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Evelynn Build Guide by Idobuildssometimes

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Idobuildssometimes

Time to feed... Me. - An extensive guide to Evelynn gameplay

Idobuildssometimes Last updated on August 31, 2012
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DPS, Tanky AD, Burst AD, AP

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1. An introduction to stealthing while being pink...

Hello people!

This is my second guide here on mobafire. The first one is called Poppynator, but I haven't updated it as of current gameplay... Anyway!
*NOTE* Below is just my own start up with Evelynn, if you're not interested just jump to section 4.

Evelynn used to be my main back before they nerfed her into the ground. My build looked very different than any of these, and I believe my highest stats were 46/5/52. After they removed her ability to stun people upon exiting stealth and the massive heal from her ult, she became pretty much useless. Impossible to use in ELO games, in my opinion. Then they reworked her.

I was skeptical at first, mostly because I played with my usual build and on the top lane. Needless to say I was too weak to survive for longer than 5 seconds in a teamfight. So I watched the spotlight. And again, I was skeptical, mostly because it seems Phreak always performs a bit too well... But I tried it, 14/16 masteries, movespeed Quints instead of AD, and it worked beautifully.

I had a couple of more matches, just learning the ropes and mastering how to stay precisely out of range and wait for the right moment to strike. But even then, I didn't really feel like Eve packed enough firepower to be of much use lategame. That is, until I faced an enemy Eve who ripped our team apart.

I imitated her starting build for my next match, made a few tweaks and the above DPS build (My favorite and the one I play the most, just sayin'...) is the result of that. I'm sure there are an endless amount of Evelynn builds out there, but I rarely see an enemy or teammate Evelynn that perform very well, usually ending in negative KDR.

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2. Just some quick words

I don't know if any of you are checking out my profile before this, but in case you don't,
I DO NOT consider myself a pro player! I've never played a proper ranked match, and I have only played Evelynn about 30 times since the revamp.
ALL MY GAMES HAVEN'T ENDED SPLENDIDLY, but I feel that it would have been more the team's/my own fault in terms of skill or stupidity rather than the solidness of the build, other than making a few changes if the enemy team counters you too well.

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3. Who should play Evelynn, and why?

I feel that anyone could play Evelynn if they wanted to, and anyone who plays her well would be having a great time. Others who are underprestigious might hate her for all I know, but it depends entirely on your preferred gamestyle. This build suggest on the most part that she be played a jungler who gank extensively and whenever possible.

People who are used to Jungling, has got a few tricks up their sleeve and who knows to back out at the very last moment.

Anyone who thinks Evelynn should be played mid, top or bot. Evelynn's stealth makes her optimal for ganking everywhere, counterjungling and moving about undetected. I'm not saying that she can't be played as this, trust me I've tried them all, but she lives up to twice her laning potential when playing in the jungle.

While I've made several builds above, not all of them work in every situation. If your team is a bunch of squishies, build the off-tank. If you've no AD or AP carry, build the respective build. If the team is balanced, building the standard build is recommended.

Evelynn is a very strong jungler, with plenty of tricks and a sick movementspeed. Her ult can be used early in a fight to prevent the enemy from positioning themselves in a tactical manner, as well as give you a 750/1125/1500 health shield as the combat commences, while in other situations it's best to save it for last. MORE INFO IN THE TIPZ AND TRIX SECTION!

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4. Makes da build iziur!

If you're new to the ├╝ber 1337 way we speak here on moba, here's some abbrevations.

General Abbrevations:
MR=Magic resist
Burst=Doing alot of damage in just a few seconds.
AD=Attack damage
Mspeed=Movement speed
Aspeed=Attack speed
AP=Ability power
SVB= Survivability
Ganking=Attacking another lane, mostly as a jungler an sneakily...
SS=Miss? I don't know, back in the day we used to call MIA, but I suppose the extra letter got too hard to type...
MIA= Missing in action, indicating that someone isn't on their designated spot on the map.
AFK= Away from keyboard.
Roaming=Wandering around the map, merely looking for opportunities to gank other lanes.
Turret=Big statue thing, in case you didn't know <3

IF=Infiniy Edge
TBC=The Black Cleaver
BOM=Boots of Mobility
BOS= Boots of speed
BOSW=Boots of Swiftness
DFG=Deathfire Grasp
RD=Rabadon's Deathcap
RCS=Rylai's Crystal Scepter
RoA=Rod of Ages
VS=Void Staff
LW=Last Whisper
GA=Guardian Angel

W=Dark Frenzy
Ult/R=Agony's Embrace

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5. Time for el build to commence, first part, Pros and Cons!

Things that are good 'bout Evelynn

    Extremely good ganker.
    Scales well into late game.
    Hatespike rips apart big minion waves.
    Strong burst.
    Good survivability.
    Stealth lets you pass normal wards undetected.
Things that are a backdraw with Evelynn
    Requires a good portion of farm and kills to stay on the same level as everyone else.
    Weak burst early game makes you have to rely on teammates to do a good portion of the damage.
    People might call you noob, but ignore them, you're awesome <3
    And finally, things that just plain suck
As fragile as a glass mitten.
Screwed if counter-jungled.
Can't really 1v1 before level 11.
Stealth doesn't really do much because of the range.
If you walk into an unwarded bush, even if stealthed, you're gonna have a bad time.

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Thank you for reading my guide, hope you'll like it, if not please PM me here or send me a mail at, and we'll discuss what went wrong or what you personally feel could be added/edited/removed from the guide. I love you guys!
Even if the community of the game isn't all rainbows and sunshine, it's still a pleasure to play with people who are motivated and are willing to admit when they screw up.
Stay shiny people, and remember to wear your sunglasses!
Lots of Love