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Lee Sin Build Guide by Zahru

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zahru

Their Heartbeat Quickens (Jungle Lee Sin Guide)

Zahru Last updated on April 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Edits To Guide

4/18/12 - Updated jungling section a bit.

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Hey guys! I have been playing League for about a year now and just figured it was about time that I share one of the builds I use on my favorite champion. I find that Lee Sin a very mobile champion that can leap around the battlefield causing "Tons of Damage!" to his opponents, while taking a bit of a beating himself. This build is not designed to make him the initiator, but you won't be so squishy that you just evaporate at the start of a fight. This is the first guide I have written so any tips on how to improve the guide and suggestions about Lee Sin in general are welcome (yes that includes criticism, just make it constructive).

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Take these marks because in combination with your and you will have 91 AD at level 2 for a nasty gank to help out the lane that needs it most. I also find that these runes dont really fall off too much until pretty deep into mid game (around level 13 or so), and by that time you will be getting ready to buy a last whisper to get the armor pen that you will need in order to keep your damage up.

These Seals are pretty standard jungling seals as they allow you to survive longer and make ganking easier at the early levels.

I take these over the because Lee Sin is a very active ganker, especially in the early levels, so these will protect you more during the early game when your ganks can really help shut the enemy lanes down and give your lanes a huge advantage in both levels and farm.

Take these for the same reason you take the marks.

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The masteries are rather self explanatory, Lee Sin has great scaling and is a very offensive jungler in this build, rather than a tankier one. So I feel that the 21-9-0 route was the right way to go to give him even more early game boost with a bit of early game survivability from the defense tree.

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In my opinion this item is a great start for Lee Sin's jungle route due to the massive AD buff you are getting from your Marks and Quints. This allows for a much higher success rate on that opening gank. You will not have alot of sustain with this so you will have to go back relatively early (See Jungling Section for more details).

This item is pretty standard for most junglers, but it is exceptional on Lee Sin. This is because he not only benefits from the AD, the Armor, the Passive Proc, the Lifesteal, and the Ward, but he can also use that ward as a means of a "second " due to his ability to ward jump. I will explain this in the Tricks Section later on.

I honestly cant think of better boots to put on Lee Sin, unless of course they have alot of AD and auto attack champions (such as , , etc.) in which case you would get the . However the odds of a team having 3+ auto attacks and having almost no magic damage or CC is VERY VERY LOW.

I get this item around mid game because most champions will have built some kind of armor at this point or their champions natural armor is starting to get up there. I find it to be a good buy because it is a relatively cheap item that will provide you with 40 AD to help with his high scales on his , , and on top of the 50% armor pen when combined with your . Even if they do not have a ton of armor it will increase your damage output by a ton and will scale nicely into late game when they will be building armor to counter you and your team.

This item will scale very well with your [item=Atma's Impaler size=32] and will give you alot more survivability. Unlike resistances, HP is a great counter to both sources of damage simultaneously and with this being the largest HP boost in the game I don't see why you would not want this.

This item is perfect for the build you have going so far. You should have around 3.3k HP when you buy this which means it is giving you a solid 66 AD, 45 armor, and 18% Crit Chance. All-in-all this item is too good to overlook.

So I have heard alot of mixed opinion on this new-ish item. It is made from upgrading a and, honestly, before this item existed i didnt even think of as an item. Now that this is out there I find that for a very offense character like Lee Sin it synergizes prefectly. The 36 magic resist is only 14 shy of that of a and it gives you a guaranteed 400 magic resist shield that has saved my *** too many times to count. It also gives the most AD out of any magic resist item out there as well, which continues to allow Lee Sin's skills hit for devestating numbers. I am a huge fan of this item over that of a for the more offensive characters, such as Lee Sin.

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Skill Sequence

This is Lee's first mobility skill and is his bread and butter. This is the skill that will nuke your opponents and allow to gap close, escape, chase, initiate, w/e you need to do this skill can pretty much do it. Due to these incredible stats and utility it is only natural that we max this skill first. Don't forget about the execution effect this skill has (deals bonus damage equal to 8% of the targets missing HP) because that 8% can really make a difference in finishing off an opponent. Oh ya... and did I mention that it reveals stalthed champions (for 3 seconds!) such as that annoying or ?

