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Riven Build Guide by fulaire

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author fulaire

tough as (d)Riven nails.

fulaire Last updated on October 20, 2011
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this is my first guide

but i have found a great synergy with riven, and so i feel my insights will help many players out trying to learn how to unlock her potential.

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the basics (pros and justifications)

for starters, everyone wants to go with Greater Mark of Attack Damage to start off with riven, or with greater marks of desolation . i go with greater marks of malice for a very good reason, Rven needs to be strong in the early game, Broken Wings in, Ki Burst, Valor out is my favorite combo with her.

to that end, i broken wings in, auto attack, and if i crit there, with the runic empowerment, we're looking at 130-180 crits at level 1. and odds are, you'll get one or 2 in that first skirmish; landing you or your lane partner a first blood pretty easy against most champs, unless they have Flash.

i justify greater marks of malice over Greater Mark of Attack Damage, because crit is a lot more expensive to stack, and will win you early skirmishes a lot faster than the potential 8 bonus damage from flat ad marks.

this build is based around being a harassing champion until the 25 minute mark, when you have constructed, at which point, you will mow down your enemies like a fat kid on a chocolate cake.

dodge runes (and masteries) gives you that extra edge against champions mainly in the fomr of mobility. you dodge an anttack and gain a 10% move speed. between the move speed quints and a dodge, with just tier one boots, you will jump up to a 408 speed; combined with valor, you will catch up with people who pop ghosts without having to use your broken wings as a pursuit tool.

greater seals of evasion also turn a minion attack into an immediate speed bosst, when 5 monions attack you, you are guarenteed to dodge at lest 1 attack, allowing you to evade an enemy or rush him incredibly fast. they are not as reliable as the flat armor quints other quides recomend, but late game, dodging those 200-300 damage auto attacks; the 10 armor will be dwarfed by a 20% or greater dodge rate.

greater glyphs of celerity are enough said, between masteries and glyphes, you'll have over 10% cd reduction, coupled with short CD times, you don't need much more.

and finally, Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed. riven already has a higher than average base speed, with 3 move speed quints, you'll have a 350 move speed at the stat wit your regrowth pendent, which is as fast as some champs with tier one boots, and you have sustainability.

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the cons

riven is weak early game, with this build, between basic regen and the regrowth pendent, you'll have 35 hp/5, meaning 15 seconds of rest is 100 health. so patient harassment early game is necessary. communication is required with your lane partner, or often, they will mistake a harass for a full out assault,a dn you get a dead lane partner.

you don't get much ap until the 25 minute mark, when you get your atmas impaler ans Warmog's Armor . until then, all you'll have is Wriggle's Lantern. decent damage, armor, and life steal. it's not a lot though, so you really have to play conservatively, and use that aforementioned mobility to both lane, jungle, and clean up excess packs of minions. you're out of teamfights until the 20 minute mark, when you should Ninja Tabi Wriggle's Lantern and part of your warmogg's armor built.

this build has no tenacity, and little magic resist, so late game, you will become heavily reliant on valor to save your *** from burst damage. get used to it. without Valor and Ki Burst, you change from a harasser to a grease spot. be careful.

those are the only realy cons, but as you can see, easily worked around.

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i mostly went over runes in the pros, so check out my thoughts on the matter there.

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you must always be farming with this build once a tower or 2 go4es down, you will be rushing from lane to lane, jungling in between. riven lanes in this build until level 6, then roams, killing and all minions in sight. that is part of the reason for a wriggles in a laning build, the armor and lifesteal and passive really help your farm a lot. getting assists and kills helps of course, so if you see a team fight, you're initial job is to get their attention, thne split them up into running after you. you can easily escape them, and exhause and ignite will allow you to pick up an easykill or 2 every few team fights.
but yeah, start bottom lane, clear to their tower, take out their blue golem, then clear the jungle, then go to whatever lane need a clearing, and aoe it down, then clear the other jungle make sure to use your wriggle ward to see if you are being followed, or to prevent river ganks. you will also e abe to easily solo the dragon at level 7 as long as you have your tabi, lantern, and pendent.

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Skill Sequence

the skill sequence is rather important, a lot of people look at broken wings as the bread and butter of the build, but really, who wants bread and butter when you can have the grilled cheese of Ki Burst. often, i will q, q, w, get in 2 autoattacks, then q again to disrupt them, then Valor out. by leveling Ki Burst early, you get to lay in a decent amount of damage, and stun them, then knock them back, then zip away. a great harass technique. Valor is your beef dip, to keep the snack analogy going leveling it fast lower the CD, and having it off cd often means you can use it to soak up caits traps, and teemos mushroom with eas often.

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Unique Skills

the reason this build works for me is that the high crit, coupled with her frequent speed boosts from dodging, means it is hard to dislodge her from a targets. and the sudden burst to over 200 ad at the 25-28 minute mark means she suddenly starts tearing into her opponents; and easily chases tem across the map, fearing for their precious pixelated ***es.

the high health from warmogs and the armor from atma and wriggles means she's pretty tough against ad.

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some item variants

now, this build i have outlined is primarily for summoners rift, but i have found it to be a reasonable build in dominion as well, though i often eschew the Warmog's Armor for a [frozen mallet]] and Phage often becomes my stating item for health, damage and a slow. then i get some Vampiric Scepter and a Ninja Tabi.

anyways, hope you enjoyed my take on hte new riven champ, please leave suggestions and critiques in the comment box, happy hunting!