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Heimerdinger Build Guide by EverNub

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EverNub

Troll-Heim (AP/Off-Tank)

EverNub Last updated on July 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Im Going to Break down the Utilities of Heimer's skills and what I see them as best used for in lane and in team fights...

Techmaturgical Repair Bots:

This is the reason for this build, between the warmongs n shurelyas you end up with about 170 hp regen/5. It makes you able to harrass and take dmg bck off a sec rcharge n harrass more. After a teamfight you will be able to keep goin and charge right for there turrets when everyone else has to go back and heal.

H-28G Evolution Turret:

Ah, Heimer most known skill. Everyone hates his turrets, its usually the first thing targeted in a fight since end game there not hard to kill. With this build your turrets become more of a distraction, once they focus on them you have free game to harrass with your grenades and missles. During the laning phase though these are your best friends from stoping ganks. If your always near your turrets keep your ultimate ready, soon as someone tries to jump you your able to slow there movement considerably and either get a kill or escape with flash. Also these turrets are the reasion heimer is one of the best pushers in the game, he can clear a creep wave rediculasly fast and drop a turret very quickly if his turrets are left un noticed.
Hextech Micro-Rockets:

This is your main dmg skill as Heimer. Your rockets do great base dmg, which is the reason your able to build as an offtank/dps and still deal some dmg. This skill will automatically target the 3 closest enemies including creeps, so make sure if ur goin for that last hit to get close enough to them if there are alot of creeps around. This skill is also a good harrass, you can rush in and missle them on there turret while u wait for another creep wave to assist you.

CH-1 Concussion Grenade:

Your grenades are your longest range skill. This is your best initiating skill to set up a gank or help your team initiate a fight. The problem is alot of people build pure AP Heimer and try to lob his grenades from max range. This isnt very effective since its harder to get the stun effect if your not dead on. Its much easier as a " Tankier " Heimer to get close and stun em then missle there Face ;) giving your team a jump on them easily.

This is your " Oh **** " skill. Its nice early game to help prevent ganks in lane. It's also best used in team fights mid/late game. After you have lured them into your turrets you can proc this skill to slow there movement speed considerably, making it easy for your team to pick off any stranglers. Also alot of the time I find myself not putting down my Turrets at all untill after the fight has begun, then they dont notice your turrets and your able to catch them off guard while there focusing somethign else. Its best to use this skill midway threw the fight, if you pop it to early you'll have used your best advantage for your team.

Now that we have a feel for the uss e of Heimer's skills Let's get started on the Build!

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Heimer is a great pusher and is NOT a carry...ill repeat that: Heimer is NOT a carry! Yes ive carried on him, and seen others do so but he is not a carry. He is a pusher and best played with some defense. Glass cannon Heimer will be focused, killed and thus useless to his team. He is best played to support his team by pushing lanes, taking turrets, and in team fights using his ulti and placement of turrets to win a teamfight. In this build I will explain how I use his passive to my advantage, along with some items to make him a great Off-tank and still able to get kills and put harrass and damage to the other team. BTW the build claims it's only 104 hp/regen 5, but they dont count his passive or the extra % from Strength of
Spirit and Perserverance usually ending up at about 170.

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Here Is my Rune Setup and an Explanation

Greater Mark of Insight:

Magic Penetration on any AP is Cruicial, I use these marks for every AP character I own. The extra Magic Penetration early is awesome for first blood and early harrass. Also since I dont build any Magic Pen into his Item build its very important to have these.

Greater Seal of Regeneration:

This is where my build starts to differ from alot of others. I like to abuse his passive, and since they raised his passive to 5/15/25 per second it must be taken advantage of. With these runes plus the Warmongs, Shurelyas and Masteries you end up with around 170 per 5. Ive seen people build spell vamp into Heiemer ans it works, but when theres no mobs and ur not fighting it becomes useless. When a fight is over you regen your health rediculasly fast, your able to jump right back in without going back or waiting to spell vamp things. Even during team fights that Health regen has saved my tail so many times.

Greater Glyph of Force:

These Ability Power per Level glyphs are vital to keeping your dps up in the early/mid game when your working on your defensive items. It makes a big difference when u have that extra AP without having to worry about how squishy you are in the middle of the game. Some people tend to get CoolDown Glyphs heres, but his passive on his ulti plus Shurelyas gives you plenty of CDR.

