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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ishchael

Toxic Teemo

Ishchael Last updated on May 10, 2011
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Hi guys,

Lately I've been playing Teemo, he's a ranged DPS champion that can cause some serious damage over time (DOT) if built right. I've been experimenting with his build and trying to figure out what works best with him. I've noticed quite success with a certain build, so I'll share it with you.

This is a hybrid build that consists of buying cheap items that can lots of damage early game, but have passives that will allow you to scale appropriately late game.

Bear in mind that this is my first guide and I'm not familiar with Mobafire so let me know if there needs to be any improvement. Comment if you have questions or concerns.

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I chose mostly Alacrity runes to give an Attack Speed edge early game. The Glyphs of Potency also compliment his Toxic Shot ability early game to give you an extra 9 damage per shot.

Though this may not seem like it scales very well, this rune set up has enough attack speed to keep you farming early game, which will allow you to buy needed items late game.

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Summoner Spells

While it may seem silly to pick Ghost as a summoner spell, since Teemo has the "Move Quick" ability, Ghost coupled with activated Move Quick can increase your movement speed instantly by up to 50%. Not only is this useful for evading normal runners, you can also outrun anyone with flash or ghost.

However, if you believe that flash would be a better choice, then choose flash. It's all about your play style. Normally I use flash to ambush an enemy or quickly escape; however, since Teemo doesn't have any stuns or slows, using flash to ambush is practically useless. Therefore, the only practical reason to have flash is for escaping.

I chose Exhaust because Teemo doesn't have any active slows or stuns. If the enemy is hitting Teemo's traps and they have no team members to protect them, then running to them and exhausting them is an excellent way to get a guaranteed kill.

I appropriated points in the masteries tree to make both summoner's spells a bit stronger and last a bit longer.

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Skill Sequence

If you take a look at the skill tree, you'll notice that my skills are not upgraded in a common order. You want to max out toxic shot first, then follow it up with move quick when toxic shot is not available.

Teemo is called the "Swift Scout" and is tagged as an assassin for a reason. Teemo's made to move around the map quickly and lay waste to his foes. Maxing out toxic shot and move quick whenever available is the most effective way to do this. This skill sequence works perfectly with the specified build.

However, one might want to consider throwing a point in Blinding Dart if there is a melee DPS champion on the opposing team giving you a bit of trouble.

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The items I chose for this build may seem odd, but I assure you that they are quite effective.

I always start the match with a simple Dagger. Your beginning attack speed will be about 1.120 attacks per second. This is almost twice the normal starting attack speed. And from this dagger, you can rush Malady. Malady only costs about 1800 gold and its passive causes 20 extra damage per shot, as well as decrease the opponents magic resistance. Coupled with your toxic shot, that should be at level 3 by now, you'll be doing massive amounts of damage (comparatively) to anyone who crosses your path.

You may be asking yourself why I didn't say to purchase boots first. There are two reasons for this. 1, early game, many champions may not have purchased their boots yet. So if you need to make a quick escape, you can maneuver behind one of your hidden mushrooms to slow your opponents. 2, if you place 1 point in Move Quick at level 2, you will be faster than if you bought boots of speed. And if you need to make a get away, you can simple activate Move Quick to double its bonus and get you the heck out of there.

After Malady, it's important to buy Boots of Swiftness. With these and Move Quick, you can be all over the map in no time at all. By now, you should have your ultimate (if not, then you got fed out the balls). The extra speed will allow you to place Mushroom Traps around the map giving you map awareness and may help your allies gank a weak, unsuspecting, slowed opponent or allow them to retreat safely into the brush.

After Malady and Boots of Swiftness, Wit's End is a great purchase. It increases attack speed and applies 42 bonus damage to the target. Its passive also works well when trying to take down other champs. It stacks 4 times and each stack gives you 5 magic resistance. In a skirmish, within 2 seconds, your Teemo will have a total of 20 magic resistance because of Wit's End and your target will have have a total of 24 decreased magic resistance because of Malady.

Next comes Hextech Gunblade. Gunblade is one of the best hybrid items. It will increase your attack damage and ability power to make your basic attacks destructive. The lifesteal and spell vamp are a nice added touch when trying to tear down an opponent.

After Gunblade, I usually go with Nashor's Tooth. Though honestly, I've never been in a match long enough to need it. Most teams usually surrender by this time. Nashor's tooth will increase your attack speed and add to your ability power to keep shredding through your opponents.

Guinsoo's Rageblade is a nice item to finish with, as it increases ability power and attack speed over time. As you'll notice, many of your items are based on gaining stacks from repeatedly attacking your opponents. Though it may seem foolish to work on a "stacks basis", it will cause your opponents to greatly underestimate you and will not likely run from you during a fight because of the false illusion that they can win.

This item list is not perfect, I am well aware. While these work for me, I have a different playing style than most people. I use Teemo as an assassin character. He sneaks around the battlefield to rip apart enemies that aren't paying attention or during team fights, pecks at the opponents a few times, then retreats to start over. Do keep in mind though, that these items require you to be aggressive. However, aggressive is not stupid.

Remember to build smart. If you're fighting a fed Cho'Gath, then rush BR. If you need more health, then buy a Frozen Mallet. This build is just an effective build that I've had a lot of success with. It's cheap and does damage quickly. You'll notice it to be quite efficient if you try it out.