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Teemo Build Guide by krpro1

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author krpro1


krpro1 Last updated on May 28, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Chapter 1

Hello everyone to tank carry teemo .
There are several decent Teemo guides out there, and I respect that not everyone will find my build appealing however I am uploading this guide to show you my unique approach to my favourite champion. I also wanted to highlight how to counter Teemo as all of us have hated fighting him at some point :) but by knowing your heroes inside and out you can learn several options on how to adapt your style to nullify the enemies counters.

PS: I am moderately insane, but I hope my guide is easy to understand GL HF ^.^
Teemo Tips and Odd Facts Back To Top
Mushrooms cannot be destroyed by Wards anymore

Mushrooms can be exploded by placing Shaco's Jack in the Boxes and Heimerdinger's Turrets on them and even Yoricks Ghouls

Mushrooms cannot be revealed by Nidalee's Bushwack, or Corki's Phosphorus Bomb and Kog'maws Living Artillery anymore

Mushrooms can be placed over very small walls such as midlanes brush

Mushrooms cannot block skill shot projectiles anymore

Movequick when activated as Super Teemo makes him fly

Movequick when activated and taking damage (without slowing effects) refreshes the passive if you do not take damage when the effect ends

Blinding Dart has a slightly larger range than Teemo's auto attacks

Toxic shot at rank one deals dot damage equilavant to a melee minions attack damage before 4 minutes

Teemo is an annagram for Emote, and his face was highly inspired by this emote: (^.^)

Blinding Dart prevents Olaf's auto attacks from dealing damage while he has activated Ragnarok

Teemo's Attack range is 500, which makes him one of the shortest ranged heroes in the game :O

Teemo is the best yordle of all time! OF ALL TIME!
Items Back To Top
Top and bottom lanes will always have an AD orientated damaging character, aiming to farm and harass as much as possible. The extra armor stacks up well with defensive masteries and your yellow runes, allowing you to shrug off their damage. While the extra health stacks up with Veterans Scars and your flat Health Quints allowing you to have the most durability you possibly can during the laning phase, ensuring your dominance and sustainability to set the pace for your match.

Teemo regardless of what build you do, will always do a large portion of magic damage, I believe the additional magic pen is essential to boosting the effectiveness of the rest of your items I aim to purchase and greatly benefitting the Spell Vamp component from Hextech Gunblade to give you another source of sustainability.

A must have for a large variety of defensive builds, these boots swiftly allow you to recover from a large array of CC orientated abilities, while slightly shrugging off any magic damage you receive, this becomes a highly recommended choice versus a team with several CC spells and AP assassins.

Even after the nerfs to Hextech Gunblade I still feel as though this item is insanely powerful and it strongly boosts Teemo's ganking and kiting potential without wasting your gold. It may be less powerful than it was, however Guinsoo's Rageblades stacks compensate for the less AD and AP Hextech Gunblade has to offer now. And last but not least, the activatable component is still the same: a 300 magic damage nuke at 700 range with a potent slow, which is awesome.

Teemo always needs some form of attack speed in his builds, and this item allows Teemo to be even more resilient while effectively 'doubling up' his Toxic Shot impact damage, giving you a large boost of magic damage to your auto attacks. This item is bought before Hextech Gunblade in the defensive option due to how well it shrugs off magical damage taken without sacrificing your early game damage.

This item offers another attack modifier that swiftly chops enemies into ribbons while allowing you to contribute with dragon and baron kills with ease. The extra armor also helps suprisingly well to your survivability and is a fine addition to Teemo's item builds.

Alternate version of Madreds, it may shred less health however it is significantly cheaper, allowing you to peak your damage quite early on.

High HP and allows Teemo to be in the fray without being mauled, and makes sure that any target doesn't escape. The combined slows from Gunblade, Mallet and shrooms ensures that the enemy cannot just bail if they are fighting a losing battle.

The alternate version to Frozen Mallet with a more AD orientated approach, it turns you into a resilient ranged assassin that can stay in the fight for a prolonged period of time without being swept across the floor. A very gold and damage efficient item that offers Teemo everything he needs ^.^

The only other item that benefits both AD and AP it works in perfect conjunction with Gunblade while boosting your toxic shots potency with every hit, I used to get this item straight after Gunblade, however it doesnt improve your survivability early on, which can be a very risky choice, it all depends on how well your team can peel and CC enemies off of you.

