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Build Guide by Travesh

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Travesh

Trav's Cho'Gath Tank Build

Travesh Last updated on April 10, 2011
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Let me introduce myself, my in game name is TheTrav, feel free to add me in League of Legends! I usually go by the name Travesh. I have gamed for many years now, mostly I play FPS, for example I played Battlefield 2142 for years, now I'm playing League of Legends, and I have to admit, I love it!

I have only been playing League of Legends for a few weeks now, so I am very very inexperienced compared to a lot of you greater build creators, but I wanted to share my personal Cho'Gath build. I do not know much about Runes yet, nor do I have all my Mastery points, for those sections, I give all credit to Hell_pet, for his amazing Cho'gath build that I used to use! You can see his at =]

Without any further ado, I present you, Trav's Cho'Gath Tank Build!

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Pros / Cons

Pros of Cho'Gath:
-Good tank
-Almost impossible to kill mid/late game
-Good at farming minions
-Can silence and slow enemy champs
-Rupture can do great damage, plus it slows
-Has a passive that shoots out spikes when you attack to do extra AoE damage (with no mana cost)
-Feast is a great ultimate. Does godly damage and it increases you're health when you get it a kill with it. AND IT WORKS ON MINIONS. It will basically 1hit any enemy minion. At rank three with 6 stacks, it gives you an extra 900 health.


Cons of Cho'Gath:
-Rupture has a delay before it shoots out, so enemies can dodge it
-In early game ranged heroes will be able to harass you
-To get a lot of health you need stacks
-Mana cost for skills is high early game, and to a lesser degree late game.

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Now, you may be wondering, "Lolol what u smokin' brah? You use a ruby crystal and three hearts of gold? Lol nub." Let me explain before you judge, I've found that with three Hearts of Gold, you rack up gold pretty fast. 15 gold per five seconds added. That's not bad. If that was the only stat it gave me, I would never use it, BUT each one gives you +200 health and +27 armor! That is an extra 600 health and (let me pull out a calculator) 81 armor, nice!

A single heart of gold all together is 975g. Now, when you start out the game buying a Ruby Crystal, you go and make sure to LAST HIT all the enemy minions. I usually prefer to go to the middle because that is how I gain levels fastest and that is how you make sure you are the only one last hitting, so more gold for you.

As soon as you hit 500g in game, port back and grab your first Heart of Gold. You're now on your way!

Eventually, you'll have enough gold to get all three of your Hearts of Gold, then keep last hitting enemies along with the extra 15g/sec and you will rack up some nice gold!

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Summoner Spells

For my summoner spells, I almost always choose exhaust and ignite. Exhaust is used to slow down your enemies if they are trying to get away, combined with you're Boots of Swiftness and they will be dead meat >:) Exhaust can also be used if, in the early game, you are 1v1ing some nub thinking they can kill you. If you need to, pop exhaust on them and they do less damage, and can't run away. Free kills =]

I also choose Ignite, that way if my exhaust is on CD, or I'm fighting an enemy champ with a self heal, I pop ignite on them to reduce their healing, and if they run away with very low health, it will finish them off. More free kills =]

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Early Game

In early game for Cho'Gath, you will want to take the middle. You will get more gold and experience that way, so you own faster.

Against melee champs, hit them with a Rupture once in a while, as long as you have mana left in case they become really aggressive, other than that, stay behind your minions and last hit the enemy minions. If the enemy champ does become really aggressive and comes at you, pull him back (maybe to your turret if he is dumb enough to go that far) use Rupture while he is meleeing you, melee him, and when he gets low hp Exhaust him and maybe throw up ignite to finish him.

Against ranged champs, stay behind your minions so they can't harass you as easily, try to last hit enemy minions if you can without being hurt too bad, otherwise you Rupture in a group of minions to last hit them all. Occasionally rupture the enemy champ. Kill them if they become aggressive and come at you, do not follow them unless you are sure you can get a kill.

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Middle Game

About now you will be very difficult to kill, you should be able to rack up some kills also by rupturing, using your summoner abilities, and FEASTING! =D

You could go around and help out other lanes and kind of gank if you would like now =] you should be able to win most 1v1s

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Late Game

You will be basically UNKILLABLE. You should have very close to 5000 health if not more. Stay with you're team, use TEAMWORK. You should gets lots of kills if you keep your stacks up and feast enemies with low health. Have fun =]

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This is just from one day. The AI games were against intermediate AI and the PvP game was ok. My team didn't really start using teamwork until we had all died a few times, otherwise I would've had less deaths =D

If you have screenshots you want posted from using my build, contact me by adding me in game, my name is TheTrav! Thanks.

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So now you know my Cho'Gath build!

Comment on what you think of it, help me if there needs improvements, and finally add me in game if you want to play with me! My name is TheTrav, thanks! I hope you like it =]