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Tristana Build Guide by 2797jake

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author 2797jake

Tristana, The Rapid Gunner(ADC)

2797jake Last updated on July 24, 2013
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High attack speed Tristana

Tristana Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

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A Side Note

The build I made is pretty bare bones, this is because I don't want it to be a build that is copied. I want it to be analyzed and changed by you. You will get the gist of what I am trying to do by the items, change it however you want.

If you don't like this build that is fine, but just don't call it bad. I have played a lot of matches with this build, and I do very good. Maybe you don't do good with this build, but that is just because we are different people. There are no bad builds, just players who use different builds better. Well I guess an AD Veigar build would be bad...

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Pros / Cons


  • One of the fastest attack speeds in the game, Rapid Fire ability can boost an already formidable attack speed to insane.
  • Nice escape mechanisms, jump over walls with Rocket Jump, or blast back pursuers with Buster Shot.
  • Can block of escapes with Rocket Jump and Buster Shot abilities.
  • Tristana's Draw A Bead passive makes up for smaller ranged abilities(compared to other AD Carries like Caitlyn).

  • Buster Shot ability can mess up some situations if used improperly, due to massive knock back.
  • Needs lots of Mana
  • No crowd control

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Skill Sequence

Most Tristana builds focus on maxing Explosive Shot before Rapid Fire, that is a perfectly valid and effective sequence, but I prefer Rapid Fire.

I often encounter enemy melee champions who think they can destroy a little Tristana in point blank range, when something like that happens you just pull out your Rapid Fire and end up dealing much more damage back at them. Also, Rapid Fire used in conjunction with Rocket Jump can mean enemy champions walking towards you, while your auto-attacks wreck havoc with that attack speed.

I use Rocket Jump as a utility, for pursuing and retreating. Therefore it gets a point early game, and is maxed last.

And Buster Shot is upgraded whenever possible. This is a rather useful ability, you can use it to achieve a lot of things. You can initiate by knocking an enemy into a corner, last hit someone running away, or Rocket Jump in front of a fleeing enemy, and Bust Shot them back into your team and/or turret.

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Team Work

Tristana is a great champion to be in a team fight. Tristana's role in a team fight is to take down the high priority targets, Tristana excels at this becuase Tristana is so mobile with Rocket Jump, along with pushing pesky AD Carries to the front lines with Buster Shot.