Sell and buy: DEFENSIVE
Guardian Angel can be a highly risky and flawed item, however its the icing on the cake for a defensive build that can really turn the tables in several team fighting situations and can even deter people from focusing you. I found more success in purchasing a Guardian Angel as my last item rather than Warmogs or Force of Nature, but it may just be a personal preference.

Creative and viable ideas are highly welcomed in the comment section (^.^)
Questionable Items Back To Top

The stacking magic penetration morph attack is a tasty offer, however it offers no survivability or sustainability, which is critical to have within the current meta game, which can be a risky buy. I personally have a lot more success in gaining offensive items such as Wits End and Hextech Gunblade that offer some form of sustainability or defensive stat. It may be a better choice than Guinsoo's Rageblade as a 6th item.

I never had too much success with these items, as it forces you to play more aggressively than you would like in order to win the lane, the extra lifesteal forces you to push the lane forward to regain lost health which opens you up to ganks. And the extra mana regeneration from the ring is unneccassary for Teemo as he cannot spend the mana as quick as he is getting it before level 6.

I feel that the additional magic pen outweighs attack speed and Sorcerer Shoes fit into my item build a lot better, however if you tweak my build a bit, Berserkers Greaves may be a stronger choice.

A lot of people actually love this item, however I don't feel as though Teemo is a champion that benefits from it too much, due to how high his cooldowns are compared to other Trinity Force candidates, and it is a lot of gold to purchase compared to other items that simply help him out a lot more, such as Madreds and Hextech Gunblade.

Could be a worthy investment if you refuse to turn down Sorcerer Shoes, however I personally never had too much success within buying these Tenacity items that are not Mercury Treads.

This item I really cannot love, I feel as though this is the worst so called hybrid item in the game for Teemo, as it yet again offers him too much mana regeneration to spend, and it offers no survivability or sustainability. And it is NOT cheap at all to purchase, Whenever I have bought it it just cripples my presence within the game and leaves a black hole in my gold count :*(

An alternative choice compared to hextech gunblade that suites the more self preserving player, it also can catch people off guard if they are stacking magic resistance.
Summoner Spell Choices, Runes & Masteries Back To Top
Summoner Spells
Listed below are the only summoner spells you should consider using within Summoners Rift and Twisted Treeline

Because I'm a Sadist, its always fun to watch a collaboration of DoTs tick away at your bitter rivals :)

To counter Bruisers and enemy Carries, I only pick exhaust when my team is lacking crowd control effects

Because who doesnt pick Flash? :) a versatile choice that keeps you alive and allows you to pull off incredibly nasty tricks in conjunction with your skill set

Slightly overkill for Teemo, allows you to survive jungle ganks you just didnt see coming in conjuction with flash

A highly situational fun alternative that has a million uses and works well in conjunction with your mushrooms to give you the ganking element that Nocturne has. I prefer to use Ignite instead of Teleport as I rarely leave the top lane until the enemies first tower has fallen

Oh my what a treat, gives you the same effect that Guinsoos Rageblade provides while being on a relatively low cooldown, a nice alternative to ignite

Reds / Marks
I prefer to pick armor pen over magic pen for my runes as I feel that early on is where Teemo needs to thrive to set the pace for the rest of the game, and early on your highest damage will be through auto attacks as your toxic shots impact isnt too strong early on.

Yellows / Seals
I like to have resiliant runes and masteries to ensure my early game survival while being able to survive harassment and ganks during the laning phase, as every single jungler except for Nunu and Fiddlesticks is a Attack Damage orientated champion. By having tons of armor early on you cut down the odds of them killing you quite drastically. Also top and bottom lane will always have a majority of attack damage orientated champions, so by having this extra armor it prevents them from out harassing you out of the lane.

Blues / Glyphs
Magic resistance is essential within team fights as a majority of heroes will deal some form of magic damage via cc spells and especially aoe, you need to be able to shrug that damage off and stay in the fray.

Purples / Quintessences
I have tried armor pen, move speed, ability power and even magic penetration quints but I never felt they where giving my early game enough stability. The extra health from the quints really works well in conjunction with dorans shield and veteran scars while it gives you an upper hand against enemy laners who have less health, such as Akali.

Ok new mastery build, much much more fun for our little friends : ), the new talent spec allows you to go deep into the offense tree while being suprisingly resilient straight out of the match, I don't like to get the flat ap / ap per level or even the % based increase for AP as I feel that the other talents within offense offer a lot more potency into your gameplay. Ofcourse its early days so I will be doing a lot of experimentation once I can play.
Skills Back To Top
Passive: Camouflage

If Teemo stands still and takes no actions for 3 seconds, he becomes stealthed indefinitely. After leaving stealth, Teemo gains the Element of Surprise, increasing his attack speed by 40% for 3 seconds.

