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Vel'Koz Build Guide by Sunewk

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sunewk

The Way of Suney. Chapter two: Tentacles

Sunewk Last updated on August 5, 2014
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The Build

All of my matches

Score Card
Suney's Team K D A CS
EVERYWHERE SuneyTheGod 9001 Because I'm the best 9001
AD Random Noob 1 None because she sucks 9001 9001 None because she sucks
AP Random Noob 2 None because he sucks 9001 9001 None because he sucks
S Random Noob 3 None because he sucks 9001 9001 None because he sucks
T Randomd Noob 4 None because she sucks 9001 9001 None because she sucks

As you can clearly see I know what I'm doing so follow this guide if you want Challenger.

The Build

You will need to steal one of Rengar's trinket because when you are so fed you must have some Pros. I prefer the Red one because it's very pretty and match my eyes but it's up to you what color you want.

Then you will also need to steal one of Viktor's Augment i personally prefer the Yellow one since it's named Agument: Power and I like power but again it's up to you, you will get challenger nonetheless.

Now you need something hot and by hot I mean FIRE so you'll have to rush a Feral Flare.

Now you must get a Aether Wisp since the way you will be playing is godlike so your foes and allies will think you are some kind of God or an Angle from heaven.

And now you will need to evolve the Wisp into Lich Bane this is a very MUST DO if you don't get this you will never get Challenger, those yellow-ish swords are the very meaning of life and how to get challenger.

And for the last item you need Iceborn Gauntlet because smacking Noobs is hard and those filthy noobs all day can get your hands/tentacles very dirty so use these gloves so you can commence your smacking.

If you do not follow The Way of Suney YOU WILL LOSE

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Skill setup

This is the best skill setup for when tentacles aren't enough

Guide Top

Ranked Play

As all of my guides this build and play style will get you in challenger in no time just follow The Way of Suney

So in order to win tell your team to go afk, this is a job only you can do, with this build you know what to do the enemy team will surrender at 20 no matter what because they will be so scared of all the power you posses.

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Mastery Notes

You don't need this ****, only true N00BL0RDZ use those you can ask anyone in challenger THEY DON'T USE 'EM

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Ah yes the runes, these runes you must have to become challenger. I thought a lot about it and these runes fit perfectly for when you are in the Shower and wanna show your foes who is the Boss that's why you have so much Amor Pen and the Critical Chance... I do not need to explain any further.

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Team Work

As stated before Team Work is for pussie you're on your own, tell your team to go afk and do what needs to be done or else they shall face the consequences of thy KaceyTron Master Race DropHax 'o Doom.

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Pros / Cons

-If you like men this is your lucky day, because this Guide is for those who like Men and wants to get Challenger.
-Loads of Manly Men will follow you around and obey you and it increase your Sex Appeal with 9001.
-You'll get Challenger no matter what as long as you follow this guide and The Way of Suney

There are only one, if you like Girls this guide IS NOT for you.