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League of Legends Build Guide Author krpro1

Tristana after patch

krpro1 Last updated on December 15, 2010
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So Tristana has probably been my favourite dps champion as I'm a tank player and Trist is super easy to get the hang of after a few games. Which led me to write a guide to her, perhaps its not the best playstyle ever but its a playstyle that you will have success with aslong as you play smart.

Summoner Spells

Flash and Cleanse, basically with Tristanas rocket jump ability and flash + cleanse she becomes ridiculously hard to kill as she can put a huge amount of distance between you and your opponents.


Standard 21 0 9, some people like to play 9 0 21 for buffs and thats fine


Armour pen with mana regen and magic resist basically, if you would like to swap the magic resist with mana regen or cooldown runes feel free.

Your not a child so I don't need to tell you what the skills do, go play around and learn them and you'll find out after a game.

Item Build

Ok so my item build, I don't play a conventional build every game, I switch it up to make changes for the other team.

Dorans blade + hp pot starting I feel is the best way to start as it gives bonus hp some attack damage and life steal. If you really want you can grab a vamp sceptre but I don't recommend it as starting with 4 bars hp is never fun when you get 3 hit.

Now on my first return I always try buy a pair of boots but if I have enough money for a pickaxe or a bf sword I will generally over look the boots and just buy one of those.

Dorans Blades

Ok before I move on with the guide I want to explain the Dorans Blade stack a little bit to you. If your early game isn't going so amazing it is often best to just stack dorans blades, why you ask? They are cheap, 435 gold each, they give damage hp and life steal, when you have 3 blades stack (only ever stack 3) thats 360hp, 18 damage and 12 life steal, thats 1305 gold for that. You get a vamp sceptre, nearly as much damage as a pickaxe and nearly as much health as a giants belt. So above I've recommended the pickaxe or bf sword thats sweet but instead you can buy boots and another dorans blade on your return to base.

Continueing on, the main item in my build is the Infinity Edge its your main source of damage output and you want to rush / get this bad boy as fast as you possibly ****ing can. Grab a pair of w.e boots you want after, I like the greaves personally as they are cheap, merc treads and ninja tabi work fine also.

Next up we have the last whisper but I want to talk about this again, its a situational item, if the other team has tanky players its great because the LW gives attack speed and armour pen and it will destroy them. Tristana however has built in attack speed on your Q skill and if you feel you can skip this item because of that feel free to.

The Blood Thrister, just another attack damage item with lifesteal, read how it works etc so you understand what it does (kill a minion get 1 attack damage so 5 minion kills = 5 more attack damage on the bloodthirster).

The next items are situational, if you need hp and abit more attack damage + a slow grab the mallet (trist is squishy and 700+ hp is really great on her)

Guardian Angel is for respawning obviously, you should be your teams main source of damage output and you want to hang around team fights aslong as possible so grab this.

Phantom Dancer, attack speed crit chance and dodge its nice buy I'm personally not a fan.

Bloodrazor If the enemy team has a cho gath or some **** with massive amounts of hp this little beast will show em whos boss by taking 10% of their hp a second.

You don't have to build the way I have, as you play you'll probably develop your own methods for building Trist and thats fine.

Play Style


^ I can not stress this enough, you want to hit and not be hit as if you get hit, your going to die as your SQUISHY.

Early game your going to want to last hit minions, try take mid as your a carry, people will be stubborn and you won't get it all the time just take a lane as its not worth the hassle.

If possible get two or three minions low and kill one as your E skill will blow the rest up (practice makes perfect and then some), I generally don't try for first blood, nor do I be amazingly agressive, I just focus on last hitting. Be mindful for ganks, that means don't overextend constantly to their tower when there is an MIA or a ping going off around you.

In team fights your going to find your W skill and be like oh yeah going to jump into those noobs and **** em up, no just no, do not do that, that is the last possible thing you want to do. You might jump in and kill but you will die 80% of the time aswell, so you kill you die, we want you to kill 5x and not die, that sir is smart. At the end of the fight if your teams obviously winning then you may jump into them.

Your going to sit at the back behind your massive big guns tanks that you want to sponge damage while you give it, if you can hit their squishies do so but if not just focus whoever you can. Your more useful alive than dead (Don't do 1 - 1 trade offs its not good), so position yourself smartly, get it in your head that you will not rush into the middle of a team fight.

Tips and Tricks

Your W is an amazing escape ability, jump over walls, jump away (combine with ghost to make sure you get away).

Your utli combined with W is a nice little thing Trist has going for her, jump over your enemy (behind him) use your utli on him and he will get knocked backways, preferably into a turret or your team mate. This takes a bit of practice you have find yourself jumping into their turrets range as believe I've done it and paid for it so try not to do that.

Trist is a fun little pocket rocket, just remember to play smartly with her and you'll give the other team a world of ****ing trouble.