My favourite passive in the entire game as it allows you to pull off several nasty tricks and adds to your survival chances, it can be used defensively to juke and escape enemies or offensively to ambush un-suspecting prey and yordle hunters, it also allows you to rival heroes that usually out harass you.
Also another thing to note is that it gives you a 40% attack speed bonus for 3 seconds once you leave camoflague, which effectively gives you a free Recurve Bow for 3 seconds which is an unreal DPS boost.

Q: Blinding Dart

Deals 80 / 125 / 170 / 215 / 260 (+80% of ability power) magic damage and causes the target to miss all of their attacks for 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 / 3 / 3.5 seconds.

Cooldown 12seconds
Cost 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 / 110mana
Range 680


Blinding Dart is Teemos only true controlling ability, and it gives him an anti AD carry feel to him as you can shut down a targets auto attacks for up to 2.5 seconds which is just awesome, it does not bypass Tenacity effects so consider this when you are going to blind someone in a team fight that just started

W: Move Quick

Move Quick
Passive: Teemo's movement speed is increased by 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30% until he is struck by an enemy champion or turret. Active: Teemo gains double his passive move speed for 4 seconds, this bonus is not lost on hit.

Cost 40

Range 20
Cooldown 22


Super Teemo flies when activating this ^.^, this spell gives Teemo another edge compared to other carries / hybrids as he can outrun several champions and close that gap between enemies or even get to vantage points first and to setup a concave of shrooms, this spell isnt prioritized in this guide as I believe the extra damage and duration of blinding dart is essential to rivalling the enemy team

E: Toxic Shot

Teemo's basic attacks poison their target, dealing 8 / 14 / 21 / 28 / 35 (+14% of ability power) magical damage upon impact and again each second for 4 seconds.

Range 1


An amazing attack modifier that allows Teemo to dominate the early game with a high damage bonus, it helps you last hit creeps and it even finishes off severely wounded targets, this guide maxes this skill first as it generally does more DPS (Damage Per Second) than blinding dart and allows you to contribute a sustained flow of heavy damage within team fights or skirmishes.

R: Noxious Trap

Noxious Trap
Places a trap which detonates if an enemy steps on it, poisoning nearby enemies. Poisoned enemies take 200/400/600 (+80% of ability power) magic damage and have their movement speed slowed by 30 / 40 / 50% for 4 seconds. Traps last 10 minutes.

Cooldown 35/31/27

Cost 75
/ 100 / 125mana

Range 230


This spell makes Teemo insanely fun to play, its one of the most versatile ultimates in the game, however it can no longer block enemy skills shots. You can use its sight and damage to several situations and if you dont use your ultimate for a prolonged amount of time you can store up to 3 mushrooms in one go, which allows you to mark your territory in team fights in rapid succession. The best defense is a net of shrooms covering all routes the enemy can take to you, for example: you are on the blue team and your team is doing baron, you could of previously set up around 5 shrooms in choke points in the purple forest that lead to baron, which means your team has vision of the enemy while they are being stalled by your slow, your team can even utilize the shrooms damage and begin fighting the enemy team head on. The possibilities are endless and I hope you can adapt this guide into your own playstyle : )
Skill Order Back To Top
The whole purpose of Hybrid builds is to be dealing both Magical and Physical damage in conjunction with one another to bypass defensive stats and open up a variety of attacking strategies to gain an advantage over other damage dealers.

Toxic Shot offers the highest amount of DPS consistantly throughout the game due to how high the impact damage truelly is at higher ranks, and how well it scales with the AP you will attain from hybrid items. This is why it should be prioritized over Blinding Dart. Toxic Shot also allows you to farm and keep up the pressure in lane very efficiently.

I prefer to max Blinding Dart after Toxic Shot rather than Move Quick, due to the fact that you are hybrid, the nuke that Blinding Dart offers is too good to turn down, and it highly benefits the spell vamp you attain from Hextech Gunblade

Mushrooms are essential and are picked at every opportunity due to how many options the spell offers, the increased damage also benefits spell vamp drastically allowing you to heal yourself back up before a fight starts

Move Quick should only be prioritized as a more AD orientated build as that build you have no drastic damage benefits with Blinding Dart
Laning Back To Top
First off Teemo is much more beneficial to the team by being a solo top / carry + support bottom hero, having a solo Teemo at top lane allows you to control a third of the map at level 6 which almost guarantees your team a tower kill, while preventing any jungle ganks.

