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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cyvern

To be or not to be a good Singed

Cyvern Last updated on August 17, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Singed is one of the most tricky and annoying champions to have against you.
So if you use your skills and abilities on a great way, you will dominate your lane and win the team fights.

I showed you in the Item list in what order to buy the items and their ingredients.
But maybe you should change the Frozen Hearth in to a Sunfirecape to do some more damage.
and for the last Item I always take Zhonya's Ring cause when I reach that high amout of money it goes well so I dont need any tank items cause I don't die! But if you think you die way to much buy what ever u need! Are you playing against heavy dps? go for Thornmail or Frozen Hearth. Are You playing against heavy casters? Buy Force of Nature. Against both? Buy Guardian Angel. Actually I never go for Guardian Angel! Even when I got a hybrid team against me. Most of the time there is only one guy that does major damage so I buy what ever I need, to be able facing him again, without dieing this time!

Summoners Spells.
For Singed I use Clarity because: I always use my Poison Trail that much that my mana is gone in no time so that's why I use Clarity.
For Singed I also use Teleport. Teleport is the best skill to get quick back in to your lane. You can use it because Singed doesn't need any flee skills. For that he uses Mega Adhesive and Insanity Potion (his ultimate).


As you see in my ablility level sequence I first added Fling to my ability list.
Its a good ability during the whole game. Fling is especialy good in the beginning of the game. When you and your allied champion are in the brushes. And an enemy pops out of it to take a quick look up in to your brushes? Singed trows him over his head to his allied champion. and than you guys take him down. He probably will die. But to be sure I recommend a good stunner as lane mate.

Poison Trail.
As you see the second ability I added is Poison Trail.
This ability is the ability to push your lane! Its really easy use your ability, run in to the minions, and run back. When your ability reaches lvl 4/5 it will kill the minions in no time. That way you will force your enemy champions back to their turret. I also use it al the time when im running away for enemy champions. If they follows you long enough they'll get tagged big time and maybe even get killed. Because lots of players are so focused on you and your health when they are chasing you that they don't even see that their own health is going away (also use it every time ur in a fight against an enemy champion).

Mega Adhesive.
the third ability I use is Mega Adhesive.
This ability will slow your enemy target minions or champion doesn't matter.
It works this way. You press W trow some brown chemical **** near or on the enemy to slow them. This ability can be usefull to keep up with your enemy or to get away from them. As I said running away? use Poison Trail!

Insanity Potion.
The fourth and last ability from Singed is Insanity Potion. This ulimate is not like most ulitmates. It's not like cast and major damage? No it's even better in combination with Singed his other skills.

The combination.
This is where Singed really becomes a good team playing champion!
When your in the middle of the game and every one is on mid. Singed is the guy to help the team get some kills! Use Insanity Potion (your ultimate/R ability) wait for someone to get a little to close and trow your Mega Adhesive over him he'll get slowed. Then you put your Poison Trail on (just to do a little more damage alreddy) and then Fling him over your head in the middle of your team. Thats again when its really usefull to have an instant stunner/slower like nunu (ultimate) or amumu (ultimate/bandage toss). Let your team finish him and do it al over againg.

Why Singed?
Because of his lane domination ability (Poison Trail)
Because of his ally champion save ability (Mega Adhesive)
Because of his All mid combination (Insanity potion, Poison Trail, Mega Adhesive, Fling)
And last but not least he's able to tank champions and turrets.

Well I hope I helped you guys with playing Singed.
Have fun playing him and maybe I'll see you in game against me :D.

And don't be shy give me commends to make this guide even better.