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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheGodlikeDraven


TheGodlikeDraven Last updated on October 3, 2015
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A lot of people hate my build, but then again, TheGodlikeDraven doesn't care, If you would like to learn more about Draven/ADC, you can keep reading below and if you got any questions, you can ask them here

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Pros / Cons

-Is Draven...
-High DAMAGE at ALL levels!
-High solo potential
-Easy csing with Q

-Lacks mobility
-CC = Rape
-Need some time to master

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-Barrier > Heal. Case Closed.
-Flash Flash is good for some many obvious reasons, engage/disengage!

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-AD reds and quints for early harassing and all in, and helps you cs more easily.
-Armor Pen quints just so you can do more "true damage"
-Armor yellows for defensive stats of course. helps you reduce damage from minions and harassment
-Attack speed blues for early all in. these would help you a lot to win trades and bot lane fights
-MR blues for (enemy support is AP) and mid and jungler ganks (if AP -.-) and late game team fights

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Hopefully this is what you expected for defense section so I don't go over it, but I am pretty sure it's not what you expected in the offense section since it's different from other "standard" ADC mastery page. I go "Double-Edged Sword" for more DAMAGE however it makes me a little bit squishier. I also put a point in "Spell Weaving" and "Blade Weaving" for extra DAMAGE since I always use my ULT to finish off someone it’s good to know that it is 1 - 3% stronger so I can be a little surer that I can take the target down. However, that's only when I am 1v1 someone, in a team fight, I ULT the very first thing so when I start to auto attack, I get 3% stronger AA. No point in "Frenzy" because I always build raw DAMAGE first...

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Skill Sequence

Definitely max Q first for more DAMAGE and then i would personally go for W for mobility since that's what Draven lacks the most and then E strictly for utility. And of course a point in ultimate whenever you can.

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OK I am only going to say this once and once only. Always build accordingly.

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Creeping / Jungling

Csing is the most important part in laning, not only are you getting gold, but as well as XP and getting adoration stacks. PLEASE just farm if you think that you can't win trades.

and always farm the closest jungle creep to you when you have got your BT for more gold and XP!

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To Summaries... Draven.

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My stream for more info:

as typed in my twitch panel, you can ask me ANYTHING and i will answer whenever I get the chance!


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