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Viktor Build Guide by RobLucchi

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RobLucchi

Top Viktor's Guide [Alternative plays]

RobLucchi Last updated on February 19, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi I'm RobLucchi, a player from the server LAS.

I just wanted to make a simple but solid guide. If you want to buy Viktor or you have already bought him, this guide will help you. I'm showing my alternate way of playing Viktor.

I know it's a boring and simple guide but, meh. Feel free to comment, rate and give some reasons!

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About Viktor


- Versatile.

- High range on Death Ray

- High AP scaling ratio.

- Great movility.

- Great utility.

- Very fun to play.

- High damage even with this build.

- Very complete stats.

- Hard to master.


- Not a great tank.

- Hard to master.

- Hard to farm.

- Must know how to manage your mana.

- Doesn't have good sustain.

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Recovery , Meditation and Feast will give you presence in your lane. Always play wisely. Harass melee opponents with basic attacks, stacking Spell Weaving and using your Q to poke and trade. Don't use your E on early levels. Arcane Blade enhaces your poking ability. Dangerous Game can save your life. The rest of the masteries let you deal more and more damage.

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Because Viktor is slow, Movement Speed quints will fix that, making him a good chaser combinated with Augment: Power. Glyph of Magic Resist and Seal of Armor will make you a solid opponent. Due to your high base damage and the AP scaling passive you won't be needing more. Mark of Hybrid Penetration because will help you to harass your opponent with basic attacks (Don't forget that your basic attacks also hit with magic damage). That's why I personally prefer Mark of Hybrid Penetration and not Mark of Magic Penetration.

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Skill Sequence

Chaos Storm > Power Transfer > Death Ray > Gravity Field

We max Power Transfer first because of the shield, the high damage and the low cost. Personally, I upgrade E second because W is just your utility skill and it's good because of the stun, so use it wisely. E is to farm.

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Read the notes in items section.

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Laning with Viktor

Laning with Viktor is pretty easy, but you will need practise. In the first minutes of the match you have to manage your mana because your Q doesn't have good damage. Only use your Q after stacking 3 charges of Spell Weaving on your opponent. Try to rush your Catalyst for sustain and also Rod of Ages obviously. Once you get your Augment: Power, you will be able to poke really easy. Only use your Gravity Field when their jungle comes, I mean, if you don't have Augment: Power you are an easy prey with your W on cooldown. If you try this guide and you feel vulnerable, replace Flash for Ghost but I don't think it's necessary. Read all the notes I added because they are part of this guide and will put you into this way of playing Viktor!

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Farming with Viktor is really easy when you get Catalyst. Combinate your Death Ray with basic attacks, if necessary use your Q but be smart. Don't leave yourself vulnerable to ganks because of cooldowns.

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Your role as a top laner in teamfights variates. Definitely, you shouldn't initiate teamfights, your jungle should. You have to peel to your ADC if your support doesn't and also peel to your mid if he's being focused and needs help. Then you have to aim your Q to his carry, if he is well protected, use your W to stun and take of the teamfight the rest of the team. Burn 'em with Death Ray and keep spaming your Q. Use your R after W if more damage is needed, if not, save it for a necessary situation. Don't forget that your R can silence for 0,5 seconds, it's made to cancel some channeling skills like Katarina's Ult. Your ult does well in teamfight combinated with Rylai and Gravity Field, so you add lot of CC to your team. Don't be afraid of being into the teamfight, you are not as hard as Shen but you can take good damage and counter attack.

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Early in life, Viktor discovered his passion for science and invention, particularly in the field of mechanical automation. He attended Zaun's prestigious College of Techmaturgy and led the team that constructed Blitzcrank � a scientific breakthrough that he expected to vault him to the top of his profession. Unfortunately his triumph was usurped by Professor Stanwick, who stole credit for developing Blitzcrank's sentience and later used Viktor's research to revive Urgot. Viktor's appeals for justice fell on deaf ears, and he sank into a deep depression. He withdrew from the College and barricaded himself in his private laboratory, cutting all human ties. There, in secret, he conceived a project for which nobody else could claim credit. Desiring both to revolutionize his field and to eliminate the jealous human emotions which festered inside him, he engineered parts to replace and improve his own body.

When Viktor re-emerged, almost no trace of the original man remained. Not only had he supplanted the majority of his anatomy, but his personality had changed. His previous hope to better society was replaced by an obsession with what he called ''the glorious evolution.'' He saw himself as the patron and pioneer of Valoran's future � a future in which man would renounce his flesh in favor of superior hextech augmentations. Though Viktor's initial appeals were met with heavy skepticism, scientists were confounded by the sophistication of his machinery. By integrating his mind with techmaturgical devices, he had been able to drastically accelerate the progress of his research. His transformation had stripped him of what he perceived as his emotional weaknesses, but there was some lingering residue of resentment against the Professor. Viktor joined the League of Legends to pit his inventions against the greatest opponents Valoran could offer, and to correct any weaknesses or inefficiencies that remained.

"In one's hand, techmaturgy is a tool. As one's hand, it is liberation." -Viktor

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Final words

Well, I hope you enjoy this guide. I don't know if this is the best way to play Viktor but this is about knowing more about him. As this champion is very versatile... Please rate and comment, anyway I just want to show you one of my ways of playing Viktor. I don't expect to have a perfect and extense guide. Just solid.