This is Lee's second mobility skill. We max this second because, lets be honest guys, 25% lifesteal and spellvamp AND 30 armor All in one skill??? AND it gives the ability to escape, initiate, ward jump, and pull all kinds of other tricks with??? This skill is second only to .

This is skill is more for its utility than its damage, which is why we max it last. However it is still able to do its job even at low levels. The slow is great for chasing and lining up your ult, but the attack speed debuff is what really makes this skill shine. Champions such as , , and pretty much every AD carry out there will have their DPS hurt pretty badly when this skill goes off. Oh ya... it also reveals those pesky stealth champions (for 4 seconds!) within a decent AOE radius of Lee Sin when this skill goes off.

Oh this ultimate... so good. With its 650 base and 2.0 scale this ultimate is something the enemies will learn to fear. The knockback is great for ganking or tossing an enemy player back into your team, or it is even useful to help you get away after getting ganked yourself. Remember that when the guy you ulted flies back into his team, every other champion they hit will take the 650 + 2.0 scale damage and be knocked up. Knowing this it only makes sense to try and ult one of their champs through the entire team during a teamfight for maximum effectiveness. Its even better if you can reach their carry and ult them backwards through their entire team and into your own.

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Summoner Spells

This is the best summoner spell in the game IMO. It allows you to escape a gank, flash over a wall, position yourself for , and just about anything else you would need it for. Other alternatives to this one could be due to the chasing, escaping, and high mobility it provides. Or or would be good replacements as well. Since Lee is so mobile he doesnt necessarily need an escape or initiate summoner spell, I just prefer the because he kind of already has 2 built in "flashes" that require a target and this one can help get you out of trouble when there is nowhere else to go. Also, having a 3rd "Flash" like this will allow for some insane juking potential.

You are a jungler in this guide... this speeds up your jungle... just take it please :D

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So when it comes to starting your jungle route just coordinate with your team where to start. Ask which lane will have the toughest matchup and will need the level 2 gank from you right off the first buff you grab. Once that is decided just grab your , your , and head down to whichever buff is closest to that lane (blue or red, it doesn't matter). Ask mid to pull the buff for you and which ever lane that you will be ganking for to help you kill the buff. This way you take almost no damage and as long as your teammate was able to kite the buff well enough, they will not have lost much either. MAKE SURE THAT THEY ARE NOT NEAR THE BUFF WHEN YOU SMITE IT OR WHEN THE SMALLER MINIONS DIE! Also, make sure that you utilize his passive in order to have a more successful jungle. Make sure that Lee auto attacks twice in between each skill cast for maximum DPS.

So now you have either red or blue buff, have hit level 2 while everyone else is level 1, and you have you Follow the champions that helped you kill the buff to their lane, but have them come out by their tower as you come from river and get some early damage on the opposing champions, maybe even net a kill or two. Once the gank is over to the closest camp and follow the regular path of creeps. You should be able to clear out all the small camps before going back, leaving nothing but the other buff you did not start with. Go back and buy what you can towards madred's razor and some HP pots as well and go grab that second buff, if you started at red you can offer your blue to your mid lane. From here on out it is just ganking as often as possible and covering lanes as people need it. Have fun, go nuts, get fed, and shut down the enemy champs during lane phase.

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Unique Skills

Lee Sin is able to use his in order to jump to friendly champions, wards, teemo mushrooms, shaco boxes, etc. And since your has a built in ward you can use it to just place the ward over a wall and then use your W to jump to it and escape (just like flash!). This can be used while trying to line up an ult as well. Dive in on your opponent with your then drop your ward as far in from of them as the range allows, when they get close enough to the ward simply dash to it with your W, hit them with the first part of and then them backwards, then activate the second part of your E and chase them down. The same can be done using your spell, which is another reaosn why I prefer over .

Escaping with his is another good skill to have. If you run into trouble just shoot your Q over a wall to a jungle camp and dash to them for a clean get away.

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Well thats all I got for now and like I said, this is my first guide ever so feel free to comment on how i can improve it. Also, anything about Lee Sin that you guys wanna mention, such as different builds, or flaws in my build, go right ahead. Constructive criticism is how you get better. Thanks for reading!