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League of Legends Build Guide Author B34stM0d3

To your team, a Hero: To your enemies, a hacker

B34stM0d3 Last updated on November 12, 2010
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This is the first time I've created a build here and I'm kind of just testing it out a little bit. This is a pretty straight forward build for Veigar that I always use. If played correctly, you can easily reach 800+ AP without obtaining all of the items for this build.


Pretty straight forward here. I just went for things that compliment any caster quite nicely.


Thanks to some advice from some previous comments, I went AP and MagPen with the runes. This will help you deal even more devastating damage to enemies, expecially if they think they're clever by stack magic resist.

Skill Priorities

Primordial Burst > Baleful Strike > Dark Matter > Event Horizon
Pretty straight forward. We always want to level our Ult whenever we can. Baleful strike will be our main attack so you want to get that up as quickly as possible. Once Baleful Strike is maxed just alternate between Event Horizon and Dark Matter. I Try to make sure you have a point in all four once you hit level six.

Now the fun part...

Item Explanation!

This build is pretty standard and can be used for almost any caster. It gives you A LOT of AP, a whole extra nuke (Deathfire Grasp), and of course CDR!

To Start Off

Sapphire Crystal and two health potions.
I go with this because you're going to be spamming your Baleful Strike a lot. This will give you a nice little boost to your mana to prevent running OOM too quickly. You can also go 1 Health Pot and 1 Mana Pot if you feel like you won't be taking a lot of damage.

Deathfire Grasp

This is my favorite item. It gives Veigar a whole extra nuke and some nice AP. I always like to go for this first because it deals a respectable amount of damage and will help you get kills early game.

Sorcerer's Shoes

Pretty self explanatory. It gives you speed and MP.

Archangel's Staff

This will provide a very nice boost to your mana and your AP. This couples nicely with your Baleful Strike because both of them steadily increase your AP as the game progresses.

Zhonya's Ring

This is the bread and butter of any AP build. Your AP will sky rocket once you pick this up. Nothing feels better than watching your AP jump like 200 points after purchasing this item. (:

Lich Bane

This item is a must-have for almost any AP build IMO but is sadly, underused by many. By late game, you'll have at least 800 AP. With Lich Bane, your standard attacks will basically be hitting for that 800 every three seconds. This item is a must have and will completely rip your enemies apart with almost no effort.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter

This compliments this build quite nicely as it adds survivability with the health along with some nice AP and a slow to boot. The reason why I go with this is because if you're even able to get up to the sixth item slot, it means the game is very long and the other team and yours are both neck and neck at a tie. The other team is fairly geared and it's not as easy to gank anymore. This will provide you with the necessary survivability to not get ripped apart by carries.

Game Play

I will be splitting up the gameplay section into three sub-sections. I know, really original. But, hey, it works.

Early Game

Soloing mid is really the way to go with Veiger. It's just too much work last hitting with Baleful Strike with your team mate also trying to last hit. Veigar is better off solo.

Try not to be too aggressive until level 6. For now, you really just want to concentrate on last hitting creeps with Baleful Strike. This is crucial at all times during the entire game because it will contribute to your overall AP by so much. I've seen Veigars with 1k+ AP. It very important to focus on this even up until Victory.

Mid Game

By this time you have your Deathfire and Boots. Depending on how accurate and vigorous you were with AP farming with Baleful Strike, you could have anywhere between 100 and 150 AP. You're ready to gank. When you're going in the for the kill, Drop your horizon so that the edge of the circle is right on the enemy. Drop your dark matter, deathfire nuke, baleful, and if they're still alive seal the deal with primordial burst. That's if your ganking. If your in team fights, try to save your primordial burst.

If you're feeling comfortable enough to leave mid for a little, head into the jungle and pick up blue buff for the CDR. This will make farming AP faster. You're going to want to have the blue buff on you at all times.

Late/End Game

By now you're mostly, if not, completely done with your build depending on how long the fight is. You have anywhere between 600 and 1000 AP. Your Deathfire is hitting for 50% of the enemies health and your lich bane auto attacks are completely ripping things apart. It's pretty straight forward from here. Veigar is pretty straight forward. All of his attacks deal ridiculous amounts of damage.

Additional comments

Veigar is very squishy, be very careful when roaming on your own. Classes like Xin Zhao can really hurt Veigar if they catch you off guard.

If you're doing really well and have some extra gold, pick up an Elixer of Brilliance for the CDR and AP. This stacked with Golem buff will really increase your DPS as well as put you close to the CDR cap.

Like I said, this is my first build. If you liked it, let me know how you did with it. If you have some helpful criticism, I would love to hear it. Please don't down or up vote without commenting!