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Fizz Build Guide by RomanLettuce

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RomanLettuce

Trickster of the Jungle- Fizz Jungle Guide

RomanLettuce Last updated on November 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and welcome to the Fizz Jungle guide. I've always been quite partial to jungling and with the new champion release, I thought it would be interesting to try and make a new AP jungle. Fizz is a great jungler with playful/trickster and Seastone Trident

which allow him to clear camps quickly and do potent damage to both dragon and baron. His abilities make his towerdiving abilities almost equal to those of Shaco at level 4. Skilling playful/trickster first makes Fizz great at counterjungling as well, and he is quite good at dueling in the jungle. Fizz takes a cool head and a smart player to jungle efficiently, but he can devastate lanes with his ganks if played right.

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Pros / Cons

+Durable through passive and masteries
+Quick speed from blue to twin golems
+Great ganks and summoner skill versatility
+Incredibly fun to play

-Blue dependant
-Ganks can go horribly wrong
-Early dueling is so so
-Paths aren't as versatile as other junglers

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I've seen guides where peopel take a 21/0/9 build with jungle Fizz and while the added AP and damage is nice, I find 0/21/9 to smooth out both Fizz's jungle speed and his survivability in fights. With the defensive masteries, you gain that extra damage reduction to help with jungling and you get they bonus health to help with confrontations you may encounter in the jungle. A dead Fizz is a useless Fizz. People believe Playful/Trickster to be enough but since this build runs ignite/smite, the defense from the tree will help immensely.

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6x Mark of Insight- These help with ganks earlier on so you can snowball to exploit Fizz's damage
3x Mark of Alacrity- These marks give Fizz more AS to get more hits with his Seastone Trident
9x Seal of Resilience- Standard jungle runes, works great with Fizz's passive
9x Glyph of Alacrity- As with the marks, these give Fizz more hits with his Trident
3x Quintessence of Potency- Help with early game damage and clear time
3x Quintessence of Swiftness- Stacking with the masteries, these help get in positions for ganking

Swapping out the Insight marks for Alacrity is okay, but you'll lose some Mpen on champions.

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Now the fun thing about Fizz is his ability to pick many different items to suit different style. The one I've posted is to make Fizz similar to an AP assassin like Kass.
Cloth Armor w/ 5 health pots to start keeps your jungle smooth and allows for a full clear provided you get a leash on Ancient Golem.
First trip back if you've ganked should allow the purchase of boots, a tome, and a ward or potions if needed.
Continue to gank and clear jungle to purchase a hextech revolver, merc treads and if you're doing well a kage's lucky pick. These give you a nice boost to your damage as well as build toward your gunblade and make you slippery to boot.

After gunblade, observe how their tea is building and build items to compensate. FIrst, pick up a sheen to help with Urchin Strike burst and go from there. Got a lot of beefy champs? Get a Madred's or turn Kage's into a Deathfire Grasp. A lot of MR or Armor? Build Phage and maybe even a Wit's End to help you go toe-to-toe. If the game is just going well, build a Madred's and a Trinity to shred the health of the enemy team with your W.

If all has gone well, the team will have surrendered, but if they're holding on, you have one of two choices for end game builds:
Build more damage such as a Rabadon's and focus on killing their carries and support.
Get a GA to help with survivability and make you hard to stop.
If the game goes on even longer, build both and jump into fights like the fish hunter you are.

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Summoner Spells

Since we went with Defensive masteries, we can grab ignite/smite or any skill plus smite to aid in your playstyle. Exhaust and Surge (yes, it does work) are two other great choices with smite. Ghost and Flash are fine to take too if you want to be incredibly slippery, and if you're starting out you can even grab Heal.

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Creeping / Jungling

Fizz jungles well using the Blue to Twin Golems route but he can also start at wolves or twin and work his way around.
Path for Blue Start: Leash on Blue>Wolves>Wraiths (check for ganks)>Red>Golems Recall and gank.
Path for Wolves Start: Wolves>Wraiths>Golems Recall Blue>Wolves>Wraiths>Red>Twin and ganks.
Path for Twin: Leash on Golems>Wraiths>Wolves>Blue Recall Wraiths>Red and ganks.

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Unique Skills

Urchin Strike
This appears to be a simple dash-damage skill but what makes it noteworthy is it's ability to always dash the full distance. The easiest way to abuse this skill is to Playful/Trickster BEHIND the enemy and dash through them to your allies for harassment/diving, or vice versa for ganking.

Fizz has a variety of tricks that make him incredibly hard to hold on to. His E, Playful/Trickster make him hard to hit and can turn a gank into a counter gank. He can also hop ledges and paths (but not walls) to leao to safety. The main reason that we level his E first is because the cooldown decreases and the damage increases on the skill allowing him run quickly or turn the fight in his favor.

Seastone Trident[/b
This skill makes Fizz's jungle and ganks impressive. The passive deals more damage as the target's health decreases, so in combination with ignite, a E>W>Q ignite combo can decimate the squishy champions and weaken the hardy ones for another go around.

Chum the Waters
This skill makes Fizz's post 6 ganks scary. Similar to Zilean's bomb. the fish sticks to a target champion and 'detonates' after a short duration. The cool part to this skill is that it's a skill shot, and you can tag the ground or a champion with it and it can be passed around enemy champions. This skill will turn team fights or grab that straggler that's hiding at their turret.

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In all, this build covers Fizz's squishiness that he has early on and gives another option to the dwindling AP jungler roster. It gives a speedy jungle time and with this build, you'll be able to dive at early levels, pressure lanes, and even counter jungle with your large early game AoE damage. I hope this provides people help to a new and interesting way to play this Trickster of the sea and I hope you enjoy.