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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vardrys

The Way of the Berserker

Vardrys Last updated on March 6, 2011
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Chapter 1

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Beware the war cry of the Berserker. What surges toward you is unyielding, free from the shackles of reason.

Alright well this is my first, and most likely only, build. As with any build this is meant simply as a guideline not a bible. I consider Olaf to be my main character and have done extensive experimentation to get this build to where it is now. It's by no means perfect but I think it's far better than the current best "Jungling Viking" build. Anyways, let me know what you think and please rate if you're going to comment :]

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Nothing very surprising here. Olaf is a physical dps character so armor pen is very important for him. With desolation marks/quints you'll be dropping minions and even other champs into the negative armor range early game which will help you get those critical early kills. I chose health per level seals because Olaf uses his health pool as a resource with his passive and reckless swing. Also, being beefier than your opponents is always good. I went with cdr glyphs because you want to be able to cast your abilities, namely reckless swing, as often as possible.

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I went with offensive masteries because we want to be aggressive and murderous. I put the other 9 points into utility because I chose ghost as a skill but also because bonus life/mana regen is always nice and extra experience will help keep the level gap between you and the solo laners to a minimum. As for the one point in greed, feel free to assign it elsewhere...but who doesn't like a little extra change??

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This is where most of you are likely to disagree with me. First off, I should probably address the lack of Frozen Mallet. I really hate this item on Olaf. It is primarily a chaser item but Olaf has a built in chasing mechanism with Undertow and the damage it would give you combined with Vicious Strikes is negligible; especially since I choose to max Vicious Strikes last out of everything.

As for the other items it's pretty basic stuff. Together, Emblem of Valor and Berserker's Greaves cost about 1700 which isn't hard to farm to and will make you into a straight-up monster early game. I put the Giant's belt in after that because, like I said, Olaf uses health as a resource and building straight to Stark's may leave you a little too squishy for Olaf's aggressive playstyle.

After the basic items you can pretty much interchange the upgrades/additions as you see fit. If a teammate is also getting Stark's I'd definitely recommend building Warmog's first, but otherwise the added attack speed/armor reduction will help you keep your attacks ripping through the enemy's armor. You won't need to rush into attack damage items because Reckless Swing, Undertow, and your naturally high armor pen will make up for it.

As far as late game itemization goes it's really up to you. I highly recommend Black Cleaver because it gives you the attack damage you'll need at that point as well as even more armor pen/attack speed which you can never have too much of. I threw in the Infinity Edge and Banshee's Veil because they're both very strong items on any physical dps character late game. Again, though, it's really up to you to decide what will make your enemies cry the most.

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Skill Sequence

Here I chose to max Undertow first because it ramps up in damage very quickly and is an excellent harassment tool. It does require a little bit of skill because you have to be able to hit the enemy consistently and, when chasing someone, you have to learn to throw it in a way that you'll be able to pick it up again on the run. Aside from that, though, I max Reckless Swing second because, again, it ramps up in damage quickly and combined with Undertow gives you crushing burst damage. I choose it second to Undertow because of it's limited range which makes it hard to harass the enemy with. The trick to these two skills, though, is to not be afraid to use them frequently. Olaf's abilities cost very little mana. This is something you should be taking advantage of, but don't run your mana pool completely into the ground. I find that keeping about 100-150 mana reserve is plenty in case of an enemy gank/attack. I maxed Vicious strikes last because we're already building lifesteal items early and it doesn't give a very large damage boost.

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Summoner Spells

Pretty basic stuff here for physical dps champs. Ghost will help you run down/escape the enemies and exhaust will either save your *** from a gank or let you murder someone. You can replace them as you see fit to fit your own playstyle, this is just what works for me.

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Team Work

Your primary job in team fights is to find their carry and rip them apart. Casters and ranged heroes will run screaming from your onslaught. The key, though, is to use Ragnarok effectively. I find that using it as soon as the battle swings into full effect(so right after initiation) is the most effective because it will allow you to shrug off any and all disables and close with those juicy squishies at the back. You have to remember to help your team, though, as well. If the strategy is to focus one target then help them focus, your high burst damage will be crucial to murdering that important champion.

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Anyways, sorry if this was too much of a ramble for you guys. The real key to success with Olaf is remember that you're a berserker and we fight like men. Your passive can turn you into an absolute killing machine at low health. Also, it's important to remember that berserkers fight to the death a lot of the time. Don't get me wrong, don't be a moron and get yourself killed excessively, but also don't be afraid to fight to the death if it means your allies can finish off two or three of them by doing so. Make your death count, Valhalla awaits those who die honorably. Good luck and thanks for reading my humble guide.

Now go out there and make them fear the might of Lokfar.