Bottom Teemo can work, however as he is a semi carry your team will usually benefit more from having a hard-core ad carry such as Vayne or Caitlyn at bottom with a support / roam.

Also Teemo is renowned for being one of the most aggravating harassers in the game and if its Teemo vs a melee at top, Teemo will usually come out victorious due to how hard he can zone and counter melee heroes.

Teemos gank potential is quite appallingly bad early game, your best bet is to last hit and harass at any time possible and coordinate with a jungler if your aiming to kill someone, my build makes Teemo highly resilient early on, but his damage only begins to get out of control once he attains a Hextech Gunblade, just keep farming and there's plenty of opportunity for blood later on : )

As soon as you hit level 6 begin shrooming down the river, just to the left outside of barons den (or dragon if your at bottom), and the second shroom in the bush directed south of purples top tower (or north of the bottom blue towers bush), these two mini-wards will prevent most upcoming ganks and keep you happy and intact. After you shroom these two spots the choices of where and how you use your shrooms is up to you, I just highly recommend keeping these two spots shroomed 24/7 (until the tower dies) to give you a smooth rice farm.

If you are in the odd case of being placed in mid, try to control the entire river outside of dragon, early map dominance over this area is essential, while in the later game start setting up shrooms all around baron, this is about the only advantage that Teemo brings to the team being located in mid. As Teemo struggles to combat several mid heroes, which will be listed later in my guide.
Playstyle & Ganking Back To Top
Teemo is all about espionage, sabotage and running around delivering death, you will be shrooming key information points and aiming to control specific areas of the map to boost your teams chances, my personal Teemo playstyle is a bit bloodthirsty, aiming for as many hero kills / assists as physically possible, but in higher elos I realise I need to buckle down and farm for a specific time period.

Now in terms of ganking, Teemo can pull off some mean tricks, such as I stated in my last guide, getting into a vantage point without being detected and laying down several shrooms to cut off the enemies escape routes utilizing camouflage and move quick to nestle into a aggressive position.

Over your career of Teemo playing you will learn how to utilize your passive and your move set to deal some nasty tricks, a big example of this from my career is setting up several shrooms in a choke point, while waiting in camoflague in the middle of the shroomfield, as soon as an enemy hits more than one shroom, or is wounded enough to finish I will unstealth and FINISH THEM, as a Teemo though its not worth just camping in one spot for a few minutes, just keep moving and preserve your scouting perimeter.
Farming Back To Top
Teemo needs a truck load of cs (creep score), and being placed in solo top vs a majority of melee characters is no issue to achieving this, by 20 minutes you should be able to buy a Hextech Gunblade and basic boots, by last hitting and harassing the enemy as much as possible you should be able to achieve this goal with ease.

Just play it safe until level 6 and then begin shrooming the two shroom hotspots (located in next section) to ensure your security without buying wards, also be very careful of a gank before 4 minutes, as this is highly likely to occur when people realise your solo top. People NEED to be killing you before you hit level 6 to ensure they have the upper hand, as otherwise Teemo becomes nigh ungankable and is highly likely to kill the tower in complete safety.

Once you obtain your hextech gunblade, you have several choices, either farm forever due to how awesome hextech gunblade is while setting up the entire top quadrant with shrooms, OR you can begin ganking and turning the tides, you can even solo the dragon at this point and cover each entry point to the south eastern river. I usually end up doing a mixture of everything but at this point Teemo becomes one of the most versatile hero in the game, just ensure that you get enough gold for Hextech Gunblade before going on a hunt.
Shroom Locations Throughout the match Back To Top

Summoners Rift and Twisted Treeline:
All of these shrooms are essential for scouting, the way I use my other shrooms varies drastically depending on how the match is going. You may find yourself consistently controlling the enemies jungle while hardcore pushing, or you could be setting up a defensive concave. Your actions will vary depending on the situation however after playing several matches with Teemo you will begin realising your own favourite spots and tricks.

The Crystal Scar:
These are the three main playstyles I find myself fulfilling as Teemo. These shrooms allow you to control the innard of the map allowing your team to efficiently react to the enemies position to defend and gank. You may find yourself creating a defensive net of mushrooms around a capture point, it all depends on your playstyle.
Counter Items to Teemo Back To Top

This item doesn't counter Teemos toxic shot damage, however it does cancel his passive move quick for a set amount of time, which can be dangerous in a variety of situations, just avoid attacking these targets in a risky situation, or save your activation for after you have done your harassing, to refresh your passive part of move quick. However if you are forced to fight someone with a Thornmail you can usually come out on top, due to how much magic damage Teemo naturally does.

