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Build Guide by The Dybbuk

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Dybbuk

Tristana By The Dybbuk

The Dybbuk Last updated on August 25, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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> Introduction <

Hi my name is Roy AKA The Dybbuk, let me start off by saying that i am no proffesional but that i have played my share of Tristana to know what works, which reminds me to say that this build works for me and that the reason i post it on here just so i can easily find it incase i forget it, but partly i write it for those tristana players that just havent found out yet just how to play/build tristana.

I am a real fan of tristana although i started out with some other champions at first, all of which were high damage dealers and were able to be aggressive if not early game, mid game.
Tryndamere was my first champion, the reason i mention him is because i love to be aggresive and that is what i have always been. And i need a champion to support my needs.

Tristana is a good hero as it comes to skills which are allround ( Engage/escape/faming )
But really has a low survivability which can really be a pain in the ***, although that should not be a problem with this build as long as you do not do anything stupid or reckless.
I play to my own rule as it comes to building a character, i want to support their weaknesses first and then focus on the factors that makes them the champions they were ment to be, some however can not be played/build this way but Tristana can be, although she is really item reliant she is very flexible in my opinion.

> Explanation <

Summoner Skills:
Heal:You have a nice survivability with this build but you will be 'Rocket Jump'ing in alot of cases and in some of them you will find out you just might have underestimated your opponent or either just took a little to much minion damage half way trough the fight.
Or maybe just to heal that little health u needed to get away, or just maybe to help your teammate to get out of harms way. The situations are endless.

Teleport:i usually take the middle lane with tristana, occasionally i will lane with a teammate. nevertheless this skill really is helpfull since i delay my boots for other items. and it just keeps you there were you need to be. if it is either farming / ganking / pushing u will be there on some situations where you are missed but just didnt make it to be there.

( Note: Summoner Skill are on Personal preferance this is what i like to take, some people really like to be able to chase/escape or just use flash in combination with your Rocket jump to really make some ground, or just clearvoyance to see what is in that bush you cannot look into. You Choose. )


Doran's Blade + Hp/Mp Potion.
Ruby Crystal > Long Sword > Phage.
Long Sword > Sword Of The Occult.
Boots Of Speed > Dagger > Berserker's Greaves.
Giant's Belt > Frozen Mallet.
B.F Sword > Long Sword > Black Cleaver.
Vamperic Scepter > B.F Sword > Bloodthirster.
Recurve Bow > Long Sword > Last Whisper.

Take the 'y' of Squishy by getting that Doran's Blade ( + Hp pot or Mp Pot )
it gives you the much needed Health+Damage early game and a low Lifesteal amount of 4.
Then i like to purchase Phage mainly for the same reason i bought Doran's Blade in the first place and that is for the Health+Damage aswell, Not to mention the slow which in most cases grants you your first kill, Asuming u haven't already.

Because u delayed your damage output by getting a early phage i always get a Sword of the Occult because combined with your ganking abilitys and your survivability it is not that hard to land some kills together if not alone, and the Sword of the occult will nicely stack up.

Frozen Mallet will be next to get the 'Squishy' of the Squishy and really intimidate your opponent with your health alone, and really get the most out of the occult as you possibly can with your awesome new health bar haha.

The rest of the items really speak for themselves and are really straightforward although i love a nice Black Cleaver before a Bloodthirster because of the damage output and if you think about it, it really makes sence. you already have a Sword of the occult, getting another item based on your succes is not a wise choice, because dying will really set you back if you take the bloodthirster first since u lose all the statistics upon death, plus you will lose some Occult stacks. Conclusion: u died against a enemy or enemys u could not beat having the statistics of both the bloodthirster and the Sword of the Occult at full potential so why would you succeed against the same opponent with the minimum potential of the bloodthirster and a decreased amount of Occult stacks after dying?
Take the Black Cleaver first for some substantial amount of damage which cannot be erased.

( Doran + Phage really is key for me because it gives you +345HP +24 Damage Small lifesteal and a slow for the price of 1750 gold. Getting the Occult will really help you get the damage so you can delay another damage item untill you finished your frozen mallet. After your mallet you really arent squishy and can get away with alot. )

Note: If you got all the items and the game still presists, you should look at the stacks you have on your Sword of the occult, if it is lower then any good damage item you can imidiantly purchase then sell it, or for just that more survivability trade in that Sword if you feel it is worth it. ( Dont forget to buy elixers if you have the money before you close the slot with your last item if you decide to sell the Sword )

> Masteries + Skilling Sequence <


This really is your choice. Like i said i love to erase the weaknesses thats why i heavily go into the defensive tab, but if you like to do some more damage instead of having a little extra survivability then go ahead :)

Skilling Sequence

You would like to start off with a farming ability which is your 'E' Passive.
After that you should focus on your Rocket jump which is your 'W' Skill.
Pick up the rapid fire skill at lvl 3 and 7 which is your 'Q' Skill.
Why? the most damage you will do is with your W, E early is for farming, and your Q is for pushing a tower faster, or just standing around damaging opponents while you are not focussed on.

i hope my build/guide whatever you want to call it was helpfull and informational as i tried to really explain why i picked things without drifting on to much. i hope you enjoy it and help you on your way with tristana since she really is a nice champion.
Any comment / critisism is welcome and if you do not agree with any of the above feel free to let me know but explain why you think so.

Greetings and happy hunting,
Roy AKA The Dybbuk.