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Warwick Build Guide by Torque

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Torque

Torquè's Top Solo Anti-Carry Tankwick

Torque Last updated on May 16, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First off I'd like to say is Warwick was the first champion I have ever played and liked in the League. I enjoyed the fact he could attack really fast with his W and chase people for days with his E. But to stay on track, this is a guide for a Top Solo Tankwick. This build will allow you to shred AD carries like paper, allow infinite sustainability in lane, and keep you alive forever during team-fights. This guide will be slightly in-depth containing reason of why I chose certain items, masteries, and runes in my build.

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The reason I picked the defensive tree over the offensive is for more CDR and the simple fact Tankwick's main source of damage is his Q and Ultimate. Meaning his Q will always do 20% HP and his Ultimate scales of AD anyways. Also with 39.94% CDR at level 18 your Ultimate will always be ready for team-fights and Q spam will keep you up during them. The extra HP/5 regeneration will allow you to stay in lane longer too.

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The runes are pretty straight forward; Magic Penetration for more damage on your Q and Ultimate, Armor for tankiness and sustain in lane, Magic Resist per level for end-game tankiness, and HP/5 regeneration for lane sustain. Many people would rather have movement speed quintessences or even more magic penetration, but I believe HP/5 regeneration quintessences are a better overall decision so you can stay in lane forever and get more farm.

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Starting with a Regrowth Pendant will minimize mana usage and will keep you in lane longer. This could also be replaced with a Doran's Shield but keep in mind you'll need extra gold to get that Philosopher Stone. After this grab level 1 boots, this will make you harder to gank/kill or make it easier for you to get a kill. Next I'd grab a Chain Vest, most top lane champions are melee and your only real counters are melee. If facing AP I'd grab Merc Treads and Spirit Visage before this. Your 2 major items are Glacial Shroud and Spirit visage, giving you 25% CDR, an amzing heal buff, and mild tankiness. Once you are able to obtain these items you should snag a Wit's End. More damage and more Magic Resist is great and meld's with Warwick's passive nicely. Close to the end of the build I get Giant's belt for more HP, then finish my Glacial Shroud to Frozen Heart for close to 40% CDR and even more armor. By around this time you should be extremely hard to kill and people will want to avoid you, especially the AD carries, so you buy a Frozen Mallet next to allow you to stick on your target and be even more tanky. Finally you build a Guardian's Angel so people won't even want to touch you. But in all honesty if you make it to this point both teams need to stop wasting so much time during the game :D.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite: More damage, good to stop healing on carries, overall good.
Flash: Flash + Ultimate is the most annoying and effective combos in the game, can't miss out on this amazing summoner spell.
Others: The only other summoner spells I could think of being semi-useful but not as effective is Exhaust and Ghost. Exhaust for the AD carry or surviving ganks and Ghost for better chase in addition to your passive E and preventing ganks. Only choose these two if you hate wards or the entire enemy team has massive speed buffs.

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Skill Sequence

Maxing Q is a must for sustain and damage, maxing W last is something I do because auto-attacks are a fraction of my damage and I believe maxing your E is much more useful in team-fights and when counter-jungling (I have sniffed out many low-hp junglers.), and obviously putting a point in your Ultimate whenever possible.

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Last Words

This is my first guide and I hope you guys appreciate it and rate to your true belief, I would enjoy making more guides if people want them. Keep in mind these builds are meant for Ranked Games and other builds might be more suitable for non-Ranked Games. As again thanks for reading my guide and I hope you liked it. Peace.