For hybrid builds this item isn't too much of a issue, however in a 1v1 this can be highly risky if the opponent has stronger AD items than you, my best bet is to hit and run and just pop the bubble and leg it, and try to start a 1v1 fight before the bubble refreshes in order to come out victorious.

In the right hands this item becomes a nightmare, and every single match someone WILL buy it to counter you, this gets rid of your map awareness, and even stops you pulling off naughty tricks with camouflage, if a squishy support (including support Alistar) obtains this item, I highly recommend saving hextech gunblade for them, and mark them for death, this will either force a summoner spell, an ultimate or reward you with the satisfaction of wasting 400 of the enemies gold.

Completely negates the effects of move quick and sabotages your chasing powers, like thornmail try to avoid attacking targets with this and keep your distance from people that are ready to use it.

Removes all forms of dots, and your blind, best bet is to stay on a wounded target until it dies, or kite until you have another blinding dart.

Stationary shroom ruiners, no longer does ward placement explode a shroom which is a welcomed fix, however some people will not get an oracles, and scheme a 3 or 4 man gank on you once you lane, you cannot just camouflage to guarantee your survival so just flee before the enemies can reach you, also in the laning phase most people will get one or two wards to prevent you from zoning like a boss.

Strange fact, Teemo is highly allergic to frost, knives and guns! : O these two items nullify your move quicks activatable bonus which is highly risky in several situations
Heroes That Counter Teemo to some extent Back To Top

Teemo cannot stop their damage or even escape a majority of their damage, they can also bypass shrooms via blinking spells which is a risky proposition, your best bet is to out harass them in the very early levels before they utilize their mobility spells to burst you.

All highly resilient AD orientated bruisers that are very eager to crush your yordle face, early on due to how much armor you have, it shouldn't be too much of an issue to survive encounters in close quarters, however later on in the game they can shrug off your damage and reach you with ease if your not careful. Stay highly mobile and utilize mushrooms and move quick to kite and juke your way to victory.

Both have HP cutting spells that can persist through blinding dart to some extent, Vayne can still activate silver bolts via tumble and condemn which is nigh impossible to prevent and Kog'maw naturally has a high attack speed. If you are laning against these utilize your early game prescence to deny them as best as you can, because as soon as they gain their ultimates your going to struggle to maintain your advantage due to how hard they can harass and even out damage you.

Both are resilient bruisers that shrug off your damage and close the gap in a variety of manners, both you will have a tricky time in a 1v1 situation however all is not lost, utilize your shrooms and blinding darts at the correct time to turn the tables, Jax's ultimate will persist through blind effects and Olaf will NOT be able to deal auto attack damage while his ultimate is activated and he is blinded.

All of these heroes have semi global ultimates that can bypass several of your shrooms (and even reveal them!) which can catch you off-guard in several occassions, your best bet is to have shrooms located deep within enemy territory to see them sneaking up on you, just keep a close eye on their locations and you can usually survive :)

You CANNOT stop their damage you can bait and dodge a majority of their spells but if they catch you in a team fight you are in a heap of trouble, in the laning phase you should be able to harass quite successfully in the early levels, however once they hit level 6 you are going to struggle to survive due to how low Teemo's base health and magic resist actually is. Its best to avoid fighting these characters in a 1v1 situation. Also this is why Teemo being located in mid is a rather risky move, his bane is hardcore AP carries and in every match the enemies AP carry will be steamrolling mid just avoid picking Teemo if your team already has a solo top / carry at bottom.

Both are common in the top lane, and both of them are a hit and miss when it comes to winning the lane, both have more sustainability than you, and both can synergize with a jungle ganker better. Your best bet is to play it safe and harass in moderation to prevent being ganked in a 1v2 situation, once it hit levels 6 it also becomes an entirely different matchup and you may find yourself losing the lane, it might be time to call for a gank or a switch depending on how well the enemy is doing.

The longest ranged auto attackers in the game, your task of blinding them is nigh impossible in several team fight locations. However during the laning phase you can actually out damage them by utilizing camoflague to get a few sneaky shots and legging it (hit and run)
Apart from that you just have to bite the bullet and do your best to survive, harass without trading shots and keep focusing on creep kills.

