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Shaco Build Guide by BladeMastur

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BladeMastur

Trolol-AP/Roam Shaco

BladeMastur Last updated on September 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi guys! This is my second build. This build is for AP shaco and is good for early game coutner jungling and early game ganks.

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For runes i use all Flat ap and M.Pen reds. These work great with shaco because they give his two-shiv a lot of extra damage early game

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I use a 9-0-21 mastery tree. This gives you extra XP you need and good CDs.

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First i start with with boots so i can move quickly early game. I then build into boots of mob for ganks.
Second i get a sheen for extra damage on my Q
Third I get a kages pick because your going to be roaming a lot and even if you lane, you wont be able to farm well.
4th is deathcap for the huge boost in damage for your two shiv and boxes
5th is a lich bane or deathgrasp. Get a lich bane first if you find your self jumping into battles so that you can do more damage. Deathgrasp is for if your camping areas with your boxes so that you can help your boxes kill the enemy without really exposing yourself.
6th you get a rylais. This is great because it gives you hp and your boxes slow, and if you have your hallucinate die in a gruop of enemies it will slow all of them.
Last is void staff. a void staff will help alot with your damage output late game when the enemies are stacking MR

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Skill Sequence

This skill sequence is so you can gank at level 3. After that you max out your boxes then two shiv. Max out your deceive last.

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Summoner Spells

For my summoner spells i use Flash and Ignite. I have flash because its a great get away when you use it with deceive. Ignite is for finishing off enemies that barely lived after getting hit by your boxes. Another good use is exhaust which you can use right when your enemy runs into your box so that they cant run away as fast and take more dmg.

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This build isn't a OH IM AP SHACO SO I JUST SIT IN BUSHES. Yes, you do use your boxes a lot, but you can't always rely them to get you kills. Your two shiv is extremely strong and can drop enemies. It is also for catching those running enemies. also your hallucinate does crazy damage, and is best used in a team fight. What i usually do is sit in the back, send out my clone and try to trick the enemies into killing it and damaging themselves. After this i go in with a deceive->two shiv to try to finish off or help my team out. Also in team fights, try placing your boxes in the middle to fear your enemies.

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What to do?

Usually, if theres no jungler, or my jungler is starting at blue buff, i take the mini double golems for the fast level 2. You should be able to get it without taking any damage if you hurry to the spot and put your boxes. You should have at least 4-5 to kill them.
Then, if they have a jungler, i go to points where they would usually run. If you know they are starting at blue, head to the bushes LEFT of the wolves and put boxes at the entrance from their mid lane to the wolves. This should catch them after they get wolves and they should be low enough for you to kill with your boxes+decive+flash/exhaust.
If they are starting at their mini golems you should put your boxes in the same spot and catch them going to wolves.
If the junglers are starting at wolves or wraiths i would set my boxes at their blue buff.
If they have no jungle you can try a quick gank at mid. To do this have your person let them push a little. deceive in, attack them FROM THE BACK. place a box behind them so they cant run. If they flash or go back. OH WELL at least you gave your mid lane a stronger start than theirs.
After doing all this you go to lane until you get your boots of mob, or see an easy gank.
Mid game you should look for lanes that are overextended and gank them. Usually when i gank i simply deceive in, ATTACK THEM FROM BEHIND, two shiv, place a box behind them. doing this WITH THE HELP of the laners, you should be able to pull off easy ganks.
Also, you should try to gank at their buffs with your boxes.
Late game, you want to be having your team try to fight in the jungle around your boxes, not in the lanes. This make it so that you have your box advantage as well as an area where it is easy to juke your enemies.

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So this is my AP shaco guide. It is focues on roaming/counterjungling early game. Feedback+ comments would help. Thanks!