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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kase009

Thresh Late Game Beast

Kase009 Last updated on November 11, 2014
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Welcome to my first guide on In this guide I will discuss my personal Build and Views on Thresh. My build is focused on Making thresh into a Hybrid Fighter/Support. If the game should reach the 45-50min mark, You will be one of if not the biggest force to worry about. Thats not even talking about being a semi tank. The main Con you'll see to my build will be that you will be weak early and mid game.

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Why all the Magic Resist and not much Armor you might ask? Because of Thresh's passive that allows him to gain his very own Armor. That's why I give him a little boost with Quints of Armor to start him off.

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This is the Core. How you get there depends on how the game is going. I useally rush Rod of Ages first since it give hp mana and ability power, and it takes 10 mins before its fully powered. With this build Thresh's stats will look like this at level 18. Please note this does not include mastery or runes just items.

Hp : 3513
Mana : 1642
AD : 86 +(68+)
AP : 338+(.75souls)
AS : 1.33
AR : 56+(.75souls)
MR : 180
CDR : 30%

On a side note the .75soul math is wrong bc of an item and mastery it should actually be 1.02 for ability power per soul.

Don't worry about the low attack damage thats what Nas tooth is for. Combined with the Master it gives you 20% of your Ap into attack power. See why I focus on my passive every soul I get increases my Ability power by 1.02

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Pros / Cons

Pros : Tanky
Late game Juggernaut
Good Crowd control
Devours Souls
No one expects this build.

Cons : Weak Early game
Weak Mid game
Moves Slow

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I know this by far not the best looking or best decription guild please not this is a work in progress still as of right now I just wanted to get the core items mastery and runes up and work on looks and other great exstra info and graphics at a later time. Thanks for reading.

Anyone that can give me pointers on makeing this guild and future ones I make please leave advice in the comments. I'm not sure how to make the Rune's masters and Items appear so I just have the link.


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