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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Poppy Build Guide by Skum Iceleg

Trin + Infin = Win

Trin + Infin = Win

Updated on June 29, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Skum Iceleg Build Guide By Skum Iceleg 4 2 6,558 Views 3 Comments
4 2 6,558 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Skum Iceleg Poppy Build Guide By Skum Iceleg Updated on June 29, 2011
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So this is my first build and thought why not make it on my little friend Poppy. This guild will show you just some of the things that have made me successful while playing Poppy and the ways I go to accomplish that. I hope you guys enjoy and hope to see more Poppy players in the future because she is one kick *** champion if played right.
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Only two things to say with farming as Poppy - -




That is all...
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The runes I go for are pretty stand to even out damage out put and survivability.

9 Greater Mark of Desolation - -

Because well more armor pen means more damage done by that huge hammer.

9 Greater Seal of Armor - -

One of the many things that will help early game to keep you alive.

9 Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist - -

I find that early game Magic Resist doesn't mean as much as late game so I pick the per level glyphs and they have been working out great.

3 Greater Quintessence of Desolation - -

Once again because more damage output for little Poppy!
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Now this you might say what the hell is he doing?? This isn't a cookie cutter mastery page as you always see on guides. Like the 9/0/21, 21/9/0, 0/21/9. Poppy uses both AP and AD when she attacks and although I don't build her hybrid the small gains you get from masteries ( remember these aren't supposed to be game changers ) I just feel this set up is one I like. By all means change this to how you see fit.
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Skill Sequence

Now being Poppy your bread and butter is the E Q combo. Q is going to be the skill that damages a MASSIVE amount especially to champs with higher HP due to the 8% max health bonus damage. So that is the skill you want to max out first and foremost. Now you might say well why don't you max out charge after that instead of the W skill?? Well that is simply because the benefits of Paragon out weigh the scaling of Charge in my opinion! With the bonus armor and damage you get from the Paragon you will see more often then not it helps a lot more then one charge in the span of the cooldown it has...

So skill sequence should look something like

E ( first because early first blood depends on that stun against the wall )
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Now onto the items that I have chosen for this guide and the reason why I think Poppy is far superior then a lot of champs.

Like the title says the key pieces to this build are the Trinity Force and the Infinity Edge, two very expensive pieces of weaponary. The key is to get to these two pieces as fast as possible meaning everytime you base it should be for one/two parts to the recipe or the full item.

Now the reason I LOVE this build is that once you obtain both of these key items you can spend the rest of your time building up your survivability. I have put three items in their but as we all know you have to adapt to the people you are playing.

-So heavy AD go more armor oriented items

-Heavy magic go for heavy MR items

It is all about conforming to your opponent with the defensive items so do not take the three I put in as must haves.

The one MUST HAVE is the Merc treads... I say this because I find not any of the other boots even come close to giving the benefits that Merc treads do. Attack speed boots shouldn't be needed because Poppy is more about the burst damage with her combo then sustained attack damage... The MR and reduced CC time is well worth having them over anything else.. The only one I could see instead would be CD reduction but everytime I play Poppy I always buy the Merc Treads.
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Summoner Spells

Once again very open to change and what you are comfortable with! I will just tell you why I chose these particular ones.

Flash - - Reason being sometimes you get in those jams ( esspecially early game ) and need that quck escape. This has saved my life so many times from ganks/team fights gone wrong/mistakes by me or my laning partners... I just find it is too good to pass up.

Ignite - - Probably the main reason for this is it works with Poppy's Ulti... Instead of the normal 400+ dmg it does to a champ @ level 18, if you got your ulti on him itll do 30% more damage to him which is only 120 but still more damage output is always nice. This one could be replaced though with many options.

It is really up to your preference but these two have worked amazing for me.
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Pros / Cons

Pros - -

- Amazing burst combo damage
- Good intiator with ulti
- Very nice against high HP champs
- Survivability
- High movement speed with W active
- Potential of taking down 2 players on a 2v1
- Pentakills very much possible

Cons - -

- Early game farming trouble ( must be good at last hitting )
- Gets targetted a lot
- Suseptable to CC even with Treads
- High cost of first few items
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Unique Skills/Team Work

There is two MAJOR skills that every Poppy player must master to become very affective on the battle field.


The combo of E Q and making it most affective! Riot did many Poppy players a favor and made it so Poppy targets the champion after charging which wasn't always the case so that helps you out for the first bit. But the key is positioning with Poppy ( another reason to take Flash ) and that positioning is for the stun part of her charge... You need to be able to identify when the target is most vunerable near walls or any other objects. This will allow not only a successful gank but it takes out maybe one of the carries or other strong players on the opposite team quickly and efficently.


The use of her Ultimate. This one is a biggy because it can mean the difference in a 5v5 fight but also the difference in many situations that I will list below.

Using Ulti to Tower Dive:

This is one of the most useful ways for Poppy and her team to get kills... If there is 2 enemy champions and you have pushed them to their tower.. Decide which is least of the threat to you and your team, for example:

You and Ashe are laning against Singed and Katarina - - Now you have them by your towr with both of them at half health. You would ulti Singed since at this early stage and most stages his Damage output is lesser of Katarina. You would then charge in hopefully stunning Katarina and using your Q on her as well. All this time Ashe has come in as well and is helping out because you are taking all the Tower shots like a boss. You have 6-8 seconds depending on the level of her Ulti to get the job done. Make sure you are out of tower range by the time the ulti wears off and that would be a perfect tower dive.. If it was Katarina just by herself you would do the same thing but Ulti onto her and let the tower do abosultely nothing to you while you wail away on her.

Using your Ulti as an escape method:

This one is simple but I don't see it as often as most people their head is all about Ulti for offence. But if you find yourself outnumbered and low health you can always ulti the weakest ( Usually the tank or support ) damage output and run your little butt away from all those carries trying to bring you down.

Using your Ulti in the 5v5 battle royal!:

Now this might be the most important because it is the most impacting on you and your team. The key here is to be the initiator as you want the 5 enemies to start to target you only to find you popped your ulti on poor low damage output Tank ( enter whatever champ you want here ) and are now raping the carries face with your combo and spamming your Q as much as possible. Remember at lvl 18 this only lasts 8 seconds so try to do as much damage as you can with those 8 seconds. Always let your team know who you will be Ulti on as they don't want to target them down and kill them because as soon as your target is dead the ulti is gone and you are now sitting in the middle with hell raining on you.

It is all about communication with Poppy because if your team doesn't know who you are diving or who you are targeting in a team fight things can just go wrong for you fast. So communicate before acting all you Poppy players.
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So in summary somethings you need to remember:

- Only damage Poppy needs to be HUGE factor is the Trinity Force and Infinity Edge combo

- Build defence according to your enemy

- Get good with the E Q combo and learn how to position

- Learn and Love your Ultimate in every situation

- And have a blast 2 shotting squishies:)

Hope you liked my guild and please rate and comment with any changes you would like to see..

S*** Iceleg
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