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League of Legends Build Guide Author uniQeZOR

Trundle, the Cursed Troll

uniQeZOR Last updated on December 2, 2010
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Hello guys,

im presenting to you, TRUNDLE the cursed troll BUILD. I've been playing with him, he is a really good char, does a lot of damage in a team fight, catch those noobs running from the fight.
This build is based on what i have tested on "PUB" 5v5 ONLY and this is what I recommend because I had some good results (well, it always depends on your team mate, opportunity, luck, etc). I made this build on a DPS basis.

Has you know, trundle is fit to JUNGLE but I don't like to jungle or see my team m8's jungle (a played in a solo lane, if not skilled enough can loose that side and feed like hell...), so you choose a good partner (I recommend a TANK like Mundo, Malphite or Taric or Long RANGE, LUX, Ashe or Miss Fortune) so on the early game, you dont die so easily and most important, dont feed. You'll probably have more chances to be feeded this way.

EARLY GAME: It's a good char to play with on the beggining, probably you will get the first kill of the match. Be aware that trundle in a 2v2 fight over a lane, can die easilly if the opponent is a tank + long range/support char. If you play near the tower, you wont die easily...

MID GAME: When you're around level 10-12, you can already do a double kill (a triple is hard, depends on how much feeded you currently are...). Here you really have to get Frozen Mallet, Boots of Swiftness/Mercury's Treads & Spirit Visage (if the opponent is a strong AP, you can use Quicksilver Slash for a while). This way, its already hard to kill Trundle and you probably are a "target" to the opponent team.

LATE GAME: Around level 15-18, its one of the best chars you had played with...
- Boost of Swiftness/Mercury's Treads
- Last Whisper/Phantom Dancer
- Frozen Mallet
- Banshee's Veil
- Frozen Heart
- B.F. Sword/Infinity Edge

I know it looks like a crazy build but it has everything you need for Trundle(imo):
- Armor; Mana; Health; Damage; Attack speed

He is a really great char, still have to do some tests with other items. Update will come soon...


I hope you like the build, when the website update's, i will put runes and masteries x).
By the way, I use 6 / 3 / 21 on the masteries page and for runes, you can use magic resist, attack damage, attack speed or cooldown reduction.
Its up 2 u...

Regards m8s and lots of Killing Spree!
by uniQeZOR