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League of Legends Build Guide Author Remsiag

True Assassin-Style Kassadin

Remsiag Last updated on January 4, 2011
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Things to know when playing Kassadin:

*You need a solo lane! Kassadin has to snowball as early as possible.
*Those flat AP runes are important! You need AP to help snowball early-game as you won't have alot of +AP items early-game.

Item Build Explanation

Doran's Ring. Since the buff to it's AP its the best item to start with. Rush a Sorc boots as soon as possible and take advantage of your faster MS and gank the side lanes. Build a Tear to solve your mana problems and to prep your mana pool for your eventual Archangels Staff. RoA will be next to buff up your HP and Mana pool along with more AP. DFG for even more burst allowing you to insta-gib squishies. Finish your AA Staff. Rush an Abyssal Scepter for the additional AP, MR and also a nice debuff to enemies. Zhonya's Ring to finish.

Why Cleanse?
Kassadin is the best chaser and runner, we all know this. So why Cleanse? Because if you get hit with a strong CC(Stun/bind) you can't escape and Kassadin is like paper. Use cleanse whenever you get CCed and riftwalk out.

Whats my job in team fights?

Your job is being an anti-carry. Your team should initiate the fight, never you. Your job would be to find a bad positioned target(should be a squishy) riftwalk in, burst him down with a DFG>Q>E combo, Zhonya's or riftwalk out, lose any chasers, then repeat. simple as that. Kassadin is a hit-and-runner, you don't have sustained damage. As such you should Aim for the lowest HP squishy in a teamfight, never a tank as it is a waste of your cooldowns. Also, never place your self in a situation that you will die in, that includes rift-walking into the enemy team. Thats just stupid.

Thats how you play Kassadin, Hardcore-Assassin Style.

Why a DFG?
Kassadin was created by Riot in the intention of being a hybrid, but we all know AD Kassadin sucks. Hybrid isn't as bad, but AP is ALOT better. DFG is used in this build as you only have 3 skills as a source of damage, 2 1/2 IMO as Riftwalk should be used as utility, the damaging aspect just being a plus. As such, DFG is there to give you another source of damage and additional burst to ensure those kills.

What about Magic Penetration?
Ahh, another important topic. Note this is a guide/build, which is not something you should follow strictly, I placed no Magic pen in my build besides runes/masteries because of this. Magic Penetration is an important stat for casters, its more valuable than AP. But because of Kassadin's playstyle and the conditions of the game if a Kassadin is played correctly the need for Magic Penetration is not there. You'll hit hard regardless and integrating magic penetration would only gimp yourself. HOWEVER, Do buy a Void Staff if you see any non-tank targets building MR. This is crucial and is what effectively differentiates from a bad player. Casters have bad scaling, failure to notice opponents building MR and not counter-building will only highlight this.

Last Editied on: 1/04/11

My first guide guys, constructive criticism is appreciated.