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Warwick Build Guide by Arabpizza

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Arabpizza

Time to Hunt!

Arabpizza Last updated on June 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is my Warwick guide, self built with no intentions of copying another one's guide.
So, this Warwick build has been made by me to dominate lanes and the whole game in earlyMid& latest stages of the game. According to me, this build is substancial to others and why is that? You'll find out further down the guide.

Hi guys and welcome to my first guide! *excited :D*
First of all I just want to mention that I'm German - so please dont blame me for my bad english :) And in case you're British/American/dont know (whereever English is spoken): be happy... you cant imagine how much I hate to be forced to do that many things in another language than German :D
So far... well who I am?
I'm a low ELO-Player cause I hate ladder due to the pressure and things like that. Ladder causes people in my team always to ragequit if they fail and want to flame someone else for that... so I'm mainly playing normal games.
Actually my main is Nasus but since there is already a nearly complete guide (still missing the math part! I love maths) by Hyfe at it would be useless to write a guide for Nasus. Well, I also like playing Warwick, but hate jungling. Dont know why. Who cares. This is why I began playing Lanewick and it works quite well :) Even if it does not look like at first sight ;)

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+ Armor Pen Red Runes - For more damage/crit chance on Warwick's meele based attacks ( Which is what most abilities of his are ).

+ Armor Yellow Runes - For more armor ( i.e reduced damage and survivability ).
- Cooldown Reduction Blue Runes - For more efficient spamming of your abiliites. Faster returning of Warwick's Q spell will most likely turn a 1v1, 2v1 or a full team fight around.

+ Armor Pen Quintessences - Same reason as with the Red Runes = More Crits on warwicks meele based attacks.

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i will list the item's name in a line & from there explain why its gonna be bought & used.

[Doran's Blade] - This might be a obvious choice for a laning Warwick. You immideatly wanna feel that you dominate the lane, and by going this item ( which gives + Lifesteal, Damage & Some Hit Points ) you will be in control for the reminder of the game. Warwick's passive also gives lifesteal back from every Autoattack he does.

[Berserker's Greaves] - The standard boots for Warwick. + Attackspeed is a must if you wanna dominate and get a good game while playing this hero. More attackspeed also equals more Lifesteal back from your passive ability.

[Warmog's Armor] - Now this might be a new tweak into the Warwick or the semi common name ( Lanewick ) and why do i build this item? From personal experience if ur going mid or solo lane with a Warwick.. Maybe even regular jungling, i feel that warwick doesnt have enough Hit Points as he should've had.

[Sunfire Cape] - Great item for dominating the lanes in mid game & possibly teamfights aswell. The + damage per second will significantly help you alot when your going for a quick blue/red buff or a gank up whatever lane that is the target. Simply an item that gives you a good upper hand in most fights.

[The Bloodthirster] - Quite standard item for a Warwick as it gives you a hefty amount of Damage & + Lifesteal if the creeps have been farmed good & Properly. a Must have item for a champion like Warwick.

[Madred's Bloodrazor] - Good & Strong item for warwick if your going for almost instant Blue/Red buff kills and Overpowering tanks as this item "Drains" 4% of an tank if you happened to have found one in your eyesight.

[Infinity Edge] - We all wanna see big bad crits smearing on our screen and this item will absolutley help with that and much more. Due to the input of tanklike items into this build, Getting more critdamage while ur critting & a massive damage boost will be quite standard & needy if you wanna continue to be ahead in Creeps,Kills & Skills ;).

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Skill Sequence

You wanna level youre Q & E spell upto atleast 3 levels each before putting anything into you W Spell ( Being the teamwide buff ). Lane control will be so much more easy if you get this skill sequence. By maxing out Q&E, you will damage/heal & chase down your oposing enemies faster & Kill them quicker for some LAANE DOMINATIOON!

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Pros / Cons

+ One of the best junglers ingame
+ Great regeneration skills makes him quite tanky even without lifesteal.
+ Superb ganker. Apears from nowhere with a highly damaging long stun.
+ Best chaser ingame due to passive MS buff when the prey is under 50% life.
+ Extreme survival capabilities for a dps champ thx to huge lifesteal
+ % based damage (Bloodrazor + Hungering Strike) will get even tanks down very fast

- Golem buff dependant early/mid game.
- Costy itemisation
- Stun/blind vurneable
- Easy to countergank in jungle
- Leaves 1 champion for 2v1 lane
- Quite team dependant (ganks and map/miss awareness).