan traps get runners anything to get stacks up remember you have decieve and flash one for going in (Deceive) to get the kill and one to get away through a wall or bck to a safe distance (FLASH) DO NOT BE GREEDY! once stacks is 20 it is time to play safe now you just jump in throw shiv run and repeat while also planting traps in you get away routes or scout areas or simply just to be a arse and kill some1 with 5 puppets

Late Game

This duration of the game is pretty much easy as hell can be. If you get fed to the limit of 500-1k ap you just destroy anything enough said 5 puppets with 1k ap will do 300 dmg each for about 5 seconds multiple of 5 will be about 7.5k dmg excluding the magic resist once again and a shiv will do about 1.2k-1.4k again excluding magic resist. With a magic resist puppets should do about 4k dmg if 5 and 700-1k ap and shiv at least 800 dmg which is just insane for damage

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Summoner Spells

Well What you need Are one of these:


What Not to have
    No Clarity( In my choice it is useless it gives u mana for a good amount but then once gone and you are mana starved you must wait which is kinda useless when golem spawns in to locations and stays for at least 3min or more and gives you all your mana back gradually)

    Heal (Why do you need heal in first place when you should be LEVELING!)

    Rally( Easily explained You are ap and you didnt take the rally mastery so why waste a spell)


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Ok I hope you understood most of that and i will now explains in my choice why ap is better than ad shaco remember this is my choice everyonce is unique with a character

1)he must be close to a enemy to get kill super squishy if goes against wrong person + deceive is waste in for the attk
2)he has a puppet which do less damage but can stop shaco puppets but what if they dont or what if he uses them in wrong area and dies ???
3) only has deceive for damage skill + his passive ranging from 400-900dmg

1) puppets together can do over 3k damage quickly can down most players in little effort
2) 4 skills are put into ap if lich bane is used ranging from 1k shiv 3k puppets 800 dmg decieve and a ult dmg of 1.6k if killed
3)less need to get close for the kill

both shacos are squishy but one is close and one is ranged off course close means you will take the damage but if you are far you can still take dmg from cait and ashe both are good if used right i Like ap you might like ad But Do not think ap to be easy to use it takes a while to adjust to

SO that is me done no more Rage and FLame i Hope you liked the build and will use to get yourself pentakills and laugh your *** of as people fie to ur 3 puppets or even kills the wrong you.

P.S. i Will keep updating only when there is a change in shaco skills ONLY!!