Both long ultimate spell ranges, that can easily focus you regardless of your positioning in a team fight, I DESPISE Xerath with a passion, and thank god Malphite is hardly picked anymore, but both of them can easily focus fire you regardless of your positioning and it forces you to use flash in a majority of cases, the best way to counter them is by utilizing camoflague (if the enemy doesnt have detection) or wait until they have blown their ultimates on more resiliant candidates. Just try to get a clutch flash or activate move quick as you see them charging up to survive.

Good Luck!
How to Counter Teemo Back To Top
Now if your just reading this guide to see how to counter the almighty midget well you're in luck.

First of all Teemos claim to fame is his move speed and kiting abilities, early on Teemo is the least mobile and the least omnipotent (he has the least map awareness) ,the biggest way to cripple a Teemo in top lane is to gank him while he is level 4 / 5 (or even level 2 if your being really mean)
As soon as Teemo hits level 6 your chances of ganking him are significantly reduced and you may even have to lane switch or even have your jungler babysit top.

Another way to counter Teemo is to out harass him during the laning phase, now only a very select few can actually pull this off (such as Kassadin and Mordekaiser), but the more levels you allow Teemo to attain, the harder he will zone and cripple your farm.

The other major way to counter Teemo is by gaining insane map awareness, keeping track of his shrooms and his position, this way you can intercept his favourite offensive shroom placements and punish him for being brave, an example of this is to closely watch when Teemo turns level 6 and make sure your jungler is in a brush that Teemo is about to shroom in, this way he will literally facecheck you, and he is highly likely get pwned.

Oracles elixir will also change how a Teemo lays out his shroom and even for how long he farms, as with oracles you completely cut out his map awareness and make him vulnerable, most Teemo's will begin closing their perimeter of shrooms which creates a minefield on the lane, however since most junglers are highly mobile assassins it shouldn't become much of an issue to gank Teemo.

Also don't forget that Teemo is not actually the best damage output in a team fight, the carries (both AP and AD) will do way more damage overall in a team fight as Teemos build will usually be more resilient, and several Hybrid builds have a small pool of mana, and even damage wind-up effects such as Guinsoos Rageblade. Dont forget that my Hybrid Teemo deals larger portions of Magic damage rather than Physical due to Toxic Shot and a large array of items.

Dont forget switching targets in quick succession onto a Teemo will catch him off guard and away from a shroom, this allows you to quickly close the gap and prevent him from kiting your team once his team begins to bail.

Teemo is highly reliant on harassing during the laning phase, however he has a short attack range of 500, which allows you to throw stuns on him as he runs slightly towards you, such as Tarics dazzle or Alistars 1-2 combo which can also throw him off guard and cause him to be more reserving of his little darts.

Ganking Teemo before level 6 will usually tempt him to go for more resilient items early such as a Wits End or Merc Treads which can reduce his damage output ever so slightly, early on.
What does Teemo counter Back To Top
Teemo is ALL about countering hardcore AD carries and zoning close ranged heroes (including Sivir), he counters heroes that rely on a skill shot / short to mid range initiation such as Amumu, Alistar, Irelia and Renekton, which can turn the tables in a hilarious manner during team fights, Teemo is also one of the best baiters in the game which enforces people to fight you in mass rather than 1v1 which can also be manipulated into giving your team an advantage.

Teemo also highly punishes people that highly commit to creep kills via melee range due to the constant re application of Toxic Shot, this is why Teemo in top lane is quite a cruel move and it gives him a very destructive role towards the enemy team, as their top laners sustainability might not be able to handle consistant harassment.
Evaluation Back To Top
My guide is all about ensuring that Teemo can reach level 6 without being grinded apart so that he can fulfil several roles once he attains a Hextech Gunblade at 17 minutes whether that be pushing deep into enemy territory, dominating the area around dragon, sabotaging enemy jungle, or my personal favourite, running around like an adorable maniac.

Also by reading all about how to counter Teemo I hope you will take on some of the suggestions I said to improve your gameplay, as once you master your characters weaknesses you begin to learn how to adapt your builds and playstyles to acheive victory.

I hope you haven't found my guide offensive or inappropriate and I thank you for being patient while reading this madmans scroll to Teemo.

Farewell And Special Thanks:
Please Leave feedback and relative suggestions within the comments below and I hope you enjoyed and learnt something (^.^)/
This content here is a copy of other user build calld Nsage . Everything here is related to him and is not my work done here but his.