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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bane Falcon

Trigger Happy

Bane Falcon Last updated on August 15, 2010
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Alright, warning you in advance that this is a concept build.

This build is named Trigger Happy. It's a combination between Winbeard aka Dr. Glock aka Gangplank aka Daddy and Deny. I recommend reading over both builds before giving this one a shot.

TRIGGER HAPPY: If it moves, shoot it.

From the top!! As usual, do what you want with your masteries/glyphs/summoner spells. Personally, I chose to go with MP5, gold, CD Reduction, and exp gain, because it's kinda what the build works off of. As for summoner spells, I went with Clarity to help lane longer and to better facilitate shooting friend and foe alike. Again, these are personal preferences.

Now, to the nitty-gritty of the build:

STEP 1: Not just a river in Egypt.
You take raise Morale first, and wait by your Nexus. If there's pugs in the group, be prepared to tell them that no, you are not AFK, and yes, you did call Mid. When the first wave of creeps spawn, shoot a Melee creep. By the time you get up to the battlefield, Raise Morale is back up, so shoot another melee creep. This way, you're depriving the opponent of getting gold/exp, and keeping the fight by your tower if they try to get overzealous. The CD of RM should be done by the time the second wave of creeps show up, so pop a melee, THEN HOLD THE CD for the next wave, so you can insta-gak the cannon creep. If done properly, and played cautiously, you should be keeping the Mid opponent on par with the enemies in the side lanes... and with extra exp, you'll be shooting through the levels.

STEP 2: ???

If you can hold off until 6 (which shouldn't be a problem whatsoever), then wait to back until you have Barrage. This is one of those fun times for Teleport. They have a full wave of creeps, and are almost at your tower. You Barrage right on them, and blue pill. They'll be running back for the next wave, and by the time they come back again, you'll have your Chalice and be teleported into your creep wave. Now is when you REALLY get trigger-happy. Hopefully, you should have enough mana regen to be able to make like that one guy from the first Predator movie, unloading on THE ENTIRE ****ING RAINFOREST. You Parrrley the Enemy. You Parrley low creeps for uber booty. You RM the hell out of anything on your side, in hopes of shutting down the exp and gold gain of the opponent to the point that they either have to set up a gank attempt against you (Good luck, with Remove Scurvey to break you from CCs and heal you), which further nerfs their exp gain along with a friend's. Basically, be a prick, and make whoever you're laning against cry out "CHEAP" and "HAXX" and general trash-talk.

At this point in the game, you should have a few more items and be well on the way to macheeeengun anything you run across, be it friend, foe, or neutral creep. Have good awareness of what's going on around you, and keep a close eye on the opposing heroes to know when the prime time is to Barrage the hell out of another lane. This is the most amusing when you're nowhere to be seen, so it scares the hell out of them. Actually, I take that back. It's most amusing when everyone is gang-raping everyone else in Mid, and you roll in with CANNONZ. That's right, you become the Big Red Button. You get to the point where you practically moonwalk around the enemy, unloading on them like you're fresh from The Expendables, and you tapdance on their dead bodies before striking the Cap'n Stance. Because they do have a little Captain in them. Or, at least, a little of the Capn's ammo. By the end of the game, feel free to build whatever heavy-hitters you want. Phantom Dancer and maybe Trinity are acceptable, as is anything using the BF Sword. Just make sure to be a pain in the beginning, out-level the opponents by keeping them nerfed, and maintaining situational awareness for everyone around you, and you should win. Best of luck, me hearties!!