Greater Quintessence of Potency:

Heres your early game damage. I build a Catalyst first so your able to lane longer and safer with having more HP and the extra mana everytime you level up. These Quints make it so you have that extra 15 ap to start the match, but are able to have the mana pool with your mana gem. If you want you can go with Health Quints for extra health to start, but if you stay smart and farm for the first few levels you will be fine and able to survive without it.

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I choose 9/9/12 for this builds masteries. 9 points into attack tree for the extra magic penetration and ability power. 9 points into the defense tree for the health regen bonus from Strength of Spirit as well as extra Magic and Physical defense for early game. Then of course the 12 into the Utility Tree for some Mana Regen since we dont build any items except Philosiphers Stone for Mana Regen.

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Now your probably thinking Warmongs on Heimer WTF. Listen, that health plus the stacks of health its pretty annoying for the other team. As soon as you build this item you start the Trolling. If youve done your job right you will have ticked off the other team by now, and they want revenge. They will most likely try and get you out of team fights early since your turret and missle combo are pretty annoying. Just make sure you build your Rod of ages ASAP! This item is crucial early game since you need it to start stacking up right away. Once you've built some hp and ability power you need to start working on some defensive items. If the HP isnt saving me enough early I will get some of my cheaper defensive items first, before building my extra ap. It really depends how the game is going, if there AP carry is doing the most damage, build your negatron cloak. If the AD carry is ripping threw your team, add some physical defense. If your hurting on mana, Build ur Philosophers Stone and make sure to grab Golem Buff when you can since the Cooldowns and Mana Regen are a nice Addition for Heimer. Basically you need to base your item order on how the game is going. Dont Set yourself in an excact order, you need to be aware of who on the other team is doin the most dmg so your able to counter it.

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Summoner Spells

For Summoner Skills I Get Flash for a quick turret placement or escape, you never know when flash will come in handy. I feel its one of the most OP Summoner Skills in the game. Clarity is a must on this build since you will be somewhat mana hungry at times and you dont want to run out of mana right when the fighting breaks out, because then your just throwing wrenches at people. Plus the improved Clarity is nice for your team as well, dont be greedy with it. If your team; especially your carries, are low on mana make sure you get them into the Clarity.

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Team Work

Now for the fun part! Heimer is a team player, dont try to go running aroudn the jungle trying to solo Katarina or Yi, im sorry your not going to win those fights most of the time. Heimer can help his team by pushing lanes and taking turrets, placing turrets in bushes for optimal ganks, or just putting down turrets to defend a tower when your team is hurt and needs to heal. In team fights your role is simple, piss everyone off! You wait for your tank to iniate, as soon as that happens I usually flash in and drop 2 turrets behind the enemy team and immediately hit my Ultimate. This will make them panic and anyone trying to escape will be slowed to a crawl and picked off by you or your team. Now the enemy team has 3 options at this point:

1. Attack you!

If youve build tanky enough its goin to take them a bit to kill you so you've done ur job by letting your carrys have a chance to get some major damage in. Also there ignoring your turrets and you can Proc you Ultimate and easily Flash out if things get to close for comfort.

2. Attack your Turrets!

If they attack your turrets yah they might kill them before you finish them off, but there not attacking you! If your not being attacked now you can release some Concussion grenades and missles at there face, which even with only 300 ap, heimer packs a punch! As well, I usually place some turrets down as bait. If both teams are throwing ranged shots and scared to initiate (which happens alot) once they finally attack and kill your turrets first, you have 2 fresh ones to drop down. At this point you want to immediatly use your Ultimate before they realize what you just did.

3. Ignore You!

Bad do to much Damage and CC to be ignored. If they've made this mistake you should easily clean up the other team. Just make sure you are watching your carries health. If there gettign beat up and try to escape use ur turrets and your Ultimate to slow down the persuers so they are able to escape. Always be wtching your carries, very crucial you help protect them at all times.

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Final Thought

This build is definetly fun as well as contributes some much needed offtank to your team, which all so often I see lacking. Heimer is NOT a TANK! He can be very tanky with this build, but hes not rammus or shen, he can't STOP the other team from attacking the carries but he can help put some much needed pressure on them which helps your carries. I've had alot of success with this build and I reccomend giving it a try before dissing it and saying oh thats dumb it wont work or be effective, because every great Idea was called dumb at one point ;P