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Pantheon Build Guide by baseballboss

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author baseballboss


baseballboss Last updated on October 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Yeah so hey LOLers this is my first build that I put online so don't make fun this build works very well for me and I hope it works weel for you too. And sorry I don't have pictures of the ablilities, I don't know how to get them. :(

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Aegis Protection
So Riot decided to provide Pantheon with a pretty usefull passive!.It charges up by hitting and casting spells.When its charged it protects you from the next physical attackthat deals more than 40 damage.
Spear shot.
This is the spell you use to poke at your enmes with.With it not costing much in man and decent range its perfect for harrassing.
Aegis of Zeonia
This spell is crucial for Pantheon as is closes the distance between you and your target.Along with that it provides 1 second stun and trigers your passive .
Its damage scales with AP so it does weak damage but this is not important.
Heartseeker Strike
This is your most powerfull spell.If maxed first it devestates your target.Combine it with for better results.If the enemy team does not have many stuns or interrups this is the way to go!.
Grand Skyfall
Your personal damaging Teleport.It can provide many kills early game if used properly.Always keep in mind that it needs 3.5 seconds for you to jump in the selected location.Its easy to fail with that spell and takes time and practice to master.But its really enjoyable coming out of nowhere to bring the pain ;).

Even Lvlup
With this lvlup setup you deal considerable amounts of damage with both of your main damaging spells.But it deals less overall damage.I personaly find myself not using this setup very much.I prefer to max either one or the other.
Bad things about this build
-None of your abilities reach full potential early game.
-If your Heartseeker Strike gets interrupted your damage fall dramatically.
Maximum Harrassment
Recently this is my favorite way.Your Spear Shot HURTS!.I am able to outharass most champions.Also it helps more when towerdiving because its a one way spell and therefore it reduces your time under the turrent.You can also killsteal with ease^^(dont do it though).The best way if you are facing a super annoying .
-Less overall damage
-Nothing else actually

Out of these two builds I would suggest Maxing Spear shot first because its more reliable spell compaired to Even Lvlup and it benefits much greatly from spell ranks compaired to .
Yet again,the other two ways are very viable as well.But it depends on enemy setup and the abilities(and skill sometimes)of your lanemate.
So i believe that you should try all diffrent methods and see witch works better for your playstyle and game phylosophy
What combo of Pantheons abilities I use for maximum damage output is to
1) Leap in with Grand Skyfall
2) Then immediately use Aegies of Zeonia
3) Then Heartseeker Strike towards were the most people are
4) Then Spear Throw to the weakest champ, and with this buildd cool downs shouldn't be that bad.

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Why i use these items and runes and jungling

I use these items and runes because I can deal massive damage in under 15 seconds. I max at around 400 AP at the end of the game so I help my team alot with the kills and turret diving.
I never jungle with Pantheon because I think its a waste of time when I can just farm minions and pick up easy kills. It also means that I would have to sacrifice one of my Summoner spell slots for Smite and I need these. But if you do jungle I would suggest right at the start buy Cloth Armour and 2 Health and Mana Potions at the beggining because Pantheon runs out of mana fast with his spells and i hope they fix that soon. Your first spell should be Heartseeker Strike and have a teamate pull the golem and get them then go for the wraiths and last the wolves and you should be good to lane for 1 or 2 more levels then repeat becaues they spawned again. Like I said I don't jungle with Pantheon I leave that to shaco.