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Taric Build Guide by Kehma

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kehma


Kehma Last updated on January 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my build on how to use taric in the best way to become a strong and very helpful suport for your team both in late and in early game.

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About my "Tarki"

Taric is a perfect suport for ranked games since he is stronger then most heal supporters like Soraka and Sona. He heals better then other tanky supports like Allistar. I think that stuns that work like Taric's and Sion's are the best stuns because u can stun from a distance. Both hes ulti "radiance" and his second spell Shatter gives your suronding teammates better fighting stats.

Basically We Love T A R K I

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Riots description of tarics spells

Passive: "Gemcraft" Taric loves to socket magical gems into all of his weapons, resulting in his basic attacks replenishing his Mana based on the damage dealt.

1st spell: "Imbue" Taric brings forth earthen energy to heal an ally and himself. This heal is more potent when Taric heals only himself. Additionally,Taric's basic attacks reduce Imbue's cooldown.

2nd spell: "Shatter" Taric is protected by a hardening aura, increasing the Armor of himself and nearby allied champions. He may choose to splinter the enchanted rocks surrounding him to deal damage and decrease the Armor of nearby enemies at the cost of some Armor for a short time.

3d spell: "Dazzle" Taric emits a brilliant ball of prismatic light from his gemmed shield, stunning his target and damaging them based on how close he is to them.

Ulti: "Radiance" Taric slams his hammer into the ground to deal damage to nearby enemies. For a time after, Taric's gems radiate energy empowering Taric and his allies with bonus Attack Damage and Ability Power.

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How to play Taric

A great way to start ur games is by unlocking your 3d spell "dazzle" so that u can stun your enemys and get first blood or atleast scare your enemys away.

when playing taric my way you must have good comunication with your lane buddy during the game so that he or she is ready to burst down or kill your enemys when you use "dazzle" wich is your stun.

Remember to stay close to your teammates since you will have tons of aura's that can buff them up.

Don't break shatter if you don't have an advantage in the fight.

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The Glyph's, the Seal's and the Quintessence's all make's taric become stronger champ and the Mark's give u a little bit lover coldowns wich can be extremly usful.

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The masteries focuses on lowering your coldowns because thay are way to long and givning you some extra gold so that u won't have to play without items because you don't have any money.

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Buy wards, pots and elexire between the other items when you or your team needs it.

Meki Pendandt
The reason you need to buy a meki pendant is because you need to have mana and it's a part of Chalice Harmony wich will be your second item.

Uppgare your Meki Pendant to a Chalice Harmony
Gives u more mana regain and some magic resist wich works great with your amror giving 2nd spell "shatter".

Heart of gold
The reason to buy heart of gold is that it gives you a little extra hp and some lovley extra gold per 10 sec. Your heart of gold will latter be uppgraded to a Randuin's Omen.

Mercury's Treads
It's good because you allways need shoes for movement speed and the extra megic ressist makes taric rally strong since he gets armor from his 2nd spell "shatter".

Aegis of The Legion
It's a most have for me to all tanky support since it gives you and ur team higer magic resist, armor and damage for a low price.

Soul Shroud
The good things about Soul Shroud is that it gives you more hp wich is the only thing you need now to get tanky when you heve high magic resist and armor. It allso gives u and ur team lowerd coldowns and higer mana regain wich is good against taric's long coldowns.

Will of the Ancients
The bigest reason to buy Will of the Ancients is to give you and your team a litte bit spellvamp since it can be the difference between life and death.

Upgrade your Heart of gold to Randuin's Omen
The reason to get Randuin's Omen is that it makes your champion stroger bassicly and the acctive effect on it is really good in teamfights.

Sell your Chalice Harmony and buy Banshee's Veil

The reson to do this is that Banshee's Veil is a stronger magic resist item then Chalice Harmony simply.

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Summoner spells

The reason that is pic flash is because you won't get super fast with this build so sometimes u need to flash away to survive and flash can also be used to get close enugh to your oponent to stun him or her.

The reason that i pic clairvoyance is because taric is mainly a suport and one clairvoyance in every team is a most.

You can ofc pic other summoner spells but this is the ones i recomend.

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Best ad carrys to have on your lane

There are 3 ad carrys that i like to play besides rather then the orher ad carrys.

1. Caitlyn because she can put her trap behind the enemy that Taric stuns to creat a double and easily secure the kill.

2. Vayne because she can during the time that the enemy is stuned roll forward and get in a position to knock the eneymy into the wall so that getting a kill will be easy.

3. Kog'mow because he simply deals so much damage that you easily can kill your enemys after a good stun.

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Pros and Cons of the Build


+ You get tanky
+ Teammates is your surounding get really buffed
+ Your taric simply becomes awesome


- You won't heal that much since your ability power is low
- You alone won't make that much damage