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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Stormagent

This Shen Won't Die?

Stormagent Last updated on April 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, this is my build for Shen, it is my first build ever so if you have any suggestions please post them in the comments and i will do my best to clean up this guide and try out any alternates to the build you request.

First I want to make one thing very very clear. This is not the only way to build Shen. Your build will have to be adaptable to the team you are facing. I.e. if the opposing team is heavy on ability power, replace your Sunfire Cape for another FoN or Warmogs.(i really wouldn't recommend banshee's veil on any Shen, as in my opinion it is a waste of gold and mana).

New chapter: Initiating.

April 16, 2011-i have removed randuins omen from the build, as i no longer believe it viable do to the nerfs to heart of gold.
I also took some of your suggestions and replaced heal with fortify, it works much better, however they both will serve you well so feel free to use either one. the masteries remain a 0/22/8 setup, with the point in heal moved to fortify.

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This build is focused mainly on survivability. I would strongly recommend Greater Mark of Insights to help with early game harassment and farming with your Vorpal Blade. Take health per level seals and magic resist glyphs.

As a side not, i usually use Energy regen quints but both health and energy regen will work fine.

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I go with the uncommon 0/22/8 build. 22 points in defense, one extra for the enhanced heal, and put 8 into utility for improved ghost, lower death timer and faster xp. If you don't like using heal, i understand i would recommend a 1/21/8 build with 1 into improved exhaust instead in the. offensive tree.

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I talked about items a bit in the intro but i should go over them in greater detail.

Even with the increased cost of Doran's items i would still start out with a Doran's Shield. The armor and health regen are both excellent on shen, and your Vorpal blade will give you all the healing you need to stay in lane for a while.

I would then rush a Mercury's Treads the reduced cc is excellent and the magic resist is a bonus.

After that i would go strait for a Aegis of the Legion, it will help you and your team out alot with its aura and base stats.

Now due to the Nerfs to Heart of Gold, i no longer get randuins omen, i'd just go strait for sunfire cape here.

After that get a Force of Nature

Once you finish those two be annoying and grab Guardian Angel. If you're not a big fan of GA, and want a bit more dmg grab a Warmogs instead.

Keep in mind that depending on the team you are facing, you will need to change the order and/or take out some items all together. If you feel like your team is starting off strong, and you are dominating your lane, grab a Leviathan.

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Skill Sequence

I go with a skill sequence that prioritizes as follows: r-q-e-w. Your Q is your bread and butter. Use it to harass in lanes and farm effectively. Once you get into the higher levels and start leveling up your E, you can be seriously disruptive in team fights or ganking. Grab your W last because i honestly think it does block eneough damage to prioritize over the others.

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Summoner Spells

I Usually go with Heal OR Fortify and ghost. Ghost is a must on Shen, it will get your out of the most terrible situations, help initiate and just piss the other team off. Heal is optional, i find it very effective in early and late game, helping your team and yourself. If you don't like heal, go with fortify to save towers and for when you catch people in your taunt, might get you some early game kills and help against late game tower diving.

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Pros / Cons

Absolutely Amazing survivability
Excellent in team fights
Extremely good ganker.
Disrupts enemy team
Very good tower diving
Good chasing ability
Can get around the map fast.


Low dps output
relies on teammates for kills(he is a tank after all)
His shields don't absorb much as ap shen

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Team Work

Very important as Shen, make sure you and your team are on the same page at all times. Make sure they know when u use your ulty and most of all keep the enemies off your carries and you will win every time.

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After looking over my published build i thought there was some thing lacking so i added this chapter.

Initiating is probably the most important aspect to playing a good Shen. The more enemies you hit with your taunt the better the fight will turn out.

Most teams, since they really don't know what they're doing will run into a team fight normals, close together or in a line. This makes your job EASY just find the angle that will get most of them and taunt.

Now if the team knows what they're doing they'll start a team fight very spread out, this makes your job very hard and risky. If you don't feel like any of your carry's can get focused for more than a second, just taunt their highest burst. If you're confident your carry can survive a focus a second, a second is all it takes, wait for the enemy team to close in to focus THEN taunt. Unfortunately it is very hard to get pics of this in a real game as they won't stop for me to get a good one :P. But ill do my best to try and provide some for you.

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Unique Skills

Shen is a potent combo with TF, EVE, twitch, or Shaco, as he can ulty to the 3 stealthers without revealing them and get an excellent gank. Also, you can combine ulties with TF to piss the other team off, backdoor, gank, w/e you want.

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Now this is important, if you are laning with a carry, focus on zoning the other team and harassing them while letting your carry farm freely. If you are laning with a mage or fighter, farm your heart out, you need it as much as them, your build is expensive :p. Your vorpal blade is a great farming tool, with a low cd and the fact that you use energy. Don't be disappointed if your farming drops off mid-game, as team fights should be starting and you should spend more time supporting your team.

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Shen is in my opinion the best tank in the game. If you can master your taunt, its game over for the other team. Remember to try not to ks from your teammates, even if you did most of the damage, remember you are the tank, assists will do just fine(i know its hard :p). If you have any questions please post them in the comments and i will do my best to address them.



please tell me why, so i may improve the build for future viewers, kkthx.