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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tinaras

Trundle gank from the jungle

Tinaras Last updated on January 4, 2011
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Trundle is a very exceptional ganker. He is very effective ganker early. At lvl 4 you should have not trouble's ganking a lane and getting 1 or both opponents killed. His E ability is used as a snare and it's placement is vital. It works wonder's if the other team heads into the bush running back to the turret. Place it at the end of the bush with the pillar right in the middle of the bush and you not only block their escape you gain vision of them in the bush and slow them where they have to go around the pillar as well.

Jungle Pattern

Start at Ancient Golem soon as you take damage use a health pot, other than that make sure you time your bite to fall right after your auto attack. If you have to wait for the cooldown on the bite then wait for the next auto attack.

Move to wolf's, throw Contaminate down and use a potion.

After wolf's go to the ghost camp. It is imparitive to place the contaminate down properly here, Make sure that the circle does not go into mid. If someone know's what their doing they can come from mid and kill you as they will see it's graphics in their lane.

This is a part where you can change the jungle a bit.

I will then use another potion and head to the lesser golem's. After I kill them I go to the Lizard camp and kill his little two buddies. I do this as it gives Smite a bit of extra cool down time and when you hit lvl 4 your going to go straight to a gank so it will save you ton's of life.

after the two lizards are down go back to base, buy boots, go kill the big lizard and then someone's champion.

This is where it start's to determine if the leviathan in the build is worth picking up or not. It's part of my main build becasue I have no problem's ending up 4/0/2 by mid game. If your not fairing well skip the leviathan and go straigth to frozen mallet.

Keeping your head in the lane and your body in the jungle
This is what makes trundle what he is. by the time the first gank is over your blue buff is ready to leave you.

If you have enough health, which should not be a problem, head to another lane to gank. Now you have to be able to effectively gank and know your limit's on range. That is just a trial and error process. However you can gank at least 2 lanes before you either head back into the jungle or return to base.

I've found that it is very easy to fall behind in lvl's with Trundle Jungling as it's easy to get caught up in his ability to rush a lane and to slow and kill champs. So, if it's not there make sure you go back to jungling or you may find yourself underlvl'd.

Just a random thing, contaminate + tower = dead turret. If your able to gank the lane and drop both hero's, it is very worth it to push the turret. soon as it attacks a minion, throw contaminate and auto attack it to death.

The Build(Start with 5 health pot's, pick a few more up if needed somewhere along the way)

The build listed is my typical build. If i haven't been fairing well early with ganks I don't pick up leviathan, skip it and on with the Frozen Mallet as i've stated before. The Mercury Thread's are nice but your limit your CC effectively enough with just contaminate that I find it a bit sub-par. Unless it's almost all caster's and tons of stuns I don't pick them up, i find the greeve's to be a much more viable option.

Now those 2 items are the main interchangeable if you must. stick with Frozen Mallet I don't care if the whole team has Madrid's.

The not so part of my main build

The last items are dependent on your team, if you skipped Leviathan then I got a replacemtn for you to.

These last items are all tech item's be creative, namely... what is really killing your team? Thornmail is a good option if your oppent's carry is fed, or they have alot of carrys. Banshee's Veil is a good choice if their carrys are magic. If your team doesn't have enough damage you can go Bloodthirster however trundle does much better as a melee early game and then a beefy tank late game.

How to properly hump the right person (I.E. Agony who?)

You don't have to agony the tank because it gives you a bit more armor/magic resist. Most effective tanks have a ton of health that you can't steal percentige wise.

Agony the teams main target, hopefully the carry. This will make them much more squishey and give them less time to damage or flee. Fight or Flight.

The worst scenario, is when you get a team that has a problem attacking the tank first. Had one of those? Then Agony can help a ton. This is not recommended it's best to talk sense to the team but if that is the problem then use agony on the tank and join the unco-oprative team mates and burn the tank down with them, he will be a bit more squishey..... Don't end up in that situation.

First build i've done on any character. I just happen to enjoy trundle jungle enough to share my thought's. Please leave a comment or try it out and tell me what you think.