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League of Legends Build Guide Author schneian87

The way to play AD Sion (Crit Build)

schneian87 Last updated on October 23, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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i saw a lot of really nice builds for AD Sion on mobafire, but there were a lot of fail ones^^.

i wanna show u how i play him succesfully in 3-3 and 5-5 ranked. U might now this build from Leaguecraft, but i wanted to make a good Cirtguide for this Site and tweaked the Built from Leaguecraft because it is not rly flexible.

Since Sion has a really great skill in enrage he is a monster dpser in early and midgame, and since he has enrage, he really doenst need any AD until late midgame and can focus on other dmg increasing stats.

So there are propably 3 ways u can go

1st: Armorpen
2nd: Attackspeed
3rd: Critchance

Armorpen and Attackspeed are really nice, but u are the Ad carry who kills there squishies and for that u dont really need a lot of Armorpen. Attackspeed on the other hand increases your Dmg a lot and u will need it, but since your ultimate gives u 50% attackspeed its unnecesarry to stack it like Xin or WW.

And now comes the best possible stat for Sion, Critchance. With runes and Brawler Gloves u have 24% crit chance from the Start. This will give u a huge boost to your earlygame and u will dominate everyone. I rly caused a lot of ragequits because of 300 Dmg crits against Champs that had 900-1000 hp at level 6 or 7^^

Runes and Masteries

Marks and Quints: Critchance.
Seals: Evade runes for better toe to toe fighting and the Run speed buff
Glyph: Manareg because u really need it even without Deaths Carras. 1 Stun and Ult cost 200 together, another stun 100. Believe me u need it to harras them hard

Masteries are rly typical DPS

Summoner Spells

If u are stunned, u dont leech
If u are exhausted, u dont leech
If u are ...., u see where this is going, u need your lifeleech to stay alive, and therefore u need cleanse

for the 2nd Summoner Spell i love Flash because u can get away out of Teamfights and screw there Focus on u. But u can take Ghost and Exhaust aswell.


-Start with Brawler Gloves and 2 HP Pots. This will give u a huge Edge over everyone and a real nice Chance to score 1st blood at level 3 or 4. Remember to only last hit Minions, if u hit them everytime u can u will lose to much HP from Enrage

-if u have 1300 gold go back and buy Executioners Calling and Boots of Speed
-> now u have lifeleech to take care of the Enrage Healthcosts and nice added Critchance, the Healreduce debuff really helps in Teamfights and 1-1 vs Healing or leeching Champions. U can jungle everything without Dragon at this point of the game, do it if u cant farm your lane well or after a gank

-farm up the Gold to buy Merc Treads (nearly allways buy them because u need to hit to stay alive) and Zeal. Now u completed your Rapecombo of Awesomeness. U dominate the Midgame and should farm a lot HP via Enrage and Gank a lot.

- the next items depend on the Enemy Team,
1. if there are at least 2 squishies, start to buy Infinity Edge, with your High Critchance u will rape them apart and faceroll with your ult, because u heal around 800-1000 a hit.

2. If they dont have squishies u can kill easy without Armorpen start to buy Black Cleaver. Even consider skipping Zeal and buy Last whisper early if they have a setup like Mundo, Garen and Morde (only 3-3)

-If u bought IE and they still dont have any armor buy a Bloodthirster, but most Smart players will at least buy one armoritem, so usually buy Last whisper

-If u bought the Cleaver u should finish Zeal(or buy it first if u scipped it for Last Whisper) into a Phantom Dancer

If u play smart u will dominate!
(Sorry for the typos and the bad english)