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League of Legends Build Guide Author OG PoroPower

TOP 5 OFFMETA SUPPORT CHAMPIONS!!! (according to my opinion)

OG PoroPower Last updated on January 11, 2016
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#5: Malphite!!!

Malphite Build

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I dont claim there ARE "the best" offmeta supports.
But I do say they are in my opinion, and I realy want to encourage people to try playing something different then they usually do.

So now lets get into the reasons I picked these champions for my top 5...

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NR:5 - Malphite

Malphite is not the most offmeta as support, he gets picked sometimes even in ranked for this role.
Never the less, he is acualy realy realy strong as support.
Build him full tank maybe with a Zeke's Harbinger or an Abyssal Mask.
Absolutely a nr 5!

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NR:4 - Galio

People tell me I am nuts. Nobody plays Galio at all, and definitely not as support!
BUT most of those people use the argument: "without AP he is useless" or "he needs damage".
EVERYONE DON'T FORGET HIS PASSIVE!!! go build him full tank, he gets 50%AP of his magic resist.
So if you build him full tank ending up with (for example) 200 armor and 180 magic resist, he will get from that 180 magic resist 90 bonus AP. ABOVE that he has a shield giving him even more armor and magic resist so also more AP.
And if you include masteries that also improves his shield u can do a little math and id say its pretty strong.

too tank to kill and damage to deal. a worthy nr 4!

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NR:3 - Udyr

Why would you play Udyr support? becouse, it is not only super fun to play it absolutely works!!! Max bear, build full tank with 40% cooldown and befor the stun wears of you stun them again!!! Get a tanky item with mana like Frozen Heart and u just spam E the entire game!

How broken is that? u tell me! this is why Udyr is my nr 3!

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NR:2 - Lux

Before you are going to tell me Lux is very common as support notice that i am talking about : Lux SUPPORT!!
Not about someone that has never played support and got mad because midlane was firstpicked so he just go full AP lux nonononono
I am talking about 0AP lux, NO AP, NADA AP, NONE, NO single bit of AP.
but as a true support.
It works, its reliable (to me), and fun!

I will make a Guide about "zero AP lux support" as soon as i got the time for it.
without any doubt my nr 2!

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NR:1 - Sejuani

Sejuani should have in my opinion having support as MAIN role!
Take Teleport, take Barrier, take Ignite, take Heal, ANY SPELL WILL DO!!
You dont need Exhaust!
Why you dont need exhaust?

BECAUSE SEJUANI IS a walking exhaust herself!!!!
I am not lying when I tell you I freaking L<3VE Sejuani as support.

Thats why Sejuani is my NR 1 offmeta support!


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